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January 9, 2014 Southeast Community Facility Commission

Southeast Community Facility Commission - January 9, 2014

Thursday, January 9, 2014, 6:00 P.M.
1800 Oakdale Avenue, Alex Pitcher Community Room
San Francisco, CA  94124



Chairperson Karen Chung called the Thursday, January 9, 2014 meeting to order at 6:19 p.m.

Ms. Carla Vaughn, Commission Secretary read the Mission Statement and announced the Sunshine Ordinance rule.



Ms. Carla Vaughn, Commission Secretary called roll at 6:23 p.m.

Commissioners Present:  Karen Chung/ LaVaughn K. King/ Bobbrie Brown/ Janine Greer/ Brigette R. LeBlanc /Al Norman/ Eddy Zheng

Staff Present: Toye Moses, Executive Director/ Carla Vaughn, Commission Executive Secretary II/ John Roddy, Deputy City Attorney



Ms. Carla Vaughn, Commission Secretary read the Consent Calendar.


Commissioner Al Norman moved to adopt the commission meeting minutes of Monday, November 25, 2013.

Commissioner LaVaughn King provided a second for the motion.

The minutes of the November 25, 2013 meeting were adopted.



Carla Vaughn, Commission Secretary provided the public comment rules.

Mawuli Tugbenyoh, Legislative Aide to Supervisor Cohen, provided a statement from Supervisor Cohen regarding the recently introduced PDR legislation as follows:

“San Francisco’s manufacturing sector is essential in ensuring that we have a diverse economy with good blue collar jobs that pay residents living wage, provide healthcare and are accessible to those without college degrees.  Data continues to show us that we continue to see an increase in demand for manufacturing space in San Francisco.  So this legislation does a number of things to support the growth of the manufacturing sector in San Francisco.  Specifically it removes the requirement to obtain conditional use approval from the Planning Commission for PDR uses.  Secondly, it allows small manufacturers to pool their resources and share accessory retail spaces which are essential to their businesses.  It also supports the development of new manufacturing spaces in conjunction with a rebuilt self-storage use.  It also facilitates the development of small enterprise work spaces in a great number of industrial areas which is ideal for these businesses to incubate.  Lastly, an announcement advises the development of new PRD space on vacant or underutilized parcels in industrial districts.  While most cities around the country are looking for ways to develop and eliminate their remaining industrial spaces here in San Francisco we recognize that we need to support and maintain a diverse city and diverse economy and we should be supporting this sector.”

That is why she introduced this legislation and we hope that it passes the Board of Supervisors.

Chairperson Chung thanked Mr. Tugbenyoh and congratulated Supervisor Cohen.

Commissioner Norman said a lot of people in the audience and on the Commission do not know what the legislation is and what Supervisor Cohen is trying to accomplish.  He suggested in the future the Supervisor might want to address the Commission prior to presenting legislation to the Board. 

Commissioner LeBlanc provided the following comment to staff and all present, “The U.S. Department of Commerce, the Office of Economic Development published a Federal Register Notice announcing ‘Fiscal Year 2014 Investing In Manufacturing Company Partnerships To Encourage American Communities To Focus On Transforming Themselves Into Global Competitive Manufacturing Hubs’.  So, there is a process that is happening where it is very competitive, where a lot of cities within our area and our counties are actually trying to eventually put them on a list where they can compete for manufacturing dollars.

So, if you need more information about that just Google U.S. Department of Commerce and it’s under the Office of Economic Development and they have a Federal Register Notice announcing this information.

That should add some clarity as to what he is talking about and more cities are trying to pull and see what manufacturing organizations and or companies are within their cities because they are going to eventually start competing for federal dollars.

Reverend Carl Alexander, community advocate asked why Supervisor Cohen was not available to address the SECFC.

Dr. Espanola Jackson, community activist, agreed with Reverend Alexander and said decisions were being made downtown without the Commission’s input.  Bayview Hunters Point is the only area in the city considered as PDR.  She said the Supervisor should come directly to the Commission and make a presentation.  She said the Commission has been kept in the dark. 


