HOJ - IPO (Interrupt, Predict and Organized) Program TAY Unit

IPO (Interrupt, Predict and Organized) Program TAY (Transitional Age Youth) Unit

The Mayor's Office has implemented the IPO Employment Program to focus on at risk or in-risk transitional age youth 18-25 years-old that reside in high crime neighborhoods of the City. This collaboration involves not only the Mayor's Office of Violence Prevention Services and this Department but also various City Departments and community based organizations to monitor and assist with a participant's progress in a program. This is a 12 month commitment on the part of the participant which exposes the individual to employment, education and mental health services.There are also attempts to remove barriers such as personal and transportation challenges, scheduling, Driver's License ect. There are case conferences to discuss attendance or performance issues. 

Please visit the website located at http://violenceprevention.sfgov.org/
A short film of the IPO program is located at http://violenceprevention.sfgov.org/employment.html

YAC (Young Adult Court)

The YAC court was established as a pilot program from August 2015 to March 2016 in which high risk clients are referred to Court, assessed by SFAPD or Family Services Agency (FSA) to determine a treatment plan for services. These clients are monitored through progress reports and are rewarded for pro-social activity or addressed by the Court for negative behavior or failure to follow-through on their responsibilities. 

Transforming Our Attitude (TOA)

The TAY unit is also the home of the Transforming Our Attitude (TOA) program. The TOA is a cultural program targeting San Francisco's TAY aged Polynesian population. The program offers culturally competent programming, cognitive based content and crafts designed to enrich the lives of its participants and enrich the way young men and women interact with one another. We are proud to have DPO Rena Ilasa as one of the facilitators in this very important program. 

Fatherhood Program (Fathers Matter) 

In 2013, the San Francisco Adult Probation Department (SFAPD) started collaboration with the National Partnership for Community Leadership (NPCL). The NCPL is dedicated to supporting, strengthening, and empowering families and communities through education, organizational development, and research and policy reform. The Mission Statement for NCPL is to improve the governance and administration, tax-exempt organizations and strengthen community leadership through family and neighborhood empowerment. 

The SFAPD holds an agency certification in NPCL’s Fatherhood Development curriculum to teach effective fatherhood skills to our male clients ages 18 and up. The Fatherhood Development curriculum is based on real experiences and challenges of fathers in fragile family settings. Through 25 street wise group sessions, the curriculum offers practitioners a field-tested guide to working with fathers in providing support, information and motivation in areas of life skills, parenthood, relationships (including marriage and team parenting), and health. For more information please call 415-553-1731. Email: SFapdfatherhood@sfgov.org