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June 13, 2013 Southeast Community Facility Commission

Southeast Community Facility Commission - June 13, 2013

Thursday, June 13, 2013, 6:00 P.M.
1800 Oakdale Avenue, Alex Pitcher Community Room
San Francisco, CA  94124



Commission President Willie B. Kennedy called the Thursday, June 13, 2013 meeting to order at 6:13 p.m. and announced the 3 minute Public Comment time frame as well as the Sunshine Ordinance. 



Ms. Carla Vaughn, Commission Secretary called roll at 6:14 p.m.
Commissioners Present: Willie B. Kennedy/ Bobbrie Brown /Karen Chung /Brigette R. LeBlanc (left 8:15 p.m.) /Al Norman

Staff Present: Toye Moses, Executive Director /Francis Starr, Senior Management Assistant/ Carla Vaughn, Commission Executive Secretary II



Commission President Willie B. Kennedy read the Consent Calendar.


Commissioner Brigette R. LeBlanc moved to approve the Wednesday, May 22, 2013 Commission meeting minutes as submitted.

Commissioner Bobbrie Brown seconded the motion to approve the May 22, 2013 Commission meeting minutes.

The minutes of the Southeast Community Facility Commission meeting of Wednesday, May 22, 2013 were adopted as submitted.

Commissioner Brigette R. LeBlanc moved to bring Item # 8.0 forward to accommodate the 1st presenter, Dr. Thelma Scott-Skillman, Interim Chancellor, City College of San Francisco.

Commissioner Karen Chung seconded the motion to bring Item # 8.0 forward.

Commission President Kennedy introduced City College of San Francisco Interim Chancellor, Dr. Thelma Scott-Skillman. 



Dr. Thelma Scott-Skillman thanked the Commission for accommodating her schedule and shared the following information regarding the status of City College of San Francisco.  On July 2012 the college and the district received notification regarding their accreditation and were required to show cause as to why the institution’s doors should remain open.  The Accrediting Commission requested a report due on October 15th addressing a number of recommendations.  On March 15th, 2013 the college was required to develop a full accreditation self- evaluation report. With the report came a requirement to address “show cause” with regard to a closure report.  The documents are on the City College website and are available to the public for review.  In April plans were made for a site visit.  Over a three-day period a group of 7 – 9 team members came to the main campus to validate the March 15 report.  30 days later the college received the team report.  Upon review errors were noted.  After the corrections were made the Accrediting Commission met last week and reviewed not only City College of San Francisco but 40 other colleges as well.

Dr. Scott-Skillman testified before the Accrediting Commission regarding the submitted report and the progress being made to date addressing the standards and eligibility requirements needed to maintain accreditation.  The College is waiting to receive notification from the Accrediting Commission by July as to whether or not accreditation will be maintained. 

There is work to be done so faculty, staff, students and administrators are addressing the 14 recommendations received a year ago.  Other items were disclosed during the self-evaluation in the categories of governance, accountability and fiscal solvency. 

In closing, Dr. Scott-Skillman noted it has taken years for City College to reach its current status and it will take some time to address the items that have been cited.

Commission President Willie B. Kennedy thanked Dr. Scott-Skillman for her presentation and congratulated Dean Bynum for his help in keeping the doors of the Southeast Campus opened.  The floor was opened for questions.

Dr. Espanola Jackson spoke in support of Dean Bynum and had comments regarding the classes that were removed and requested they be returned to the Southeast Campus.

Dr. Scott-Skillman addressed the rumors of the campus closure and expressed these were rumors.  She reported she met with the PUC staff in March and there were discussions regarding the lease agreement.  The college is on a month to month lease.

Discussion continued regarding the loss of classes with comments from Dr. Moses, Dr. Jackson and Dean Bynum.
Dean Bynum advised the Southeast and Evans centers are moving forward with Fall and Spring schedules.  Classes have been added and there have been no discussions regarding closure of the campuses.

Angela Armstrong, member Black Human Rights Council and community member commented on various vocational courses that would enhance the community.

Arelia Price, community member requested information regarding the best time to contact the Dean’s office.

Dean Bynum advised he was always available and had an open door policy.

