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Tuesday, February 10, 2009
4:00 p.m.
25 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 70

  1. Cultural Equity Grants Program Director Report
    Current administrative, budgetary and programming developments and announcements.

    1. Motion to approve recommendations to award seventeen grants totaling $385,450 in the 2008-2009 cycle of Cultural Equity Initiatives Level One grants to the following organizations, and to authorize the Director of Cultural Affairs to enter into grant agreements with each for the amounts listed:

    3rd i South Asian Independent Film Festival, $23,000
    Alliance for California Traditional Arts, $25,000
    Army of Lovers, $13,450
    Asian American Women Artists Association, $11,000
    Chinese Cultural Productions, $25,000
    Chinese Culture Foundation of San Francisco, $25,000
    Chinese Historical Society of America, $25,000
    Croatian American Cultural Center, $25,000
    Fifth Stream Music, $23,000
    GalerĂ­a de la Raza, $25,000
    Kearny Street Workshop, $25,000
    Kularts, $24,000
    Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project, $25,000
    Radar Productions, $20,000
    San Francisco Black Film Festival, $23,000
    Women's Audio Mission, $23,000
    ZACCHO Dance Theatre, $25,000

    Supplemental Documents: Cultural Equity Initiatives Level One applicant ranking and project descriptions; summary notes of the application evaluation; and bios of the grants review panelists.

    2. Motion to approve the following individuals as grants application review panelists for Cultural Equity Grants:

    Kim Anno, Artist, Professor, Writer
    Ellen Sebastian Chang, Director, Writer and Creative Consultant
    Della Davidson, Artistic Director, Theatre and Dance Department, University of California, Davis
    Judy Tsang Henderson, Director of Programming, Stern Grove Festival Association
    Georgina Hernandez, Associate Director, Stanford Institute for Diversity in the Arts
    Ivan Jaigirdar, Artistic Director, 3rd i South Asian Independent Film Festival
    Mark Johnson, Professor of Art and Gallery Director, San Francisco State University
    Margot Melcon, Literary Manager, Marin Theatre Company
    Ron Muriera, Former Executive Director, Manilatown Heritage Foundation
    Ann Marie Nemanich, Executive Director, LINES Ballet
    Marcus Shelby, Musician
    Jack Walsh, Co-Director, National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture

    Supplemental Documents: Cultural Equity Grants Biographies of Grants Application Review Panelists.

  2. Community Arts and Education Program Director Report
    Current administrative, budgetary and programming developments and announcements.

  3. WritersCorps Report

  4. Arts Education Report

  5. Cultural Center Report

  6. Buildings and Grounds Superintendent Report

  7. New Business

  8. Adjournment

LL 2/5/09

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