What you need to know:

Campaign Materials
Payroll Deductions
Donor Choice
One-Time Donations and Writing Checks
Leadership Giving
The Prize Drawings
Finishing the Process



Campaign Materials

Q: What campaign materials should I have?

A: Every employee should receive a “brochure” and a three-part “pledge form”. These are the primary tools. The Coordinators may distribute these materials directly to the employees in their departments, or to their Department Captains to assist them with distribution.

Q: What if I need more supplies for my department?

A: If you need additional brochures, pledge forms, or drawing tickets, please refer to the “Campaign Training Manual” on the Tool Kit page. 


Payroll Deductions

Q: How does payroll deduction work?

A: Donors determine and tell the payroll department on the pledge form how much money will be deducted from every paycheck throughout the year. For example, if an employee selects “$20 per pay period” on the pledge form, then $20 will be deducted from each of the 26 paychecks, for a total of $520 by year end. The pledge will be deducted from paychecks beginning in January and ending the last pay period in December. Charities will begin receiving donations in quarterly distributions beginning in May. Please advise donors not to contact the agency of their choice prior to May as the charity will have no record of any donation before then.

Q: What is the advantage of donating via payroll deduction?

A:It is easier for an employee to have a smaller amount taken out of every paycheck than to write one large check for the same amount. In the example above, $520 may be too large an amount to write in one check, where $20 per pay period is much more manageable. Your pay stub keeps track of your charitable contribution, provides proof of your donation and is a reminder to claim a deduction when filing taxes.

Most important, payroll deduction ensures a consistent and reliable stream of income to the charities throughout the year whereas one time gifts do not. This makes it easier for them to budget and plan their annual programs and services. This consistent income stream is a main reason why non-profit organizations participate in campaigns such as this one.




Q: What is a Federation?

A:A Federation is an umbrella group that raises money for a number of different charities, often in a similar field. Working with a Federation for the purposes of payroll deduction fundraising is the most cost-effective method the charities have of raising money with minimal administrative expenses.

Q: Which Federations are participating in this year’s CCSF Combined Charities Campaign?

A: The following Federations have been approved by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors for the current campaign: Local Independent Charities, Asian Pacific Fund, Bay Area Black United Fund, Community Health Charities of California, EarthShare California, Global Impact, and United Way of the Bay Area. For information on the individual charities that they represent, please see your campaign brochures.

Q: Why do Federations retain “administrative fees”?

A: Member organizations within a Federation have agreed to the fees retained by their Federation. These fees allow the Federation to continue doing the work to serve their primary purpose of raising money for their members and the programs and services they provide in the community. The organizations that join the Federations want to be in these campaigns because it is the least expensive way for them to raise money. It is less expensive than direct mail, annual campaigns, telemarketing, and fundraising events.

Q: Why do Federations and charities prefer payroll deduction over a one-time check?

A: When people give via payroll deduction, they can afford to give more. When they give more, the amount the organization receives after fees are deducted is still more than checks that many donors could write. In addition to the increased capability of the donor:

  • The organization’s fundraising expenses decrease because they do not have to pay for postage and letters to remind you to give.
  • The employer does the promotion, the collection, and the forwarding of the money therefore allowing more resources to go to charities
  • The employer does the promotion, the collection, and the forwarding of the money therefore allowing more resources to go to charities.
  • All the gifts are gathered, handled and deposited by the organization at one time instead of check by check, day by day.
  • The organization receives a steady stream of money throughout the year, rather than a one-time influx of money once a year Payroll deductions allow organizations to budget more efficiently and better utilize their resources because they can depend on a regular check from their Federation during the year. Furthermore, Federations select organizations known for the quality programs and their financial accountability.


Donor Choice

Q: Can I donate to an agency that is not listed in the brochure?

A: Donor Choice is the vehicle that allows employees to give to any IRS tax-exempt charity that is not listed in the campaign brochure. In the “Donor Choice” section at the bottom of the pledge form the donor must provide the full name and address of the charity. It is the donor’s responsibility to confirm that the charity is an IRS certified tax-exempt organization. If it is not, their pledge form may be returned to them, via their Campaign Coordinator or Captain, or they may get a call from the Federation who is processing the donation. You may use more than one pledge form for multiple checks, if needed. Checks will be mailed directly to the Federation or charity designated. Donor Choice donations may be subject to an 11% processing fee.

