City and County of San FranciscoSan Francisco Arts Commission

Monday, March 18, 2002


3:00 p.m.

Suite 70, Conference Room

25 Van Ness Ave.

San Francisco 94102

Explanatory documents are available for public inspection and copying at the Arts Commission office, 25 Van Ness Ave, Ste 240, during regular business hours.


The meeting commenced at 3:05 p.m.

  1. Role Call:

    Commissioners present: William Meyer, Rod Freebairn-Smith, Barbara Stauffacher-Solomon, Andrea Cochran

    Commissioners absent: Stanlee Gatti

    Staff present: Richard Newirth, Nancy Gonchar, Rommel Taylor

  2. Broadway Streetscape Improvement Project-Between Montgomery Street and Battery Street
    Phase 1

    Commissioner Meyer called the meeting to order.

    Judi Mosqueda, Project Manager, DPW briefly described the history of the project. She explained that the scope of the project was to extend from The Embarcadero to Columbus street. Ms. Mosqueda explained that they were seeking approval for the phase of the project extending form Montgomery street to Battery street. Pending additional funding they will return for approval of the subsequent portions of the project. She explained that the community had played an integral part in generating this conceptual scheme. Ms. Mosqueda introduced Peter Bosselmann to present the conceptual design.

    Peter Bosselmann, Urban Designer, Intergraph Design, explained that there were three primary ideas driving the design. The first idea was light. He explained that where Broadway meets The Embarcadero there would be a series of large scale light posts that signal the beginning of the boulevard. These lights would march up Broadway for one block. The scale of the lights would decrease in size as they move up Broadway. The fixture type would change to the standard light fixture along The Embarcadero. The second feature would be the tree planting. This strategy would be implemented by extending the width of the side walk at intersections to accommodate these new trees. The intent is to create a dense line of trees along the length of the street. The final strategy is tied to the implementation of the tree planting. The widened sidewalk will reduce the width of Broadway at the intersections from 65' to 46'. This creates a safer pedestrian crossing environment.

    Commissioner Meyer asked if they had a light fixture design for review.

    Mr. Bosselmann explained that the fixtures would match the standard along the Embarcadero except for the block from The Embarcadero to Front street. This block would utilize a more modern design.

    Ms. Mosqueda commented that the final design for those fixtures would be presented to the community for feedback and revisions.

    Commissioner Freebairn-Smith asked about the intended tree species.

    Ms. Mosqueda commented that tree species had not been selected.

    Commissioner Freebairn-Smith commented that he was in favor of improving the Broadway corridor however, he was concerned about the proposed density of trees and if it was a feasible design. He also commented that a strong public art component would be of great benefit to the design.

    Commissioner Cochran asked if the road section could be clarified. She also asked if the scheme had been coordinated with existing underground utilities.

    Mr. Bosselmann explained that the existing sidewalks were 12' wide. The proposed scheme increases the width of the sidewalk to 19' at the corners. This widened portion will accommodate the new tree planting and decrease the street crossing distance for the pedestrian. He further explained that some preliminary analysis had been conducted. He explained that more complete coordination will occur during the design development phase.

    Commissioner Cochran asked if the local merchants were in agreement about having their signs blocked by the new trees.

    Ms. Mosqueda explained that during their presentation in the summer of 1999 that the merchants were in favor of the scheme.

    Commissioner Cochran asked about the scale of the street lights and about the size of the tree wells.

    Mr. Bosselmann explained that the street lights were 16' high. He explained that they should be slightly higher than the point were the trees start to branch. The tree wells will be 5' in diameter or 5' squares. He explained that the intent was to plant mature trees.

    Commissioner Stauffacher-Solomon asked how the trees would be protected against being damaged by automobiles.

    Mr. Bosselmann explained that bollards would be installed to protect the trees.

    Commissioner Stauffacher-Solomon asked if they had considered using neon instead of typical streetlights.

    Ms Mosqueda commented that the use of neon had not been explored.

    Commissioner Meyer commented that he was in favor of this two block design. He asked about the paving pattern for the bulb outs.

    Mr. Bosselmann explained that due to funding restrictions they wanted to spend the money on the trees and lights. The paving pattern will be a simple 3'x3' concrete paver.

    Commissioner Freebairn-Smith commented that the design is competent however uninspiring. He asked whether a more progressive design had been explored. Mr. Freebairn-Smith commented that the tree scheme did not speak to the present of historical character of Broadway. He felt that the blocks from Kearny to Columbus were particularly important to reexamine.

    Commissioner Cochran agreed with Commissioner Freebairn-Smith's comments.

    Commissioner Meyer disagreed with Commissioner Freebairn-Smith's comments. He felt that nostalgic desires for a historical Broadway would not serve the city. He explained that he wants to see a clean and completely gentrified street that welcomes its visitors. He wants a safe environment that fosters street activity. Mr. Meyer commented that the gateway at The Embarcadero and Broadway still needs a lot of work and should be reexamined carefully.

    Commissioner Freebairn-Smith agreed that a gateway should exist in the scheme however, the proposal that has been presented is not acceptable.

    Motion to approve Broadway Streetscape Improvement Project-Between Montgomery Street and Battery Street Phase 1: Freebairn-Smith

  3. Third Street Lightrail Platform Finishes/Signage
    Phase 3

    Sue Olive, Project Manager, MUNI briefly described the history of the project. She Introduced Toby Levy to present the project modifications.

    Toby Levy, Principal, Toby Levy Design Partners, explained that the major modifications had to do with ADA requirements. The 15' wide platforms were increased to 17', the 10' wide platforms were increased to 12' per ADA requirements. The platform color distribution changed. There will be more dark colored tiles and less light colored ones. The decision was based on long term maintenance issues. To accommodate the visually impaired riders the crossing platform will change to a lighter color indicating safe areas. In terms of the signage, the only major modification was to the expression of the street letters. The letters will now be in closed in a matching colored box over the background design.

    Commissioner Freebairn-Smith inquired about clarifying the language on the front of the drawing set which indicated that this is a 95% submittal.

    Sue Olive explained that the drawings had not received stamps from all of the city agencies. As far as design the set is complete.

    Commissioner Freebairn-Smith asked why the chairs had been modified. He also asked about the strategy to shed water from the canopies.

    Toby Levy replied that the seat backs had been removed from the chairs to comply with ADA requirements. The rainwater leaders were integrated into the the vertical steel posts.

    Commissioner Meyer inquired if the unique shape of the ADA signage was code compliant.

    Michael Manwaring replied that they were.

    Motion: Freebairn-Smith

  4. Juvenile Hall Replacement Project
    Phase 3

    Chris Bigelow, Project Manager, DPW BOA, presented the modifications to the previously approved Phase 2 design scheme. He explained that a new classroom was added to the rear of the facility and a new mechanical room was added adjacent to and to the rear of the existing juvenile hall. He explained that these two buildings would have no visual impact to the overall design.

    Motion: Freebairn-Smith

  5. St. Mary's Garage Utility Restrooms
    Phase 3

    Alan Ward, Project Manager, DPW introduces the project and briefly presents the project history. He explains that the modifications made were in response to contingencies from the Phase 2 approval. The ridgeline of the overhang off the roof to the bathroom needed to be reduced and the landscape plan needed to relate to the master plan for that area. He explained that these changes were made.

    Motion: Andrea Cochran

  6. Adjournment

    Meeting was adjourned at 4:45 p.m.