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Meeting Information

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12:00 Noon

1800 Oakdale Avenue, Conference Room B

San Francisco, CA 94124


I.         Call to Order :


            Committee Chair, Commissioner Willie Kennedy called the Thursday, July 23, 2009 Facilities Committee meeting to order at 12:00 p.m.


II.        Roll Call:


Present:                      Commissioners Kennedy, Jones, Sampson, and Chung


            Staff Present:             Toye Moses, Exec. Dir., SECFC;

                        Ken Olivencia,  Management Assistant
            Carla Vaughn, Commission Exec. Secretary

                        Cheryl’Berne Adams, Senior Clerk Typist


III.        Announcement: 


Commissioner Kennedy read the Sunshine Ordinance and introductions followed.  Phil Arnold and David Curto, Department of Human Services, Marta Bayol, Department of Real Estate, John Roddy, Deputy City Attorney

IV.        Public Comment :


         There was no public comment at this time.


V.        TheRules&Regulation:


Staff recommended to continue with the current rules and regulations with the stipulations that there be no repast at both the Alex Pitcher Room and E.P. Mills Auditorium.


VI.        The Use Of E.P. Mills Auditorium


Toye Moses, Executive Director of the Southeast Community Facility Commission said the main issue is the E.P. Mills auditorium is for community use and the goal of this meeting is to discuss how the auditorium can be shared without creating any confusion.  The interested parties are:


Karen Wing                             Whitney Young Child Development Center

Frances Doherty                     Treasurer, Whitney Young CDC

Gloria Wardell-Hampton         JMC Academy

Phil Arnold                               Human Services

Dave Curto                              Human Services/Contracts

John Roddy                             Deputy City Attorney

Marta Bayol                             Real Estate


Committee Chair Commissioner Kennedy said it was also necessary to clear up the issue of a new tenant on the premises the Commission did not know about.


Frances Doherty, WYCDC, had comments regarding licensing laws, co-mingling issues and kitchen use.


Ms. Hampton provided a rebuttal regarding the use of the kitchen area.


Phil Arnold, Human Services, said the original understanding was the primary area being occupied was the Child Care Center and the Commission kept jurisdiction over scheduling the auditorium.  He was told there were cleanliness issues in some of the common spaces, i.e. kitchen.  Mr. Arnold suggested finding another site that might work for JMAC Academy.       


VII.      Plan Of Action:

The prior decision to discontinue repasts was upheld.  Representatives from the city’s Real Estate Department suggested the possibility of providing a new space for both parties.


The Committee decided to allow both parties to remain and revisit the E.P. Mills Auditorium issue in six weeks with Real Estate and a representative from the State licensing agency.


Commissioner Sampson said the co-mingling issues should be worked out amicably between the parties.


Commissioner Chung requested a tour of the property.


VIII.      Public Comment :



IX.       Adjournment:

       The meeting adjourned at 1:35 pm.


  Respectfully submitted,

Carla Vaughn, Commission Secretary