SFAPD - Hall of Justice Room 200

The mission of the San Francisco Adult Probation Department is: “Protecting the Community, Serving Justice, and Changing Lives.” You may be connected to specific programs and services, depending on your needs, as determined by you and your probation officer. The Adult Probation Department is committed to assisting you to successfully complete probation, and to supporting you in having a healthier and happier life.

Conditions of Your Release

The conditions of your supervision will vary. Make sure you understand all local, state or federal conditions. Look closely at your basic conditions – be aware of your stay away, weapons and search conditions.

Think critically: Is your required housing in a stay away area? Can the people living with you support the conditions of your probation or parole? Communicate regularly with your probation officer. Keep appointments. Make phone call check-ins. Even when conversations get tense, stay level headed. Get answers. Notify probation or parole if your address or job changes. Check with your parole or probation officer prior to making plans to travel over 50 miles from your residence, to leave your county for more than 48 hours, or to travel outside of California. Prior to probation or parole, you should be notified of your requirement to register if you have been convicted of a specified sex, drug, or arson offense. Register at the Hall of Justice, 850 Bryant Street, Room 475.

Post-Release Community Supervision and Mandatory Supervision

In October 2011, the State of California implemented the Public Safety Realignment Act of 2011, also known as Assembly Bill 109 (AB109). AB 109 transferred responsibility for some of the state prisoner population from CDCR to California counties. Under AB 109, individuals who were committed to state prison for certain felonies will be released to Post-Release Community Supervision (PRCS), which in most counties is administered by probation departments. In addition, AB 109 requires that individuals convicted of certain felonies serve their time in local jails, where previously they would have been sentenced to state prison. The new sentencing scheme is outlined in PC § 1170(h). If you have questions about whether you fall under AB 109, please contact your attorney. If you are informed that you will be on Post-Release Community Supervision or Mandatory Supervision upon your release from jail or prison, you should contact the Adult Probation Department for specific information about the length and terms of your supervision. The Adult Probation Department is committed to your success and will work with you to make your return to San Francisco a safe and successful one.

52 Weeks Batterer's Intervention Program 

The San Francisco Adult Probation Department is responsible for certifying and monitoring all 52-week batterer intervention programs mandated under 1203.097 and 1203.098 of the Penal Code. The primary goal of each program is to promote victim safety.

Batterer's Intervention Program