Keisha Henry, owner and Director of ‘Our Fathers SLE” (Sober Living Environment), provided information regarding her organization.  The organization located at 1641 LaSalle Avenue provides housing sustainability for individuals who were formerly homeless, recovering from traumas, substance abuse and returning home from incarceration.  The transitional housing provided includes wrap around services that prepare individuals for independent living.  Job readiness and housing counseling are also a part of the program.  Part of the job readiness curriculum program which has been marketed to the SF Adult Probation Department and the SF Sheriff’s Department as a part of their vocational training program.  It is a one year curriculum program which goes a step further than the Five Keys Charter School and provides a Certificate upon completion.  There are many educators in the community who have not had an opportunity to be a part of the rebuilding of the community.

Torrance Bynum, City College Dean of the Southeast and Evans Campus’ discussed the possibility of a partnership with “Our Fathers SLE”.  He reported the College would be hiring administrators and faculty and he encouraged the community to apply for positions. 

Commissioner LeBlanc had a question regarding the completion of the accreditation process.

Dean Bynum advised the draft of the recommendations would be provided on July 7th.

Commissioner LeBlanc requested that a representative from the SECFC be included in the meetings held with the SFPUC and City College. 

Dean Bynum agreed and said the College would be open to full disclosure.

Dr. Espanola Jackson provided history regarding the square footage of space being used by City College and advised that when programs were removed the space was rented out.  She requested said space be returned for the use of the College.  Dr. Jackson requested to be included in the meetings with City College, SFPUC and the SECFC.

Dean Bynum said the upcoming meetings with the SFPUC and the City College Chancellor would include a member of the Southeast Community Facility Commission and a member of the community as they discuss moving forward with the renovation of the building.


There was no public comment.

Ms. Carla Vaughn,
Commission Secretary announced the communication file:
Press Release:  Mayor Lee Announces New Biotech Incubator In Central Waterfront
Press Release:  Mayor Lee Announces Spotify Move To Central Market
Press Release: Mayor Lee Presents Proposed Balanced Budget For Fiscal Year 2013-14 & 2014-15
Press Release:  Mayor Lee Announces Rock Health Move To Mission Bay
Press Release:  Mayor Lee Announces Crystal Jade To Open In San Francisco
Press Release: Mayor Lee & Board President Chiu Announce New Sharing Economy Emergency Preparedness Partnership
Statement:  Mayor Lee’s Statement On Waterfront Revitalization
Press Release:  Mayor Lee Swears In New Appointments & Reappointments To City Boards & Commissions
Statement:  Mayor Lee’s Statement On Juvenile Probation Department Chief Retirement


The Southeast Community Facility Commission Resolution endorsing the Sewer System Improvement Program.



Ms. Carla Vaughn, Commission Secretary announced the following:

-The next meeting of the Southeast Community Facility Commission will be Wednesday, June 26, 2013.  The scheduled presenter is Mr. William Siffermann, Chief Probation Officer, City and County of San Francisco Juvenile Probation.  Mr. Siffermann has been invited to update the Commission and the residents of the Southeast Sector on the activities of the Youth Guidance Center as they relate to the Bayview Community. 
-Residents of 94124 receive FREE vaccines for your dog every 2nd Saturday of every month through December 2013
-Residents of 94124 enter SPCA drawing to win a share of $6,500 in prizes

Commissioner Brigette LeBlanc announced the following and thanked Commissioner Norman for his participation in planning and implementing the Construction Advisory Symposium:

On Wednesday, June 19th, 2013 from 12 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. the San Francisco African-American Chamber of Commerce will hold their Juneteenth Luncheon.  The venue is the Marriott Marquis in San Francisco, 55 4th Street.  If you are interested in attending please call (415) 749-6400.

On Thursday, June 20th, 2013 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. the San Francisco African-American Chamber of Commerce will host a Construction Advisory Symposium.
Cati Hawkins-Okorie, San Francisco 2013 Juneteenth Planning Committee, Black Human Rights Leadership Council of San Francisco announced the Mary Helen Rogers Kick-Off Rally for the San Francisco 2013 Juneteenth celebration taking place on Friday, June 14th, at 12 noon on the steps of City Hall.  A reception will follow at the African-American Cultural Center located at 762 Fulton Street.  Food will be provided by the Culinary School located at the West Bay Center.  There will be a parade on Saturday at 10 a.m. beginning at the African-American Cultural Center.  Ms. Hawkins-Okorie provided a brief history of the Juneteenth Celebration.  Also, at the event there will be a booth honoring homicide victims.    