Ms. Carla Vaughn, Commission Secretary
announced the following communication, correspondence and announcement files:
Statement:  Mayor Lee’s Statement On President’s Disaster Declaration For California Rim Fire
Press Release:  Mayor Lee Launches Free Municipal Wi-Fi On Market Street
Statement:  Mayor Lee’s Statement Congratulating UCSF Chancellor Desmond-Hellmann
Press Release:  Mayor Lee Introduces Legislation To Support City’s Manufacturing Sector & Light Industrial Businesses
Press Release:  Mayor Lee Announces Executive Directive To Accelerate Housing Production & Protect Existing Housing Stock
Press Release:  Mayor Lee Announces New Neighborhood Investment Efforts In Chinatown & Little Saigon
Press Release:  Mayor Lee Receives Recommendations Of Universal Healthcare Council
Press Release:  Mayor Lee & Charlotte Mayor Cannon Make Friendly Wager On 49ERS – Panthers Playoff Game
Press Release:  Mayor Lee Announces Approval For New Alice Griffith Public Housing Community & Candlestick Point Plans
Statement:  Mayor Lee’s Statement On Governor Brown’s Proposed Balanced Budget For California


Carla Vaughn, Commission Secretary announced the following correspondence:

Letter from Harlan Kelly, Jr., General Manager, SFPUC regarding City College Programming at the Southeast Community Facility

Letter to Harlan Kelly, Jr., General Manager, SFPUC regarding funding and planning to facilitate the Southeast Community Facility Commission’s 2014 Retreat

Letter of congratulation and an invitation to Dr. Arthur Q. Tyler, Chancellor, City College of San Francisco

Letter of congratulation and an invitation to Allen Nance, Chief Probation Officer of the City & County of San Francisco Juvenile Probation Department

Letter of invitation to FoodsCo to provide an update on the services provided to the Southeast community

Letter of support to Supervisor Malia Cohen for the opening of Grocery Outlet in Visitation Valley and a request to bring a grocery store to 5800 Third Street, the former location of Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market, Inc.

Letter of thanks and recognition to the SECFC Health Housing and Public Safety Advisory Committee and members of the planning group for the SECFC Annual Health Fair

Letter of acknowledgement and thanks to all donors, financial and in-kind who have supported or participated in the SECFC 2013 Annual Health Fair.



-The next meeting of the Southeast Community Facility Commission will be Wednesday, January 22, 2014. 

Copies of the Clarifier the SFPUC newsletter were provided.

Dr. Espanola Jackson had a question regarding the letter from Harlan Kelly, Jr., General Manager, SFPUC regarding City College Programming at the Southeast Community Facility and was advised by Carla Vaughn, Commission Secretary that copies are available through the Commission office.



Governance Advisory Committee, (Chair, Commissioner Karen Chung, Co-Chair, Commissioner Brigette LeBlanc, Alternate, Commissioner LaVaughn King, Community Members, Greg Doxey, Siri Datta Khalsa, Alma Robinson)

No report.

Health, Housing and Public Safety Advisory Committee, (Chair, Commissioner LaVaughn King, Co-Chair, Commissioner Janine Greer, Alternate, Commissioner Eddy Zheng, Community Members, Dan Goldman, Louise C. Jones, Veronica Shepard, Lyslynn LaCoste, Dr. Harrison Parker, Onika Shabazz, Veronica Shepard)

Commissioner Greer reported there have been two meetings since the last regular Commission meeting and the Committee has come up with a few things they would like to work on.

• Create and advocate for health activities that will bring community members to the Southeast Facility.
• Host a community bike ride.
• Advocate for space in this facility to have a health education room.
• Develop a speaker series around health topics that disproportionately affect this community such as asthma.
• Invite a professional to speak about asthma.
• Invite someone in the community that has been affected by asthma to share their story.
• Invite an agency that addresses asthma in the neighborhood.

Commissioner Greer advised the committee reached out to Hunters View Apartments and offered support for the health fair they have coming up on the 25th of January.  To date there has been no formal response.  We are recommending the date of October 18th for the Annual SECFC Health Fair.

Economic Development Advisory Committee, (Chair, Commissioner Al Norman, Co-Chair, Commissioner Eddy Zheng, Alternate, Commissioner Karen Chung, Community Members, Eli Goldman, Tempe Priestly, LaShon Walker, ShamannWalton)

No report.

Facility Advisory Committee, (Chair, Commissioner Brigette R. LeBlanc, Co-Chair, Commissioner Al Norman, Alternate, Commissioner Bobbrie Brown, Community Members, John Chung, Steve Good, Siri Datta Khalsa, Robert Woods)

Commissioner LeBlanc reported a milestone in the form of the Memorandum of Understanding between the SECFC and the Earl P. Mills Auditorium located at 100 Whitney Young Circle which was made available for the Commissioners to review and would be voted upon during the next Commission meeting.  In the past there was an understanding by handshake without any official paperwork.  The term agreement will be for nine years.  When the Alex Pitcher Jr. Community Room goes under construction during Phase 2 of the facility construction there will be a need to hold some Commission meetings at the Earl P. Mills Auditorium. 