*One-time checks for Donor Choice donations should be made payable directly to the designated charity and address must be provided. Additional guidelines regarding Donor Choice are on the back of the pledge form. 


One-Time Donations and Writing Checks

Q: Can I make a one-time contribution?

A: Yes. One-time donations must be made by check (cash will not be accepted). All payroll deductions must be for the full 26 pay periods.

Q: To whom do I make checks payable?

A: If you select a charity that is listed with a Federation in the brochure, write that charity name beneath the appropriate Federation heading on your pledge form, and make the check payable to the Federation. They will process that check and distribute it according to their internal procedures, which includes the administrative fees agreed to by their member charities. If you designate a charity that is not listed with a Federation, see “Donor Choice” instructions above.


Leadership Giving

Q: What is a Leadership Giver?

A: Leadership Givers are employees who donate an annual total of $500 or more to any Federation, charity or combination of charities. This may be a total of checks written or $20 or more per pay period.



The Prize Drawings

Q: How do I qualify to be in the drawings?

A: Give a minimum one-time donation of $25, or the minimum payroll deduction of $1 per pay period which totals out to be $26 for one year. If donating through payroll deduction, you will receive one drawing ticket for every $26 of your donation; i.e. $520 = 20 drawing tickets. ($520 divided by $26 = 20). If you choose not to donate, complete the “Request for a Drawing Ticket” form in the back of this manual and turn it in to your Campaign Coordinator or Captain. In return of this form, you will receive one drawing ticket.

Q: What do I do with the drawing tickets after I receive them?

A: On the back of each ticket, legibly write your name, work phone number and department name. You are going to turn in the entire ticket. Tickets without this information written on them when they are submitted will not be eligible for drawing. After you have completed this information, return the tickets to your Campaign Captain or Coordinator so they can turn them in with your pledge form. Please do not turn in long strands of tickets – tickets should be separated prior to turning them in and not stapled to pledge the form.

Q: When are the drawings?

A: Drawing are held regularly throughout the Campaign. Drawings are conducted as part of the regularly scheduled CCC Steering Committee meeting. CCC Steering Committees are open to the public. To be eligible, tickets must be complete and turned in by the prescribed date. See the list of key dates listed on the “About CCC” page.

Q: How do I win and how do I know I won?

A: Each completed ticket is eligible to win. The more eligible tickets you submit on time, the more chances you have to win a prize. However, each employee may only receive one prize per drawing. If Jane’s name is drawn more than once in the same drawing, Jane will receive the prize announced for her first win. If Jane’s name is drawn again in that same drawing, it will be set aside and another ticket drawn. If, however, Jane’s name is drawn in the Early Bird Drawing, and again in the Final Drawing, then two (2) prizes will be awarded to Jane. Prize winners will be called at the phone number they provide on the ticket to receive delivery instructions. All prizes and prize winners are also posted on the campaign website.

Any person who wins a drawing prize valued in excess of $420 should immediately consult Airport or the Ethics Commission for further instructions.

Q: Where do the prizes come from?

A: All prizes are generously donated by businesses and individuals in the community, as well as by San Francisco City & County departments. Each year the prizes differ.  


Finishing the Process

Q: Who is responsible for collecting the pledge forms in each department?

A: Campaign Coordinators and/or Captains distribute a campaign brochure and pledge form to each employee in their department in the beginning of the campaign. They will also collect completed pledge forms from the employees throughout the campaign, and submit them as are collected. The campaign officially ends October 31st; however, pledge forms may still be turned in beyond this date.

Q: What do Campaign Captains/Coordinators do with completed pledge forms and when are they due?

A: Pledge forms and drawing tickets should be reviewed for complete information, including Employee ID numbers, employee signature on pledge forms, and completed information on the back of drawing tickets. After this review, the forms are recorded on the “Submittal Sheets” and turned in to: Controller’s Office, Room 316, City Hall.

All pledge forms and drawing tickets are due before noon, Tuesday, November 8th  in order to be eligible for the Final Drawing, and for the final tally of department donations to determine placement for the end of campaign award categories.

Q: Who can I contact if I have additional questions or otherwise need help?

A: Call the Heart of the City Campaign Hotline at (415) 925-2604 or email Michelle Clancy.