City and County of San FranciscoSan Francisco Arts Commission
Meeting of the Full Arts Commission

Monday, March 4, 2002

3:00 p.m.

25 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 70

Explanatory documents are available for public inspection and copying at the Arts Commission office, 25 Van Ness Ave, ste 240, San Francisco CA 94102 during regular business hours. Tel: 252-2591.

Public comment in regard to specific items will be taken before or during consideration of the item.

The ringing of and use of cell phones, pagers and similar sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. Please be advised that the Chair may order the removal from the meeting of any person(s) responsible for the ringing or use of a cell phone, pager, or other similar sound-producing electronic devices.

  1. Roll Call

  2. Approval of Minutes

    Motion to approve February 4, 2002 Minutes.
    Explanatory document: Draft minutes

  3. President's Report

  4. Director's Report

  5. Consent Calendar

    The following action items are included in the Consent Calendar subject to withdrawal at the request of a Commissioner:

    Approval of Committee Minutes

    1. Motion to approve the Civic Design Committee Meeting Minutes of January 28, 2002.
      Explanatory Document: Draft Committee Minutes

    2. Motion to approve the Street Artists Committee Meeting Minutes of February 13, 2002.
      Explanatory Document: Draft Committee Minutes

    3. Motion to approve the Visual Arts Committee Meeting Minutes of February 20, 2002.
      Explanatory Document: Draft Committee Minutes

      Visual Arts Committee Recommendations (02/20/02)

    4. Motion to approve the mural design "Juneteenth" by Eugene E. White at the the Ella Hill Hutch Community Center, 1050 McAllister Street, funded by Neighborhood Beautification.

    5. Motion to accept into the Civic Art Collection the sculpture by Ned Kahn titled "Wind Portal", 2002, consisting of 200,000 stainless steel discs mounted on delrin tiles, 10' x 55' x 1" installed in Concourse H of San Francisco International Airport.

    6. Motion to approve the Pink Triangle Memorial Project in concept.

    7. Motion to approve the removal/destruction of murals by Christopher Lane at San Francisco Youth Guidance Center, 375 Woodside Avenue.

    8. Motion to approve the revised and relocated preliminary sculpture design for Visitacion Valley by the Artist Team of Nobuho Nagasawa and Anita Margrill for the Third Street Light Rail Project.

    9. Motion to approve artists for "The Film Show" at the SFAC Gallery May - July 2002. Artists: Rick Peterson, Jesse Amado, Guillermo Gomez-Pena, Stephanie Snyder, Les LeVeque, Yasumasa Morimura, Ethan Jackson, Annu Palakunnathu Matthews, and Gustavo Vasquez.

    10. Motion to approve final tile mosaic designs by artist Isis Rodriguez for exterior and interior walls of the 23rd and Treat New Park and Clubhouse.

    11. Motion to approve Lewis deSoto's conceptual proposal for the Laguna Honda History Project.

    12. Motion to approve conceptual proposals for Neighborhood Identity Project by Beliz Brother, Ann Chamberlain & Bernie Lubell; Cliff Garten, Arlan Huang, Terry Hoff, Takenobu Igarashi, and Owen Smith.

    13. Motion to approve Ralph Guggenheim as the Commission representative and a pool of panelists including Lizzette LeFalle-Collins, Janet Lohr, Victor Mario Zaballa, Fran Martin, Al Wong, Valerie Soe, for the Ocean View Branch Library art selection panel.

      Street Artists Committee Recommendations (02/13/02)

    14. Motion to approve request to Board of Supervisors for designation of former winter holiday street artist spaces "Z-49" and "Z-50" (Stockton Street, east side, O'Farrell to Geary Streets) as permanent, year-round spaces.

    15. Motion to approve amendment to street artist lottery helpership procedure to allow a designated helper to fulfill his/her helpership without having to present his/her lottery slip if sign-up sheet indicating the artist's helpership is present.

  6. Committee Reports

    1. Civic Design Committee--Stanlee Gatti, Chair

      1. Report from Chair of Civic Design Committee regarding activities of the Committee and the Program.

    2. Visual Arts Committee -- Ralph Guggenheim, Chair

      1. Report from Chair of Visual Arts Committee regarding activities of the Committee and the Program.

      2. Motion to approve the removal and destruction due to irreparable damage of etched stainless steel doors by John Ammirati titled Place Poem created in 1998 located on the Hallidie Plaza elevator on Market Street at Powell.