Governance Ad-Hoc Committee, (Chair, Commission President Willie B. Kennedy, Co-Chair, Commissioner Brigette R. LeBlanc, Member: Commissioner Al Norman, Community Members: Alma Robinson, Siri Datta S. Khalsa, Alternates: Dr. Harrison Parker, Greg Doxey)

No report.

Joint PUC/SECFC Ad-Hoc Committee, (Chair, Commissioner Bobbrie Brown, Co-Chair, (Vacant), PUC Representative, and Ex-Officio: Commission President, Willie B. Kennedy)

No report.

The next meeting of the Joint PUC/SECFC Ad-Hoc Committee is tentatively scheduled for Friday, June 28, 2013

Health, Housing and Public Safety Advisory Committee, (Chair, Commissioner Bobbrie Brown, Co-Chair, (Vacant), and Community Members <see Commission Secretary for List> Ex-Officio: Commission President Willie B. Kennedy)

Commissioner Bobbrie Brown provided a brief update on the Health, Housing & Public Safety Advisory Committee meeting that took place on June 13, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. in the conference room bungalow at 1800 Oakdale Avenue.

President Willie B. Kennedy announced the following dates for the Health Fair planning meetings as follows: July 18, August 15, September 12 & 26, October 3, 10, 17 & 24.  The public is cordially invited to attend. 

The Health Fair is scheduled for Saturday, October 26 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  

Economic Development Advisory Committee (Chair, Commissioner Karen Chung, Co-Chair, Commissioner Al Norman, and Ex-Officio: Commission President Willie B. Kennedy)

Commissioner Karen A. Chung thanked everyone who participated in the 1st SECFC Job Fair and helped to make it a success.  She announced the SECFC would host a Food Drive for Christmas and encouraged everyone to bring canned goods to help those in need. 

President Willie B. Kennedy thanked Commissioners Chung and Norman for the great job they did with the first SECFC Job Fair.

Commissioner Chung said the next meeting of the Economic Development Advisory Committee would be July 9th.  

Commissioner Al Norman, Co-Chair of the Economic Development Advisory Committee announced information regarding how many individuals were actually hired would be provided at the next Commission meeting.  Also, he thanked Dr. Espanola Jackson for her participation and help.

Dr. Toye Moses, SECFC Executive Director congratulated the committee and said the Mayor was looking forward to knowing how many individuals were hired. He also thanked SFPUC for their support as well as Sam Murray and B.J. Jones, SFPUC staff.  In closing he thanked the SECFC staff for their hard work and Dr. Espanola Jackson noted the hard work of  Tempi Priestly, Renaissance Parents of Success.

Facility Advisory Committee, (Chair, Commissioner Brigette R. LeBlanc, Co-Chair, (Vacant) and Ex-Officio: Commission President Willie B. Kennedy)

Commissioner LeBlanc congratulated the Commission on the successful Job Fair.  She announced the next Facility Advisory Committee meeting would be held on Tuesday, June 25th. 
The Construction update is as follows:
All electrical work will be completed this week.
All sheetrock walls are installed.
Painting is scheduled to occur in the next few weeks.
HVAC duct work is scheduled to be completed this week.
HVAC controls work is moving forward.
The ceiling grade is scheduled to be installed in two weeks.
Flooring is scheduled to be installed in three weeks.
Phase 1 is scheduled to be completed the end of July.

Commissioner LeBlanc encouraged the Commissioners to tour the area and see the work that has been done.


8.0    PRESENTERS (Continued)

President Willie B. Kennedy introduced Renee Willette.

Renee Willette, SFPUC, Special Projects Manager, External Affairs, responded to the inquiry of relevant curriculum provided by City College and advised the SFPUC will meet regularly with City College and the SECFC to insure the standards of the mandate are upheld.  She emphasized the commitment of Harlan Kelly, SFPUC General Manager.

President Willie B. Kennedy introduced Colin Dentel-Post, San Francisco County Transportation Authority who provided a presentation regarding the Quint Street Bridge Replacement and Quint-Jerrold Connector Road Project Update.

