Commission of Animal Control and Welfare


Photo Collage of AnimalsThe Commission of Animal Control and Welfare is an advisory body that studies and makes recommendations regarding animals to the Board of Supervisors.  We work to ensure that our City government is aware of important animal issues, and to encouarage legislation, policies, and actions that promote animal welfare and increase public safety with respect to animals.  The Board, Mayor, and City Administrator are responsible for all final policy decisions and implementation.


Enacting Legislation - Health Code Sections 41.2 - 41.3 

In addition to any other powers and duties set forth in this Article, the Commission shall have the power and duty to:

  • Hold hearings and submit recommendations regarding animal control and welfare to the Board of Supervisors and the City Administrator; 
  • Study and recommend requirements for the maintenance of animals in public, private, and commercial care;
  • Work with the Tax Collector, the Director of the Animal Care and Control Department, and authorized licensing entities to develop and maintain dog licensing procedures and make recommendations on fees. 

The Commission shall render written reports of its activities that shall include recommendations to the Board of Supervisors, the Mayor, and the Chief Administrative Officer: 

  • for the development of policies and procedures which will further the objectives of animal welfare and control; 
  • of additional legislation deemed by the Commission to be necessary for animal welfare and control; 
  • of actions to be taken by any agency, board, officer of this City and County for the purposes of furthering the objectives of animal welfare and control. 


Commission meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month, except for December.


**Update – June 2020**

Members of the public interested in supporting animals and their guardians who are experiencing homelessness and unstable housing are encouraged to donate pet food through Full Belly Bus.  Full Belly Bus provides free pet food to those in need and is expanding their offering during the COVID-19 emergency (please see our Resources page for more information).

For those interested in supporting our city's animals, please see the Friends of San Francisco Animal Care & Control's Amazon Smile page for a list of needed items to purchase for donation.  In addition, members of the public interested in fostering animals are asked to complete Animal Care & Control's foster form.  Those interested in adopting are now able to participate in virtual adoptions.