Commissioner LeBlanc provided information regarding the room rental process of the Alex Pitcher Jr. Community Room.

Phase 1 of the facility construction which is the staff office and the 5 Keys Charter School is almost complete.  The restrooms are being remodeled and the completion date should be mid-January.  There will be a soft opening of the new facility during the latter part of the month.  After attending the construction update meeting on Monday I will provide a report.

Commissioner LeBlanc provided a report from the Art Orientation panel who selected art for the remodeled facility.  Three artists were chosen from a group of 100. 

A report was provided at the Facility Advisory Committee meeting for the greenhouses.  The RFP process that was to take place during the 1st quarter was postponed until monies are provided for a facelift and everything is brought up to code.

Reverend Carl Alexander had a question regarding the commencement date of the MOU.

Commissioner LeBlanc responded 2014 – 2023.

Dan Goldman, Sunborne Nursery, had a question regarding the greenhouse RFP being postponed.

Commissioner LeBlanc responded yes and more questions could be addressed at the next Facility Advisory Committee meeting.

Dr. Espanola Jackson provided history and asked if the greenhouse tenants would be interested in providing their own upgrades because they had been there for 30 years making money.

Chairperson Chung thanked Commissioner LeBlanc for her detailed report.

Outreach and Diversity Advisory Committee, (Chair, Commissioner Eddy Zheng, Co-Chair, Commissioner LaVaughn King, Alternate, Commissioner Bobbrie Brown, Community Members, Reverend Carl Alexander, Lance Burton, Barbara Ockel)

Commissioner Zheng said his committee was working on choosing a meeting date that would be consistent and allow them to work on their outreach strategy.


8.0    PRESENTER (Discussion & Possible Action)

Chairperson Chung welcomed and introduced Catherine Curtis, SFPUC, Workforce Development Specialist, who provided an update on the current 9910 program and introduced some of the program participants.

Catherine Curtis provided a brochure to the Commission and said the program began in 1975 as mitigation to the community for the sewer treatment plant.  It was brought back to life in the 90’s and taken over by Ms. Curtis in 2008.  This is a career building program.  The 9910 training program is designed to provide residents that live in the San Francisco Bayview District pre-apprenticeship training.  Under this two year trainee program, the Wastewater Enterprise will provide training and work experience to individuals who will compete for seven requisitions in the various fields of work related to sewage treatment, and will prepare for the Stationary Engineers Local 39 Apprenticeship Program Examination.  The training components are Academic, Softskills, Safety and On-The-Job.

An important component of the program is recruitment.  The recruitment process includes outreach to the community through the churches, one stops, non-profit organizations and the Southeast Community Facility Commission. 

After recruitment the students receive an orientation which includes safety training upfront.

Academic classes are delivered by Cal-Maritime Academy to prepare 9910’s for the Local 39 Stationary Apprenticeship Exam.

Softskill workshops are delivered to build leadership, communicati9on and personal development skills.

Safety trainings are continuously given throughout the duration of the program to ensure the safest working environment.

The following 9910 participants were introduced and will take their exams in eight months.  They provided positive comments regarding the program and expressed their appreciation:
Rolando Rene Gourdine/ Raymond Hui/ Shandon Massey/ James Coleman/ Lorenzo Bell/ Stanley Fung

Commissioner Zheng had a question about the pay and asked if it was enough to support their families?

The participants responded some of them have other jobs to supplement their current income until they can graduate from the program and make full salary.

Commissioner Greer asked if the participants receive health benefits.

The participants responded yes.

Commissioner Zheng asked how many positions are available and can there be more slots?

Catherine Curtis responded there are seven requisitions and six are currently filled.  One person has advanced to apprentice.  There will be an apprenticeship exam in July.  After the test there is a wait of about a month before the results are available. 

Tommy Moala, SFPUC, Assistant General Manager, Wastewater Enterprise, responded there are only so many vacancies at Wastewater and they hope everyone is able to find a position even if it is not with Wastewater.  He thanked Catherine Curtis and said more partnerships with more unions would provide more jobs.

Chairperson Chung had a question about the hiring process.

Tommy Moala said the field is very competitive.

Catherine Curtis said in the past 9910’s were not requested in the field and now everyone wants to work with them.

Commissioner Zheng asked about the budget for the program?

Catherine Curtis said it is $100,000 per person.

Dr. Toye Moses, Executive Director, thanked everyone for their participation.

Tommy Moala introduced Mark Harris as a former 9910 participant who is currently a Superintendent, SFPUC Wastewater.

