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Reports & Publications

The Smart Money Network is committed to sharing tools, resources, best practices and white papers to support financial education providers and stakeholders. 


Financial Coaching: An Asset Building Strategy
Asset Funders Network

Download (PDF)

Women and Wealth: Insights for Grantmakers
Asset Funders Network, 2015
Download (PDF)

Understanding and Improving Consumer Financial Health in America
Center for Financial Services Innovation, March 24, 2015
Download (PDF)

Financial empowerment training for social service programs: A scan of community-based initiatives
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, September 18 2013
Download (PDF)

Scaling Financial Coaching: Critical Lessons and Effective Practices
Neighborworks America 2013
Download (PDF)


Feedback from the financial education field
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, May 13 2013
Download (PDF)

Effective Analytical Tools to Assess the Outcome and Impacts of Financial Education Programs
Citibank: Prepared by Nicole Campbell August 2010
Download (PDF)

Behavioral Economics and Asset Building: How Understanding the Psychology of Financial Behavior Can Improve Program Outcomes
Amy Brown, Senior Consultant, Aspen Institute
Download (PDF)

Advancing Financial Coaching for Low Income Populations: Midstream Lessons from EARN
Ben Mangan, EARN White Paper, February 2010
Download (PDF)


Financial Education Standards
Smart Money Network, March 2011
Download (PDF)

Financial Education Curriculum Glossary
Alameda County Community Asset Network
Download (PDF)

Financial Education in San Francisco: A Study of Local Practitioners, Service Gaps and Promising Practices
Laura Choi, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, November 2009
Download (PDF)



Financial Coaching: A new Approach for Asset Building?
J. Michael Collins, Christi Baker, Rochelle Gorey, November 20, 2007
Download (PDF)



Service Integration: Delivering Economic Strengthening Services to Low Wage Workers
Created by Seedco with support from The Annie E. Casey Foundation
Download (PDF)


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