Professional Development Resources

The SMN is committed to developing trainings and providing resources to support financial education practitioners and stakeholders.   Please see below for video recaps of a few of our previous workshops.

Behavioral Economics and Financial Education

Dr. Lusardi Professor Annamaria Lusardi reviews the basics of the behavioral economics movement as it intersects with financial education.  Professor Lusardi also discusses recent developments in the field and the future direction of behavioral economics from a financial education practitioners standpoint. View Professor Lusardi's presentation and additional resources here.

Bank on San Francisco: Free or Low Cost Checking Accounts

Bank On SFFinancially, a bank account changes everything. It's a doorway to savings, and financial security. It offers protection from the high fees charged by check cashing companies.  Bank On San Francisco makes it easy for your clients to get a bank account - even if they had problems with an account in the past, have never had an account before, or are not a U.S citizen. Find out more by watching our new video and resources.

Debt Management: Understanding The Life Cycle of Debt

Understanding the Life Cycle of DebtThe SMN hosted a discussion on Debt Management and Understanding the Life Cycle of Debt. Many consumers find themselves trapped in a cycle of debt and don't know what options exist or what resources they can trust to get back on track. We invited practitioners and case managers working with clients struggling with debt to come and learn from an expert panel. We covered options for individuals with high debt, rights of individuals who find themselves in collections, and discussed how individuals can begin to re-establish their credit after financial set backs. Click Here

Bankruptcy Resources for Financial Educators

Bankruptcy ResourcesThe SMN hosted a free training on bankruptcy resources for financial educators as part of its Professional Development Series. Personal bankruptcy is a complicated legal issue, the session provided informative resources to help financial education practitioners better understand the issues surrounding bankruptcy. Click Here

2010 Credit Card Regulations & Rebuilding Credit

Rebuilding Credit 2010The SMN will lead a discussion for financial education providers on the 2010 changes to credit card regulations regarding disclosures, adjustment of interest rates, application of payments, and address how they will effect you and your clients. In addition, the session will cover current issues around rebuilding/re-establishing credit under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the FICO Model.  Click Here