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Meeting of the Full Arts Commission


Monday, November 4, 2002

3:00 p.m.

25 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 70

San Francisco, CA 94102



Commissioner Roth called the meeting to order at 3:10 p.m.


    Commissioners Present
    Kirk Anderson
    Ralph Guggenheim
    Rod Freebairn-Smith
    Eddie Marshall
    Denise Roth
    Barbara Stauffacher Solomon
    Ethel Pitts Walker
    Dede Wilsey

    Commissioners Absent
    Stanlee Gatti
    Blanche Brown
    Andrea Cochran
    Andrew Brother Elk
    William Meyer
    Janice Mirikitani
    Dugald Stermer


    The following Resolution was Moved by Commissioner Roth, Seconded, and unanimously Adopted:

    RESOLVED, that this Commission does hereby approve the Minutes of the Regular Monthly Meeting of October 7, 2002.



    Commissioner Walker announced a VIP reception for former President Bill Clinton at the Third Baptist Church on Sunday, November 10, beginning at 6 p.m. She also reported on the recent successful youth and children's talent show at the African American Art and Culture Complex.


    Director of Cultural Affairs Richard Newirth informed the Commissioners of the successful Principals Reception sponsored by the Arts Education Funders Collaborative.

    He reminded the Commissioners of the Gallery's upcoming Limited Edition sale and reception, including a raffle for a piece by Chris Johanson, whose work was included in the 2002 Biennial Exhibition of the Whitney Museum of American Art.

    He announced that he will meet again with Recreation and Parks Department General Manager Elizabeth Goldstein about the Gallery 37 program.

    He reported on a recent retreat for the California Arts Advocates. He said that discussion had centered on the organization's role in state dialog and its definition of purpose, given the small CAC budget.

    He reported on a recent panel on public art that he had participated in for an audience of SFMOMA donors. The other panelists were independent curator Leah Levy and landscape architect Walter Hood. Mr. Newirth said that he had addressed the roles of politics and media in public art, the need for art advocates in the public realm, and the importance of ensuring a visual cultural legacy from each generation.


    Item 8 of the Consent Calendar was revised. The Commissioners unanimously approved the Consent Calendar as amended.

    Approval: RESOLVED, that this Commission does hereby adopt the following items on the amended Consent Calendar and their related Resolutions:

    Approval of Committee Minutes

    1. RESOLUTION NO. 1104-02-290: Motion to approve the Visual Arts Committee Meeting Minutes of October 16, 2002.
      Explanatory Document: Draft Committee Minutes

    2. RESOLUTION NO. 1104-02-291: Motion to approve the Street Artists Committee Meeting Minutes of October 9, 2002.
      Explanatory Document: Draft Committee Minutes

      Civic Design Committee Recommendations (10/21/02)

    3. RESOLUTION NO. 1104-02-292: Motion to approve the Lincoln Pump Station, Phase 1

    4. RESOLUTION NO. 1104-02-293: Motion to approve the San Francisco Municipal Asphalt Plant Upgrades, Phase 1,2,3

    5. RESOLUTION NO. 1104-02-294: Motion to approve the 911/OES Emergency Communications Pedestrians Improvements, Phase 2

    6. RESOLUTION NO. 1104-02-295: Motion to approve the Eureka Valley Recreation Center Expansion, Phase 1 with contingencies
      1. Revise the path of access to the front door to be more direct and clear
      2. Revise exterior finishes to a more neutral color
      3. Proposed other options for the fence design around front of building

      Executive Committee Recommendations (10/15/02)

    7. RESOLUTION NO. 1104-02-296: Motion to approve the following Public Art Fund allocations:

      Administrative costs (including rent, IT consultant, senior accountant) $37,000; SFAC home page web design $5,000; SFAC promotional brochure & folder (design, editorial & printing) $10,000
      TOTAL - $52,000

    8. RESOLUTION NO. 1104-02-297: Motion to grant up to $110,000 to Intersection for the Arts for services rendered for feasibility studies for a new Arts Commission facility.

    9. RESOLUTION NO. 1104-02-298: Motion to amend resolution no. 0205-01-063 to authorize the Director of Cultural Affairs to take action, without a resolution of the full Commission, to approve selection panelists nominated by Arts Commission staff.

      The new motion in its entirety shall be revised to read:

      1. Approve selection panelists nominated by Arts Commission staff and;
      2. Approval of short-listed candidates recommended by Selection Panelists and;
      3. Payments for services provided by artists, contractors, consultants, printers, graphic designers, photographers, signage fabricators and
        installers, photo labs and other miscellaneous project expenses that do not require design approval from the Commission and;
      4. Start-up of new art enrichment projects including the determination of overall project parameters and;
      5. Approval to enter into preliminary design contracts where the selection is not based upon submission of a specific design proposal with artists recommended by Selection Panels for new art enrichment projects.

    10. RESOLUTION NO. 1104-02-299: Motion to approve the addition of the following individuals to the Cultural Equity Grants Panel Pool:
      ·Vivien Dai, dancer, performance artist, non-profit events consultant
      ·Tiffany S. Broili, museum specialist, Development Assistant, SFMOMA
      ·Alina Hua, Development Director, NAATA, formerly with Wing Luke Asian Museum and Performing Arts Workshop
      ·Ruth Tobar, Executive Director, Children's Book Press
      ·Tamara Gould, Executive Director, Bay Area Video Coalition
      ·Loris A. Bradley, Performing Arts Curator, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
      ·Claudia L. Vierra Allen, Executive Director, Luna Sea Women's Performance Project
      ·Catherine Sumner, Assoc.. Dir. of Development, SFMOMA·

      Visual Arts Committee Recommendations (10/16/02)

    11. RESOLUTION NO. 1104-02-300: Motion to approve the mural design by lead artist Susan Greene at 2299 Market Street at Noe Street, funded by Neighborhood Beautification.

