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Southeast Community Facility Commission - February 13, 2014 - Meeting Minutes

Southeast Community Facility Commission - February 13, 2014

Thursday, February 13, 2014, 6:00 P.M.
1800 Oakdale Avenue, Alex Pitcher Community Room
San Francisco, CA  94124




Co-Chairperson LaVaughn King called the Thursday, February 13, 2014 meeting to order at 6:16 p.m.
Ms. Carla Vaughn, Commission Secretary read the Mission Statement and announced the Sunshine Ordinance rule.


Ms. Carla Vaughn, Commission Secretary called roll at 6:19 p.m.
Commissioners Present: LaVaughn K. King/ Bobbrie Brown/ Brigette R. LeBlanc/ Al Norman/ Eddy Zheng
Commissioners Excused: Karen Chung/ Janine Greer
Staff Present: Toye Moses, Executive Director/ Francis Starr, Management Assistant/ Carla Vaughn, Commission Executive Secretary II/ Mary Holing, Deputy City Attorney


Ms. Carla Vaughn, Commission Secretary read the Consent Calendar.


Commissioner Al Norman moved to adopt the commission meeting minutes of Wednesday, January 22, 2014.
Commissioner Bobbrie Brown provided the second for the motion.
The minutes of the January 22, 2014 meeting were adopted.




Carla Vaughn, Commission Secretary provided the public comment rules.


Kevin Dole, Community Relations and Program Development, Careers in Horticulture, San Francisco Foliage spoke in support of Sunborne Nursery, their greenhouse neighbor, and he is looking forward to increased interaction between the greenhouse companies and the Commission. Three interns from the San Francisco Foliage program graduated from Five Keys Charter School on January 10th. Four new interns from the Bayview community will begin training soon in the greenhouse. Careers in Horticulture will have a booth at the 62nd annual Pacific Orchid Exposition at Fort Mason from February 21st – 23rd. This trade show is sponsored by the San Francisco Orchid Society. Interns will staff the booth and all proceeds will go towards funding the Horticulture Program. Commissioners are invited to attend the event and also visit the greenhouse.


Ms. Carla Vaughn, Commission Secretary
announced the following communication, correspondence and announcement files:
Press Release: Mayor Lee Announces U.S. Department Of Housing & Urban Development Approval Of San Francisco Public Housing Re-Envisioning
Statement: Mayor Lee’s Statement On SF Unemployment Rate Dropping To Record Low 4.8 Percent
Statement: Mayor Lee’s Statement On President Obama’s State Of The Union Address
Press Release: Mayor Lee Announces Acceleration Of Housing Production & Protection Of Existing Housing Stock
Statement: Mayor Lee’s Statement On Earthquake Safety & Emergency Response Bond Approval For June Ballot
Statement: Mayor Lee’s Statement On Controller’s Six-Month Budget Status Report


Carla Vaughn, Commission Secretary announced the following correspondence:

Copy of the Southeast Community Facility Commission By-Laws



-The next meeting of the Southeast Community Facility Commission will be Wednesday February 26, 2014.
-Please be advised that beginning in March 2014 the Southeast Community Facility Commission regular meetings will be the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month.
-The 2014 Job Fair will be held on Wednesday, May 21st in the Alex Pitcher, Jr. Community Room.
-On February 26th the presenter will be Allen Nance, Chief Probation Officer, Youth Guidance Center.
-Copies of the Wastewater Enterprise Newsletter “Clarifier” are available.
-Copies of the Southeast Community Facility Commission By-Laws are available.




Governance Ad-Hoc Committee, (Chair, Commissioner Karen Chung, Co-Chair, Commissioner Brigette LeBlanc, Alternate, Commissioner LaVaughn King, Community Members, Alma Robinson, Siri Datta Khalsa, Greg Doxey)

Commissioner LeBlanc, Co-Chair, Governance Ad-Hoc Committee said the Commissioners have received the Memorandum Of Understanding from San Francisco Public Utilities Commission General Manager Harlan Kelly and a Governance Advisory Committee meeting will be held in March upon the return of Chairperson Chung.

Health, Housing and Public Safety Advisory Committee, (Chair, Commissioner LaVaughn King, Co-Chair, Commissioner Janine Greer, Alternate, Commissioner Karen Chung, Community Members, Dan Goldman, Michele Davis, Veronica Shepard, Lyslynn LaCoste, Harrison Parker, Onika Shabazz

Commissioner LaVaughn King, Chair, Health, Housing and Public Safety Advisory Committee provided highlights from the committee meeting held on February 10th. The following action items will come to the full Commission:

1. Continued recognition of the late Willie B. Kennedy by dedicating this year’s 7th annual Health Fair in her name. Recommendation will be up to the full SECF Commission.

