Services/Offerings and Locations

The Southeast Community Facility, located at 1800 Oakdale Avenue, has many programs and services available:

1.An educational/training complex leased by City College of San Francisco, Southeast Campus and sublet by:


·         Renaissance Parents of Success Program, Rm. 510


·         Hunters Point Family

The Ujamaa Workforce and Entrepreneurial Division, Room SB-214

Administrative Office, Room 406


·         Human Service Agency of San Francisco

Southeast Career Center, 305


·         Office space for lease to non-profit agencies are:

o   Office of District Attorney George Gasc?n—Victim Services Division

Info: 415-553-9044

Tuesdays: 9 am to 12 pm

The Victim Services Division provides comprehensive advocacy and support to victims of crime and witnesses to crime. We provide services in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, and Vietnamese. The Services we provide include:  assistance with “Victim Compensation Program” claims; crisis intervention and emergency assistance; help navigating the criminal justice system; resources and referral; restitution; witness relocation; transportation; and many more. All series are free of cost.


o   Office of the Public Defender—Clean Slate Program Office

DeMarris R. Evans, Attorney at Law

Thursdays: 9 am to 11 am

Main: 415-553-1671

Office: 415-553-9337



2.      S.F. Community Court Provided by San Francisco Pretrial Diversion Project Inc., Thursday’s at 1:00 pm in SB-214, office: (415) 865-2522,


3.   Public meeting and common area available to individuals or groups on a first-come, first-serve basis[1] (note that Commission business takes preference)


4.    The SECFC Executive Director and staff offices are located in The Phelps Wing, (all SECF Commission correspondence should be forwarded to this address)


5.   Conference room provided for SECF Commission, staff and tenant use, Bungalow Trailer Conference Room.


Located on the side of building, at 1300 Phelps Street, is the children’s daycare area occupied by:


·         San Francisco State University Head Start Center (415) 821-6005


Adjacent from the SECF, at 1150 Phelps Street, is a greenhouse complex occupied by:


·         Decorative Plant Service Company

826-8181 or toll free 800-677-5268


·         San Francisco Foliage & L.A. Tropicals, Inc./Careers in Horticulture

648-4406 x 21


·         Sunborne Nursery




[1] Refer to Item III, Legislation (Rules & Regulations)