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April 7, 2011

State Legislation Committee - April 7, 2011
Thursday, April 7, 2011
City Hall, Room 288

Mayor’s Office (Chair) – KateHoward
Supervisor Chiu – Judson True
Supervisor #2 – TBD
City Attorney’s Office – MaryJane Winslow
Treasurer’s Office – Pauline Marx (David Augustine)
Assessor’s Office – TBD
Controller’s Office – Leo Levenson (Michelle Allersma)




The SLC has previously taken a position on all of the items on the consent agenda.


a.    SB 695 (Hancock) – Recommended position: Support
Identical to SB 1901, would allow youth awaiting adjudication in county juvenile facilities to be eligible for Medi-Cal benefits.
b.    SB 41 (Yee) - Recommended position: Support
Identical to SB 1029 in 2010– makes changes to the 5-year pilot project related to hypodermics and syringes.
c.    SB 36 (Simitian) -  Recommended position: Support
Identical to SB 1431 in 2010 – would permit counties to provide local children health care coverage based on 400% of FPL and would ensure that San Francisco could still draw down 65% federal funding in the case of State limits to participation.
d.    AB 540 (Beall) - Recommended position: Support
Identical to AB 2124 (2008), AB 217 (2009) and AB (1599).  Would provide alcohol and drug screening and brief intervention services as a voluntary Medi-Cal benefit.
e.    SB 33 (Simitian) – Recommended position: Support
Extends the Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse Act (2005) which SF supported.  Current law sunsets 2013.

IV. PROPOSED LEGISLATION (Discussion and Action)
Discussion and possible action item: the Committee will review and discuss state legislation affecting the City and County of San Francisco.  Items are listed by Department, then by bill number.

City Attorney



a.    SB 457 (Wagner) – Recommended position: Oppose
permits bid award challengers to receive compensation for attorney fees
b.    AB 1354 (Huber) – Recommended position: Oppose
Public works: payments: retention

Department of Public Health



c.    AB 74 (Ma) “Raves Safety Act” – Recommended position: Support
d.    AB 300 (Ma) “The Safe Body Arts Act” – Recommended position: Support
Provides consistent statewide standards to the regulation of tattooing, body piercing, and the application of permanent cosmetics in California.
e.    AB 472 (Ammiano) –Recommended position: Support
Modifies the CA Uniform Controlled Substances Act to encourage people who are experiencing an overdose or witnessing someone experiencing an overdose to seek medical assistance without fear or penalty.
f.    AB 1297 (Chesbro) “Medi-Cal Mental Health Ratesetting” – Recommended position: Support
g.    SB 575 (DeSaulnier) – Recommended position: Support
Removes exemptions and exceptions related to the prohibition of smoking of tobacco products.
h.    SB 594 (Wolk) – Recommended position : Oppose unless amended
Changes requirements related to public health laboratories

Human Services Agency



i.    SB 21(Alquist and Liu) – Long Term Care: Assessment and Planning - Recommended position: Support
Modifies requirements related to long term care planning assessment, including development of a state-wide tool for assessment, counties to establish a LTC case management program, and provide for community based living and services
j.    SB 471 (Rubio)  - Recommended position: Oppose
Would require CDSS to expand the list of items that are not allowed to be purchased using CalFresh benefits to include unhealthy foods such as sodas, sweets and salty snack foods. The bill would also prohibit use of CalFresh benefits at restaurants.  Over 8,500 of San Francisco’s CalFresh cases are approved to participate in the restaurant program, many of whom do not have access to cooking facilities.
k.    SB 930 (Evans) - Recommended position: Support
This bill change requirements related to would eliminate requirements pertaining to obtaining fingerprint images of IHSS recipients, the requirement that the provider timesheet include spaces for provider and recipient fingerprints, and prohibitions relating to the use of a post office box address by an IHSS provider.
l.    AB 73 (Feuer) - Recommended position: Oppose
Would establish a 4-year, three county pilot project to create a presumptively open court in dependency proceedings Contingent upon securing private funding,. The pilot counties include Los Angeles, Ventura and one TBD.
m.    AB 194 (Beall) – Recommended position: Support
Would require the CA State University system and community college districts and request that the UC system provide registration enrollment priority to current and foster youth and for emancipated foster youth up to age 24.
n.    AB 212 (Beall) - Recommended position: Support
Is the “clean-up” legislation to AB 12. It is being sponsored by CWDA in partnership with several other organizations that worked closely together on AB 12. AB 212 is still being amended.
o.    AB 402 (Skinner) - Recommended position: Support
A CWDA-sponsored bill that would authorize school districts to include information about the CalFresh program in the School Lunch Program application packet, including a notification that if a pupil qualifies for free school lunches, s/he may also qualify for CalFresh.




