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San Francisco Local Homeless Coordinating Board
Funding Committee
Meeting Minutes
December 18, 2009

I. Introduction

II. Minutes from October 30, 2009
Minutes were reviewed and there were no suggested changes or edits, they will stand as are.

III. 2009 McKinney Application Debrief
A) De- Brief
Bridget, from Homebase facilitated a debrief of the 2009 McKinney Application process.. Committee members were asked to make comment on all aspects of the process including: assessments, review process, exhibit IIs, Exhibit One, and the work of the Funding Committee.
· Liked having the TA workshop days from two years ago and this should be brought back again
· Process was smooth; people liked it and also appreciated the feedback and assistance.
· Daryl Higashi suggested that we look at the assessment process. He stated that it is good to be thorough but could we still get good scores on the application without doing such an in depth analysis? If we do scale back the assessment process it could create more opportunities for Homebase to work on other things. He also stated that McKinney programs that receive general fund money already get client feedback.
Bridget provided feedback to Daryl about the questions regarding assessments and how it is done in other communities. All communities do some review of the APRs. The biggest difference with San Francisco is the client feedback that is gotten through the focus groups and surveys. There is a spectrum of ways communities assess and San Francisco is on the part of the spectrum that other communities are moving towards.

· Hamilton Family Center said that they use the focus groups and the feedback they receive from them and they also use survey results for other grants.
· Lori Cook from DPH said that the assessments are helpful but the timing of feedback is not. Possibly doing it every other year would work better.
· Wanda from Swords to Plowshares said that they appreciate having a third party do the focus groups.

B) Using the McKinney Application Exhibit One- action steps and goals
The Committee decided that it is a good idea to use the work done in Exhibit One throughout the year as a guide for the work of the LHCB and the priorities to focus on. The Committee went through the HUD objectives and picked a few goals to work on for the first quarter.
Objective One: Create new permanent housing beds for the chronically homeless individuals:
Goal- Continue to advocate to prioritize and maintain Federal, State, and Local funding that builds and maintains permanent housing and support services for homeless persons, including HUD-VASH vouchers.

Objective Two: Increase percentage of homeless persons staying in permanent housing over 6 months to at least 77 percent.
Goal- Continue to advocate to maintain Federal, state, and local funding for permanent housing and supportive services, stressing the importance of service to maintain housing.

Objective Three: Increase percentage of homeless persons moving form transitional housing to permanent housing to at least 65 percent.
Goal- Create a TH Steering Committee to improve movement from TH to PH. Evaluate the barriers for homeless veterans and youth and increase access to housing for them. Assist veterans by leveraging new resources for veteran housing and employment. Assist youth by providing vocational training, internships, and job placement for homeless youth. Monitor PH access from TH on a quarterly basis.

Objective Four: Increase percentage of persons employed at program exit to at least 20 percent.
Goal-Advocate and maintain funding for homeless targeted services that increase job readiness. Coordinate with ARRA program, JOBS NOW to access employment/training for eligible clients, including by encouraging: client referrals, hiring clients, or hosting transitional employment programs.
Goal- Improve accessibility to mainstream resources. Assist the Tenderloin Workforce Center one stop to better serve homeless people by increasing collaboration.

Objective Five: Decrease the number of homeless households with children.
Goal- Through the Rapid Rehousing project funded in the CoC Competition and HPRP, continue to increase housing access for homeless families and collect data to use in advocating for increased resources for families.

 Goals will be reviewed at the next Full Board meeting of the LHCB.

IV. New Business
A) Future work of the Funding Committee
             Majority of the work of the funding committee until April or May will be on the local city budget.

B) Transitional Housing analysis: strategy
Bridget and Ali will begin to set up one on one meetings with all transitional housing programs. Representatives from H.S.A will also be there. Meetings will be used to discuss success and the challenges each program faces in placing residents into permanent housing, the goal being to find a way to improve our HUD goal in this category.

C) City Budget
Human Services Agency and other departments have gotten instructions from the Mayor on the budget cuts they need to make to prepare for the 2010-2011 budgets. Initial budgets will be presented to the commission in January and February.

V. Adjournment