City and County of San FranciscoSan Francisco Arts Commission

August 20, 2002

4:00 p.m.

25 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 70

Explanatory documents are available for public inspection and copying at the Arts Commission office, 25 Van Ness Ave, ste 240, during regular business hours.

Commissioners Present:
Denis Roth, Andrea Cochran, and Janice Mirikitani

Staff Present:
Richard Newirth, Nancy Gonchar, Judy Nemzoff, Jewelle Gomez, Robyn Takayama


Commissioner Guggenhiem called the Meeting to order at 4:05 p.m.



  1. Discussion and possible motion to approve the Community Arts and Education budget for 2002-2003.

    Nancy Gonchar explained that the reduction in the budget was a result of the hotel tax fund and that the agency would not have the final figures until the fall. Staff would use the amount $2,517,836 until the budget office provided final figures.

    She further explained that CAE has many more funding sources so its budget is more complex than most programs. $3.5 million in revenue is projected.

    Commissioner Roth asked what last year's total revenue had been. It is shown as $4.5 million in previous year's budget. Nancy Gonchar explained that the previous director of CAE showed a least one half million in carry forward funds, a portion of which was attributed to the African American Arts and Culture Complex (approximately two years worth of funding), as well as some carry forward for the other cultural centers. Often including a carry forward at this point can be inaccurate because the real budget figure is unknown until later in the year.

    Commissioner Mirikitani asked about the Grants for the Arts funding in relationship to the Commission budget.

    Nancy Goncher discussed the uncertain projects for the GFTA in the following year. Some expected funds to hold steady but there was no way of knowing at this time.

    Commissioner Roth asked what are other potential large funding losses.

    Judy Nemzoff responded that she's still waiting to hear from GFTA and that this budget only lists revenue streams that are fairly certain. Some do reflect a reduction based on projects. For example, WriterCorps has fewer costs projected in book production this year.

    Judy Nemzoff also pointed out that San Francisco Arts Commission administration includes the grant writing support that both Janet Heller and Rachelle Axel need in the current climate. Considering that the enters do their own grant writing, contracting out for grant writers for these programs seems a logical next step. This would be for in-house programs so the directors aren't running in so many directions at once. Commissioner Mirikitani agreed that it's difficult to get a single grant writer to do all the different types of approaches programs need in order to secure funds. Contracting with consultants is a positive approach.
    Because SFAC is a city agency the in-house projects such as Janet's and Rachelle's have to work harder for no-governmental support.

    Judy Nemzoff pointed out that some marketing money is also included in the budget which is a new elements. Shed like to do more For WritersCorp and more department based public relations as well as working more with the Cultural Centers so they're recognized in the City as well as in their neighboring communities.

    Commissioner Mirikitani asked about the affect of the city's budget crisis on arts funding in general. Commssioner Cochran stated that the Symphony and the Opera both took a total of $1 million les to help balance the City budget.
    Acknowledged that Nancy Gonchar Robyn Takayama and Judy Nemzoff did an excellent job in redoing the CAE budget so it articulates the program more clearly.

    Moved: Commissioner Mirikitani
    Second: Commissioner Cochran
    Motion: Unanimous

  2. Motion to approve the following Public Art Fund allocations to complete FY 2001-02

    · $10,000 for computer equipment and software
    · $3,000 for administrative expenses; office supplies, printing, etc.
    · $ 3,000 to replace suite 70 chairs
    Total PAF allocation: $16,000

    Ms. Gonchar explained that additional funds needed to be spent on software upgrades and replacing the conference room chairs which have broken.

    Moved: Commissioner Guggenheim
    Second: Commissioner Cochran
    Motion: Unanimous

  3. Motion to approve the following Public Art Fund allocations for FY 2002-03.

    · $280,407 for salaries and benefits (gallery director, CAE, civic design and collections program assistants, public information officer, senior accountant)

    · $3,000 staff business travel
    · $4,000 agency memberships
    · $35,000 for gallery programs
    Total PAF allocation: $322,407

    Mr. Newirth explained that these funds came from the revenue generated from the Pops Concert. Mr. Newirth and Ms. Gonchar also updated the Commissioners on the budget discussions with the Mayor's Office. They said that the Mayor's office seemed fairly optimistic in that it hoped that there would be no changes from the previous year except for Hotel Tax Revenue.

    Moved: Commissioner Guggenheim
    Second: Commissioner Cochran
    Motion: Unanimous

  4. Cultural Equity Grants Program Director Report.

    Ms. Gomez informed the Commissioners in the upcoming Executive Committee meeting that CEG will be considering the recomendations from three granting categories: Cultural Equity INitiatives Level 1 & Level 2 as well as Creative Space. She urged Committee members to keep that in mind as they were setting up their calendars.

    She also noted that she set two potential dates for public meetings to discuss potential changes to CEG grant procedures: July 26 12-3 and July 29 5-8 at the Commission. She will be sending the Executive Committee members outlines of what we'll be discussing as soon as possible and invited them to attend either session.

    Finally, she expressed her gratitude to Jenny Louie and Sarah Lenoue for their able assistance in maintaining the operations of CEG while she devoted such a high portion of her time to covering CAE and AAACC. She felt their work was above and beyond the call over the past three months.

  5. The meeting adjourned at 5:20 p.m.


    Submitted by Jenny Louie, Cultural Equity Grants Program Operations Associate.
    Approved by Richard Newirth, Director of Cultural Affairs

    June 21, 2002


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