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SFAPD Comprehensive Reentry Services

In response to the passing of the California Community Corrections Performance Incentives Act of 2009 (Sen. Bill 678) and the California Public Safety Realignment Act of 2011 (AB 109), the San Francisco Adult Probation Department launched a new division, the Reentry Division. Its purpose was to implement comprehensive, evidence-based, reentry services.

As a first step, the Reentry Division created a one-stop reentry center, the Community Assessment and Services Center (CASC), the City's premier, multi-services clinical reentry center specializing in working with justice-involved adults. Over the past 9 years, the Reentry Division has expanded its services and reach, and now serves any justice-involved adult.

Through services managed by the Reentry Division, 4,000 people access the reentry programs we fund in the community.  These opportunities provide essential resources and services which reduce barriers to life stability and empower clients to build self-sufficiency skills, regain their place in society and permanently exit the justice system. 

For more information please contact Steve Adami at or by phone at 415-489-7308.

You can find more information on the comprehensive array of services of SFAPD funded reentry resources and services here:

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SFAPD Catalog of Reentry Services

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Reentry Division Brochure

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CASC Snapshot

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Recovery Pathways Brochure

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