2. Saturday, October 4, 2014 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. as the recommended date and time for the Health Fair.

3. A Speaker Series is recommended and approval is sought from the full Commission.

Asthma, Breast Cancer, Diabetes and Elderly-Senior Citizen living/caregiving were among the suggested subject matter for the potential Speaker Series.

Dr. Toye Moses suggested allocating 30 minutes for panel discussions at the Health Fair and the Commission meeting.

The group agreed that a speaker will be selected each month for a specific subject.

Division of labor was discussed and a comparison was made between the 2012 and 2013 event where it was noted the 2013 event had high numbers in vendor participation but not as much foot traffic as the 2012 event. There were many other community events on the day of the 2013 Health Fair and this contributed to the smaller turnout.

The committee agrees to work closely with the San Francisco Unified School District in the future and to also include various afterschool programs such as the Bayview Foundation, Boys & Girls Club and the Bayview YMCA. It was also suggested the inclusion of community religious groups would expand the event.

An approximate budget was provided and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission donated $1,700. Heidi Hardin, Think Round, Inc. the fiscal agent for the event has advised that funds cannot be held over for the upcoming event. Dr. Moses said a written projected budget for the 2014 event would be provided at the next committee meeting.

It was noted that the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission provided laborers for the event. Without their assistance the event would not have been possible.

Sam Murray suggested securing food and catering donors since the bulk of the budget is usually used in this area. Also, he noted the SFPUC graphics team was available to supply flyers as they have done in the past.

In conclusion, Co-Chairperson King reported there needs to be an improvement in outreach and media representation.

Commissioner LeBlanc asked if the plan to initiate a ‘Speaker Series’ was for the Health Advisory Committee monthly meetings only and Co-Chairperson King advised the suggestion was for the full Commission as well.

Economic Development Advisory Committee, (Chair, Commissioner Al Norman, Co-Chair, Commissioner Eddy Zheng, Alternate, Commissioner Karen Chung, Community Members, Dan Goldman, Tempe Priestly, Lyslynn LaCoste, ShamannWalton)

Commissioner Al Norman, Chair of the Committee announced the first Economic Development Advisory Committee meeting would be held on March 18th from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. The goal is to make the Job Fair bigger and better. 

Facility Advisory Committee, (Chair, Commissioner Brigette R. LeBlanc, Co-Chair, Commissioner Al Norman, Alternate, Commissioner Bobbrie Brown, Community Members, Robert Woods, Lawland Long, Siri Datta Khalsa)

Commissioner LeBlanc provided information regarding the upcoming construction phases of the 1800 Oakdale facility and the greenhouses.

Outreach and Diversity Advisory Committee, (Chair, Commissioner Eddy Zheng, Co-Chair, Commissioner LaVaughn King, Alternate, Commissioner Bobbrie Brown, Community Members, Lance Burton, Gina Fromer, Barbara Ockel, Elder Carl Alexander)

Commissioner Zheng announced the next meeting of the Outreach and Diversity Advisory Committee would be Thursday, February 20th.


8.0    PRESENTER (Discussion & Possible Action)


Co-Chairperson King welcomed Dan Goldman, President and Owner of Sunborne Nursery who provided the following presentation.

Sunborne Nursery is a family owned and operated wholesale nursery founded in 1975. They specialize in interior tropical plants and their primary customers are interior landscapers, exterior landscapers, retail nurseries, and interior designers across the United States.

The space which is leased from the SFPUC totals 42,000 square feet and in 2013 Sunborne paid $111,195 in lease/rental fees. Sunborne’s mitigation efforts are focused on job creation, workforce development, and community benefits.

Sunborne has hired 54 residents from the 94124 community and this number reflects 63.5% of total greenhouse hires since moving into the community. There are currently 23 employees staffed at the greenhouse and 13 are from the 94124 community. Ten employees are full-time and 3 are part-time. Employees receive on the job training in greenhouse operations and horticulture, shipping, receiving, customer service and sales. These skills are transferable to other jobs and industries. Sunborne serves as a stepping stone for residents that want to get into trade programs like City Build or go back to school while earning a wage.

Regarding workforce development Sunborne is in the process of launching an internship program in collaboration with Young Community Developers to train individuals in interior plant maintenance. Currently there are two interns in the program. The program begins by Sunborne donating plants to local churches and organizations.