      3. Motion to authorize the Civic Art Collection Program Director as agent to conduct negotiations, execute and submit all documents for grants from the State of California Department of Parks and Recreations for restoration of the James Garfield, Verdi and Portals of the Past monuments in Golden Gate Park.

    3. Executive Committee -- Stanlee Gatti, Chair

      1. Report from Chair of Executive Committee regarding activities of the Committee and the Program.

      2. Motion to approve the following proposed panelists for the Cultural Equity Grants Program:

        Jonathan Yorba, Director Education and Community Programs, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
        Lee Corbett, teacher, theatre artist
        Ann Bluethenthal, dancer, choreographer
        Trish Legasso, Executive Director Southern Exposure
        Danielle Donovan, philanthropist, realtor
        Stephen Pelton, dancer choreographer
        Karen Amano, theatre artist, co-director Thick Description
        Emile Miland, concert cellist, educator

    4. Street Artists Committee --Dugald Stermer, Chair

      1. Report from Chair of Street Artists Committee regarding activities of the Committee and the Program.

      2. Motion to approve waiver of 15-day policy in obtaining certificate for applicant: Peter Kokelaar

      3. Motion to request by former certificate-holder for priority issuance of certificate with waiver of re-screening of wares: Kristina Peterson.

    5. Community Arts & Education --Denise Roth, Chair

      1. Report from Chair of Community Arts & Education Committee regarding activities of the Committee and the Program.

      2. Motion to recind resolution #0107-02-023, and to authorize the Director of Cultural Affairs to enter into a contract with Tom Ferentz in an amount not to exceed $13,000, to provide photography and lab instruction through for WritersCorps, from the Youth Arts Fund and the Department of Juvenile Probation.

      3. Motion to approve grants to the cultural centers in the following amounts for additional Hotel Tax Funds received but not granted by the SFAC in 2000-2001:

        BVOH: $33,578
        MCCLA: $58,898
        SomArts: $101,686
        Total: $194,162

      4. Motion to approve the following pool of panelists for Programs in the Community grant selection:

        Marie Acosta Ponce, Acosta & Associates
        Juana Alicia, Institute for Urban Arts
        Janeen Antoine, American Indian Contemporary Arts AICA
        Brenda Berlin, Young Audiences of the Bay Area
        Anne Brodzky, Meridien Gallery
        Winnie Chu, Community Foundation of Silicon Valley
        Grant Din, Asian Neighborhood Design
        Gary Draper, Performing Arts Workshop
        Tom Ferentz, Sixth Street Photography
        Janell Flores, Zeum
        Prado Gomez, Proyecto Contra SIDA por Vida
        Linda Howe, Zellerbach Family Fund
        Safi Jiroh, EdgeWork Consulting and Coaching
        Tana Johnson, SF MOMA
        Lester Jones, Zellerbach Family Fund
        Diem Jones, East Bay Center for the Arts
        Herbert Kohl, USF School of Education
        Nashormeh Lindo, Independent Consultant
        Gina Mackintosh, The ArtCouncil, Inc.
        Carolyn Mason, Performing Arts Workshop
        Greg Morozumi, La Peña Cultural Center
        Claudia Naganuma, Asian American Dance Performances
        Matthew Onik, Youth Commission
        Alleluia Panis, Kulintang Arts
        Kristen Ramirez, Southern Exposure
        Karen Ransom, Oakland Museum
        Joe Rodriguez, San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs
        Jennifer Ross, About Face Consulting
        John Seto, California Arts Council
        Sarah Shelley, World Arts West
        Arlene Shmaeff , MOCHA
        Jordan Simmons, East Bay Center for the Arts
        Cynthia Taylor, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
        Lance Walker, Marin Arts Council
        Vanessa Wang, East Bay Community Foundation
        Ann Wettrich, Independent Consultant
        Charles Wilmoth, Jon Sims Center
        Midge Wilson, Bay Area Women's and Children's Center
        Pamela Wu, Asian American Theater Company
        Jonathan Yorba, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

  7. Reports and Announcements

  8. Public Comment

  9. Adjournment