Documents and Publications


In its work of advising the City's legislative and executive branches on the "unmet needs" of San Francisco's young people, the Youth Commission regularly produces the following basic kinds of documents:

  • memos that contain comment and recommendation on proposed pieces of legislation referred to the Youth Commission by the Board of Supervisors;
  • resolutions that formally articulate the Youth Commission's position on various matters;
  • a set of budget and policy priorities intended to guide the youth-related fiscal decisions that the Mayor and the Board must make each year; this is sometimes referred to as our Annual Report, as required by the City Charter; and
  • on a more sporadic basis, reports on particular issues of the day.

2016-2017 Work

The 2016-2017 Youth Commission, sworn into office September 8, 2016, and is hard at work. Stay up to date and read about their legislative, policy and community work by viewing their 2016-17 legislative record. To aid in the orderly conduct of business, the Commission shall have the authority to create, amend, and repeal its own code of bylaws. Their 2016-2017 bylaws are available for viewing (PDF).


Selected Archive: Policy & Budget Priorities


Selected Archive: Annual Reports


Selected Archive: Legislation 

Click on the links below to get a sense of the Youth Commission's comments and recommendations to the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors regarding legislation referred to the commission.

Selected Archive: Issue Reports

Click on the links below to see how we've tried to shape policy and urge good government practices through research, organizing, and recommendations over the years.

2005 Report on Sexual Assault & Harassment in San Francisco Schools (PDF)

2000-2001 Education Committee Report on the State of San Francisco's Public Schools

2001-2001 Housing Committee Report on the State of San Francisco's Youth Housing & Homelessness Issue


Selected Archive: Statements

Click here to access various statements from throughout the Youth Commission's 14-year history.