p.    AB 418 (Ammiano) - Recommended position: Support
AB 418 will authorize the California State Lands Commission to effect a public trust swap to rationalize the location of trust property along the water’s edge to promote maritime uses and public access in these areas.




q.    AB 14 (Skinner) - Recommended position: Support
Clean Upgrade Financing
r.    AB 34 - Recommended position: Support
Encourages development of compost facilities
s.    AB 298 - Recommended position: Support
Reusable bags must be cleanable and not contain heavy metals
t.    AB 341- Recommended position: Support
Raises state waste diversion goals.
u.    AB 525 – Tire Recycling - Recommended position: Support
Extends for 5 years tire recycling grant program that would otherwise expire this year.
v.    AB 631 (Ma) – Electric Vehicle Charging - Recommended position: Support
Codifies the 2010 California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) decision that third party electric vehicle charging stations do not fall under CPUC jurisdiction as a public utility.
w.    AB 818 Renters’ Right to Recycle - - Recommended position: Support
Mandatory multifamily recycling
x.    AB 900 - Recommended position: Support
Require schools to provide recycling and composting bins.
y.    AB 921 - Recommended position: Support
Measure water efficiency benefits of compost
z.    AB 1019 Recommended position: Support
Mandates carpet recycling for carpets being removed from state buildings
aa.    AB 1054 (Skinner) Recommended position: Support
Clean Energy Financing
bb.    AB 1149 Plastic market development extension Recommended position: Support
Extends redemption for plastic from 2012 until 2017.
cc.    SB 567 Recommended position: Support
Bio-plastics labeling
dd.    SB 568 Recommended position: Support
Bans vendors from serving prepared food in Styrofoam containers
ee.    SB 915 Recommended position: Oppose
Suspends local bag bans




ff.    AB 375 (Skinner) - Recommended position: Oppose
Changes the number and types of workers compensation eligible job-related injuries for nurses.


Discussion item: members of the public may address the Committee on items of interest that are within the Committee’s subject matter jurisdiction.




Disability Access

Room 421 of City Hall is located at 1 Dr. Carton B. Goodlett Place, and is wheelchair accessible.  The closest accessible BART Station is Civic Center, three blocks from City Hall. Accessible Muni lines serving this location are:  #47 Van Ness, and the #71 Haight/Noriega and the F Line to Market and Van Ness, as will as Muni Metro stations at Van Ness and Civic Center.  For more information about Muni accessible services, call 923-6142. There is accessible parking at the Civic Center Plaza garage. 





Know Your Rights Under the Sunshine Ordinance

Government’s duty is to serve the public, reaching its decisions in full view of the public.  Commissions, boards, councils, and other agencies of the City and County exist to conduct the people’s business.  This ordinance assures that deliberations are conducted before the people and that City operations are open to the people’s review.  For information on your rights under the Sunshine Ordinance (Chapter 67 of the San Francisco Administrative Code) or to report a violation of the ordinance, contact the Donna Hall at Sunshine Ordinance Task Force, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 244, San Francisco, CA  94102, by phone at 415-554-7724, by fax at 415-554-7854, or email the Sunshine Ordinance Taskforce Administrator at  Citizens may obtain a free copy of the Sunshine Ordinance by contacting the Task Force, or by printing Chapter 67 of the San Francisco Administrative Code on the Internet, at



Lobbyist Registration and Reporting Requirements

Individuals and entities that influence or attempt to influence local legislative or administrative action may be required by the San Francisco Lobbyist Ordinance (San Francisco Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code Sec. 2.100 –2.160) to register and report lobbying activity.  For more information about the Lobbyist Ordinance, please contact the San Francisco Ethics Commission at 30 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 3900, San Francisco, CA  94102; telephone 415-581-2300, fax 415-581-2317, Internet website:



Cell Phones and Pagers

The ringing and use of cell phones, pagers, and similar sound-producing electronic devises are prohibited at this meeting.  Please be advised that the Chair may order the removal from the meeting room of any person(s) responsible for the ringing or use of a cell phone, pager, or other similar sound-producing electronic devices.





Public Comment

Public Comment will be taken on each item.







Document Review

Documents that may have been provided to members of the State Legislation Committee in connection with the items on the agenda include proposed state legislation, consultant reports, correspondence and reports from City departments, and public correspondence.  These may be inspected by contacting Kate Howard, Director of Government Affairs, Mayor’s Office at: (415) 554-6515.





Health Considerations

In order to assist the City’s efforts to accommodate persons with severe allergies, environmental illnesses, multiple chemical sensitivity or related disabilities, attendees at public meetings are reminded that other attendees may be sensitive to various chemical-based products.  Please help the City accommodate these individuals.




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