Debt and Credit Counseling

Find free or low cost resources that can help you take control of your debt, deal with collectors, improve your credit and more.  Visit one of our partners below:

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of San Francisco (CCCSSF)

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of San Francisco (CCCSSF) provides counseling services and free workshops on understanding your credit score, consolidating debt, bankruptcy, money management, and first-time homeownership.  They also have an informative website with lots of tools and resources to learn more about credit.  Visit the San Francisco branch at or search for "consumer credit counseling service" to find one in your area.

Spark Point Centers

SparkPoint Centers help families create step-by-step plans to tackle their unique financial needs, and connect them to services that address each one. Services range from Financial Coaching, Career Coaching/Counseling, Credit and Debt Counseling, Benefits Screening, Tax Preparation and more. Visit   for more information.

Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA)

MEDA’s Financial Education & Coaching Program provides low- and moderate-income Latino families with bilingual Spanish and English workshop curriculum and coaching to achieve  financial literacy. MEDA’s financial education program helps participants achieve three key outcomes: Improving credit scores to 650 or higher; increasing savings to three months of living expenses or greater; and reducing debt to income ratio to 40% or lower.   For more information visit:

San Francisco Housing Development Corporation (SFHDC)

SFHDC works closely and independently with each client until he/she meets his/her financial goals.  SFHDC clients receive individualized services that will lead to homeownership and/or financial stability.  SFHDC counselors offer free professional advice and a number of strategic resources to help you develop an action plan that will ensure that you meet your personal goals.  For more information visit