    12. RESOLUTION NO. 1104-02-301: Authorization for the following individuals to serve as guest jurors on the Octavia Blvd. Selection Panel: Diana Pompelly Bates, Kevin Chen and Masayuki Nagase in addition to the three community members previously approved.

    13. RESOLUTION NO. 1104-02-302: Motion to approve the following artists for gallery exhibitions December 2002 - January 2003: Ellen Babcock, Lisa Ann Perez, Chris Cobb curated by Natasha Garcia-Lomas.

    14. RESOLUTION NO. 1104-02-303: Motion to approve the following artists for gallery exhibitions February - March, 2003: Elvira Hufsmid, Janet Delaney, Paula McArtney, Maizie Gilbert curated by Rupert Jenkins.

    15. RESOLUTION NO. 1104-02-304: Motion to approve the following artist for window View 155 exhibition February - March, 2003: Libby Black.

    16. RESOLUTION NO. 1104-02-305: Authorization for staff to proceed to contract for the removal of 15 damaged ribbon bollards to be replaced with flat ribbon pavement, contingent upon receipt of funding from the Transportation Authority.

    17. RESOLUTION NO. 1104-02-306: Motion to authorize the Director of Cultural Affairs to enter into contract with T.J. McHose for $10,000 to repair and replace fiber optic elements of the Embarcadero Ribbon Sculpture.

    18. RESOLUTION NO. 1104-02-307: Motion to approve artist Victor Zaballa's revised designs for the South East Water Pollution Control Plant and to enter into a fabrication and installation contract with the artist for $47,000 contingent upon staff and PUC's approval.

    19. RESOLUTION NO. 1104-02-308: Motion to approve the median site for permanent installation of sculpture by Pepe Ozan.

    20. RESOLUTION NO. 1104-02-309: Motion to approve Victor Zaballa's final design concept for the main gate of the Visitacion Valley Club House.

    21. RESOLUTION NO. 1104-02-310: Motion to approve Vicki Saull's revised design layout and colors for the interior artwork.

    22. RESOLUTION NO. 1104-02-311: Motion to approve the Conceptual Design Proposal by Merle Axelrad Serlin for the 3rd Floor Elevator Lobby.

    23. RESOLUTION NO. 1104-02-312: Motion to approve the Conceptual Design Proposal by Owen Smith for the 1st Floor Elevator Lobby.

    24. RESOLUTION NO. 1104-02-313: Motion to approve the Selection Panel recommendation of the following finalists to develop proposals for the Courtyard Sculpture Project: Suzanne Biaggi, Jonathan Bonner, Linnea Glatt, Michael Stutz, Wang Po Shu, and alternates Gwynn Murrill and Ann Preston.

  6. Committee Reports

    1. Civic Design Committee--Stanlee Gatti, Chair

      1. Report from Chair of Civic Design Committee regarding activities of the Committee and the Program.

        Commissioner Freebairn-Smith updated the Commissioners on the status of the proposed Emperor Norton project that proponents propose for the top of the Kearny Street steps on Vallejo Street. He said that 60 to 70 ballots had been distributed to nearby residents, and that the results had been approximately 9 to 1 against the project. The proponents have collected signatures for the project from a much wider area. He made reference to an alternative plan to situate the project down the hill from the proposed site. He raised the possibility that the proponents might attempt to take the project directly to the Board of Supervisors.

    2. Visual Arts Committee -- Ralph Guggenheim, Chair

      1. Report from Chair of Visual Arts Committee regarding activities of the Committee and the Program.

        Commissioner Guggenheim said that major topics discussed at the last Committee meeting included proposed modifications to the Embarcadero Ribbon, changes at Laguna Honda, and the Moscone Center project.

      2. RESOLUTION NO. 1104-02-314: Motion to accept recommendation made by the Octavia Boulevard Streetscape Project Artist Selection Panel to select the following three artists as finalists for the project and to award an honoraria of $500 each for the development of a preliminary proposal: Steve Gillman and Kathleen Keefer (team); Jefferson Mack and Wang Po Shu.

    3. Street Artists Committee - Dugald Stermer, Chair

      1. Report from Chair of Street Artists Committee regarding activities of the Committee and the Program.

        Commissioner Roth reported that an issue regarding two of the street artists had been reheard, and Committee opinion had remained the same.

      2. RESOLUTION NO. 1104-02-315: Motion to approve requests by former certificate-holders for priority issuance of certificate with waiver of re-screening of wares: Juan Roman, Abdoulaye Toure, Daniel Parker, Dolores Parker, Laura Jacobs, Pamela Quattrochi--glass Xmas ornaments, glass pipes & oil lamps & jewelry which included glass.

    4. Executive Committee -- Stanlee Gatti, Chair

      1. Report from Chair of Executive Committee regarding activities of the Committee and the Program.

    5. Community Arts & Education --Denise Roth, Chair

      1. Report from Chair of Community Arts & Education Committee regarding activities of the Committee and the Program.

  7. Reports and Announcements

    Commissioner Guggenheim reported that a sculpture previously considered and rejected by the Commission for San Francisco was now installed in Oakland's Jack London Square.

  8. Public Comment

  9. Adjournment

    There being no further business, the Meeting adjourned at 3:40 p.m.

    Approved by Richard Newirth, Director of Cultural affairs


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