The interns clean, water and provide fertilizer to the plants to ensure they stay healthy and continue to look beautiful. Interns gain useful horticultural skills and valuable soft-skill training in time management and customer service. At the end of the six month training period Sunborne’s goal is to place the interns into a full-time job in horticulture. Depending upon the success of the program there may be the potential to scale it up to include more interns and training in other fields like exterior landscaping, tree maintenance and habitat restoration.

There are many community benefits to the program such as the donation of plants and decorative containers to churches and other local non-profit organizations for beautification. Local residents are provided with the unique opportunity to buy high quality plants at extremely low pricing via monthly plant sales. 50% of the proceeds will be set aside in a scholarship fund for local residents. Also provided are tours of the greenhouse.

The average monthly lease payment is $9,266 and covers the greenhouse space, property taxes, garbage service, water and heating expenses. Sunborne is responsible for covering the expenses of a portapotty, phone, internet, landscape maintenance of the property and general upkeep of the greenhouse and surrounding property. Sunborne has been without a lease since November 2010. An RFP will be released by the SFPUC in the coming months for the lease of the greenhouse. Sunborne intends to submit a bid and hopes to be successful so the work can be continued.


Sunborne has a partnership with the Young Community Developers and serves as a donor and guest speaker for their Job Readiness Program. 25 graduates from the program have been hired. Sunborne works closely with Hunters Point Family and has hired 4 people from their program. Currently discussions are ongoing regarding the development of a Green College which will be spearheaded by Hunters Point Family. Sunborne is also an active sponsor of the Bayview YMCA. Plants have been donated for two fundraisers and Sunborne sponsors 2 youth in the YMCA afterschool program.

In closing, Dan Goldman introduced Lonia Hutchon, General Manager. Ms. Hutchon introduced Socrates Mahlo and Clarence Cook, both employees of Sunborne Nursery. They spoke in support of Sunborne. Mr. Mahlo is a graduate of the Young Community Developers program and works part-time at the nursery. Mr. Cook has worked for Sunborne for 2 years.

Following the presentation time was allotted for questions from the Commissioners as follows:

Commissioner LeBlanc: Are the part-time workers seasonal or weekly?
Ms. Lonia Hutchon, General Manager: Weekly.

Commissioner LeBlanc: What is being done now to help employees transition into higher positions that was not done before?
Mr. Dan Goldman: An intern program has been created that did not exist before. During the first 20 years the focus was on hiring now the focus is on job placement as well.

Mr. Goldman advised the nursery is interested in a stronger connection with the community and the economy is doing well in the plant industry so there will be more opportunities for employment. The nursery is in a quiet location and many people do not know about the nursery so an outreach person has been hired to contact local churches and we are donating plants to them. There is a plan for monthly plant sales and 50% of the proceeds will go towards a scholarship fund. The nursery would like to work with the Commission to help them direct the fund.

Commissioner Norman thanked Mr. Goldman for always making plants available to community groups having events in the Alex Pitcher, Jr. community room.

Co-Chairperson King thanked Mr. Goldman for the work being done by Sunborne Nursery.

Mr. Goldman thanked Director Toye Moses for his support and partnership over the past 20 years.

Director Moses had a question regarding the percentage of employees hired from the 94124 area.

Mr. Goldman advised 50% of their employees were from the 94124 area.

Director Moses noted their goals were being met for hiring in the area.

Questions were opened to the public.

Mr. Shamann Walton, Executive Director, Young Community Developers, spoke in support of Sunborne Nursery and the work they are doing with his organization.

Mr. Dion-Jay Brookter, Deputy Director, Young Community Developers spoke in support of Sunborne Nursery and their partnership with YCD.

Co-Chairperson King thanked Mr. Goldman for his presentation.

Mr. Dan Goldman provided an invitation to everyone to visit Sunborne Nursery.



Co-Chairperson King announced Chairperson Chung invited and encouraged all of the Commissioners to attend the Black History Month Gala on Saturday, February 22nd. The 2014 SECFC retreat is scheduled for Saturday, March 15th.




Toye Moses, Executive Director reminded the Commissioners of the importance of the By-Laws and also the upcoming Mandatory Sunshine Ordinance Training. The 2014 SECFC retreat is important and everyone is expected to attend. Sandy Sohcot, the retreat facilitator was introduced.

Francis Starr, Management Assistant reported staff had settled into the new office. The the curtains have been installed and everyone is comfortable.

