5 Keys Charter School

Five Keys Charter School

Founded in 2003, Five Keys Charter School offers a range of educational services to transitional-aged youth and adults in over a dozen locations in San Francisco and Los Angeles. These Services include high school courses, credit recovery, GED preparation and testing, adult basic education, ESL, and vocational training.

Students can enroll at any time at one of our sites by filling out a simple form and then taking a short assessment. Students then meet with a staff member to discuss an individual learning plan. 

Five Keys Charter School provides:5 Keys Charter School

·         Individual tutoring

·         Small group instruction

·         Larger classes of up to 25

·         On-the-job training

·         Computer-based instruction

·         Distance learning with web-based support

·         Day and evening classes

·         Open entry / open exit format

·         Year-round services


For programs and services questions, please contact Mario Silano at marios@fivekeyschater.org