Mr. Dentel-Post provided a brief project background advising Caltrain needs to replace the 100+ year old bridge over Quint St.  The most promising solution is to replace the bridge with a berm (embankment) and build a new Quint-Jerrold Connector Road.  In December 2012 the San Francisco Transportation Authority Board recommended Caltrain proceed with a design and funded planning, conceptual design and an environmental review of the Connector Road to resolve outstanding issues.

Currently Caltrain is leading on the bridge replacement.  Regarding the Connector Road the Transportation Authority is providing coordination.  The San Francisco Department of Public Works is leading the design with support from the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority.  The Planning Department is conducting an environmental review and the Office of Real Estate is in right-of-way negotiations.

Key issues needing community input are the reevaluation of all turns at the Connector Road intersection with Jerrold Avenue. There is a need to enhance the Connector Road with lighting and landscaping.  There is also a need to minimize Quint Street closure during construction and ensure maximum local job opportunities.

The previous Connector Road design prohibited left turns from the Connector Road onto Jerrold Avenue.  The design team has refined the design and now all turns are allowed.

The community requested enhancements to Connector Road and berm including landscaping.  The design now includes upgraded lighting and landscaping. There is a need to minimize street closure during construction so project schedules will be coordinated to develop a phasing plan. 

Job opportunities must be maximized so a local outreach strategy is being developed.

The cost of the project is estimated to be $7.3 million.  The funding is through Caltrain, Prop K sales tax and other potential local sources.

For more information please access

President Kennedy opened the floor for questions.

There was discussion regarding the local hire mandate.

Several community members opposed the project.

Angela Armstrong and Patrick Kido spoke in opposition of the project. 

Mr. Roland Lebrun, retired engineer, provided a video showing an alternate plan which would cost half of the current projected price to replace the bridge.  His alternate plan would also provide a new Station at the Quint St. Bridge which the Caltrain plan does not offer.

President Kennedy thanked Mr. Dentel-Post for his presentation and suggested he consider the comments from the community.



President Kennedy appointed Commissioner Al Norman as Co-chair to the Health, Housing and Public Safety Advisory Committee and the Facility Advisory Committee.  She appointed Commission Karen Chung to be the alternate for both committees.

President Kennedy requested an action item on the next meeting agenda to have 1 presenter at 1 of the two meetings per month.  The presenter can be either at the 2nd Thursday meeting or the 4th Wednesday meeting.





10.0    STAFF/DIRECTOR REPORT (Discussion)

Director Moses recommended having the committee meetings at 4 p.m. instead of 1 p.m. so when the committee meetings are the same day as a regular Commission meeting the Commissioners will not have to return to the site.  



Sam Murray, SFPUC Public Relations Officer, Communications thanked everyone for their participation in getting the digesters.  He also thanked the Commission for allowing the SFPUC to participate in the Job Fair.  Special thanks to B.J. Jones and Tempi Priestly.  He offered to help Commissioner Brown with the Health Fair.  He said that he and B.J. Jones were looking forward to participating.


12.0    ONGOING BUSINESS (Discussion)



13.0    NEW BUSINESS REQUESTS for Future Agenda Items (Discussion and Possible Action)
This item is to allow Commissioners & Staff to suggest/introduce agenda items for future consideration)

Commissioner Brigette LeBlanc requested a letter forwarded to the SFPUC requesting Commission President Kennedy attend meetings with SFPUC and the City College Chancellor and a community member regarding the use of space in the Southeast Community Facility Commission building.

Commissioner Brigette LeBlanc supported the suggestion to have only 1 presenter per month.

Commissioner Brigette LeBlanc requested an evaluation of the Executive Director as well as information regarding the process.

Dr. Moses said the Executive Director is evaluated by the SFPUC yearly.



Roland Lebrun, retired engineer, commented regarding the money that could be saved following a different procedure to rebuild and design the Quint St. Bridge.

Community Member (name withheld) commented on the value of the Bayview Caltrain Station as the gateway to the Peninsula and the need to further evaluate the current Bridge design.

Angela Armstrong requested more information regarding the personnel evaluation process.

The meeting adjourned at 8:22 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Carla Vaughn, Commission Executive Secretary II
Southeast Community Facility Commission

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