The updating of the Commissioners photos is in progress. Mr. Starr thanked Sam Murray, SFPUC Interim Facility Manager for doing a great job making sure everyone is comfortable.



Sam Murray thanked the Commission for the support during the grand opening which was a successful event. He provided pictures from the Sun Reporter. There were over 250 community members in attendance. Notable attendees were as follows: SECFC & SFPUC Commissioners/ District 10 Supervisor Malia Cohen/ SFPUC General Manager Harlan Kelly, Jr./ Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi/ Dr. Art Tyler, San Francisco City College Chancellor.

The BayWorks Open House Job Fair event will be at 525 Golden Gate Avenue on February 19th from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

There is no news on construction repairs at the plant. Things are going fine.

The Black History Gala is February 22nd at 6:00 pm at the Whitcomb Hotel.

The sand has been removed from the Headstart facility.

The outside rails are being painted at the top of the new wing.

The ADA compliant doors in the new wing are functioning.

Mr. Murray announced he will be on vacation from February 17th through March 4th. Andre Torrey, Rene Willette and Richard O’Neal will be available at (415) 757-7070.



Commissioner LeBlanc presented a draft of the Memorandum of Understanding for the Earl P. Mills Auditorium located at 100 Whitney Young Circle to the Commissioners in January 2013. There have been several meetings and discussions regarding the MOU.
The MOU is between the Human Services Agency and the Southeast Community Facility Commission. The only update to the MOU is in reference to security which will be the responsibility of FACES SF.

Commissioner LeBlanc thanked Commissioner Al Norman, Co-Chair of the Facility Advisory Committee for his assistance and also Mr. David Curto, Director of Contracts and Facilities, Department Human Services Agency and his staff for their participation in drafting the MOU which will maintain a relationship and provide a guideline until 2023.

Director Moses invited David Curto to speak on behalf of the Department of Human Services Agency.

Mr. Curto thanked the leadership of Commissioner LeBlanc in making the MOU come to fruition. The Human Services Department has a long history with the Earl P. Mills Auditorium and the Childcare Center. This MOU will preserve that relationship going into the future and is a demonstration of the collaborative effort between all of the stakeholders, SFPUC, SECFC, FACES SF and the Human Services Agency demonstrating how things should be done in the City. Recently a lot of security improvements have been added to the facility. The lighting and fencing have been upgraded as well as the installment of a very extensive security system making it safer for the children and the community’s use.

Mr. Curto thanked Commissioner Al Norman for his cooperation.
Commissioner Al Norman reported the President of the Homeowner’s Association wants to meet and discuss reopening the gate for the children to go up the path to catch the bus.

Mr. Curto said he that was good news and he would be available at any time.

Director Moses said sometimes there is a problem getting in touch with people at FACES SF and SECFC is still in charge of scheduling all of the activities there.

Mr. Curto responded FACES SF is a tenant of the Human Services Agency so if there are any issues please call him.

Co-Chairperson King questioned the security cameras because many times when incidents happen the cameras are so antiquated or the definition is so flawed it is not beneficial.

Mr. Curto responded state of the art cameras were installed and he would be meeting with Sam Murray upon his return from vacation to insure the proper lighting was in place.

Commissioner Al Norman moved to pass the Memorandum of Understanding between the Human Services Agency and the Southeast Community Facility Commission.

Commissioner Bobbrie Brown seconded the motion. The motion was passed.



12.0    NEW BUSINESS REQUESTS for Future Agenda Items
(This item is to allow Commissioners & staff to suggest/introduce agenda items for future consideration)



Reverend Carl Alexander, community member, commented regarding a grant valued at $6,852,153 issued in partnership to City College of San Francisco, UCSF and Yale University to address the health care needs of high-risk, high-cost Medicaid and Medicaid-eligible patients released from prison. The program is called “Transitions Clinic Network” and will employ community health workers to help formerly incarcerated individuals navigate through the health care system. City College provides a Post-Prison Health Worker Certificate Program that is currently housed at the Ocean Campus and Reverend Alexander would like to initiate a discussion to see a Certificate Program at the Southeast Campus. He said he would like to see a presentation in the future to advocate for the Southeast Campus to provide Health Literacy, Financial Literacy, Digital Literacy, Workforce Development and Civic Engagement.

Co-Chairperson King thanked Reverend Alexander.



Co-Chairperson King adjourned the meeting at 7:28 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Carla Vaughn, Commission Executive Secretary II
Southeast Community Facility Commission

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