Reverend Carl Alexander congratulated the participants and thanked the SFPUC for providing a career path and said he hoped the program would expand.

Dr. Espanola Jackson thanked the participants and the Commission and suggested the Mayor direct the other unions to work with the community.

Dr. Toye Moses thanked Commissioner LeBlanc for her involvement during the selection process.

Commissioner LeBlanc noted that she was not on the panel but she was the first Commissioner to take an interest in the process and went in to see the process firsthand. 

Chairperson Chung thanked the SFPUC and the participants.

9.0    CHAIRPERSON’S REPORT (Discussion)

Chairperson Chung reported meeting with Renee Willette, SFPUC, Special Projects Manager, External Affairs, and Dr. Moses regarding training by the City Attorney’s office for the Commissioners.  They have not received a response from the City Attorney.

The Commission has requested financial support for the upcoming retreat to be held on February 22nd. 


10.0    STAFF/DIRECTOR REPORT (Discussion)

Toye Moses, Director reported staff has moved into the new office space.  Sam Murray is now the Acting Facility Manager.  There will be an open house on the 29th of January at 5 p.m. and we hope you will all attend.

The retreat will be at the Oceanside Plant on February 22 and is open to the public.  The Alex Pitcher, Jr. Community Room will be open for the rest of the year and available for scheduling.

Director Moses noted a mugging outside of the building.

Staff will continue to work closely with the advisory committees planning the health fair and the job fair.

Dr. Espanola Jackson commented regarding the safety of the Commission staff during the remodeling process due to excess dust in the area.

Staff assured Ms. Jackson that humidifiers had been purchased and staff had been given the option of working from the plant.


Sam Murray thanked staff for their cooperation and introduced Andre and Steve Curry.

Steve Curry and Veronica Garcia provided an update on the YouthSpout Afterschool Project and Project Pull Internship Program.

YouthSpout is a new pilot program sponsored by the SFPUC for San Francisco High School students.  The program is in partnership with JCYC, YCD, DCYF and SFUSD.

Project Pull is a program that has existed for 19 years and has a high success rate.  Students learn community service, creativity, friendship, leadership, responsibility and teamwork.

Staff requested that internship opportunities be provided sooner to allow the community the appropriate time to respond or enroll.

Commissioner Zheng had a question regarding outreach.

Steve Curry responded there is a partnership with many grassroots organizations.

Sam Murray said the information would be disseminated through the SECFC staff.

Reverend Carl Alexander asked if the enrollment could be extended.

Mr. Curry clarified the difference between the pilot program and the long-term Project Pull program.

There was more discussion that included Dr. Espanola Jackson, Reverend Alexander and Commissioner Norman.  Dr. Jackson noted the greenhouse personnel was training youth and sending them to college.

Mr. Siri Datta Khalsa had a question regarding the funding for the program.

Steve Curry responded the money was allocated through the Board of Supervisors.

Sam Murray announced Karen Kubick would be addressing the Commission and providing an update at the next meeting.  He invited everyone to attend.  In closing he invited everyone to attend the grand opening of the Phelps Wing.

Commissioner Chung requested all the Commissioners to attend the grand opening.

11.0    NEW/ONGOING BUSINESS (Discussion & Action)

Chairperson Chung requested a motion to select the regular commission meeting day.

Commissioner Greer moved to select the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month.

Commissioner Norman seconded the motion.

There was no opposition and the motion was carried.

Dr. Moses advised the change will take place in March


12.0    NEW BUSINESS REQUESTS for Future Agenda Items (Discussion)
This item is to allow Commissioners & staff to suggest/introduce agenda items for future consideration)

Renee Willette, SFPUC, Special Projects Manager, External Affairs, in response to the request from Commissioner Zheng for additional staff of an Outreach Coordinator said the SFPUC is looking into staffing needs and will do so through the MOU process.  The Commission can anticipate a draft MOU from the SFPUC General Manager’s office at the end of next week.

Commissioner Zheng provided clarification for the public.

Commissioner Zheng suggested staff provide press releases through email only for environmental purposes.  He suggested discussing this at the next meeting.


Kurt Grimes, Bayview resident commented on ecosystems in the community and suggested the Commission address the issue.

Dr. Espanola Jackson commented on Harris-Head Park and said it is a toxic site.

Reverend Carl Alexander commented on an article in the media regarding the Core-Community Benefits Agreement earmarked for District 10 and why the issue is not being addressed in the community.     



Chairperson Chung adjourned the meeting at 8:12 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Carla Vaughn, Commission Executive Secretary II
Southeast Community Facility Commission

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