City and County of San FranciscoSan Francisco Arts Commission

October 15, 2002

4:00 p.m.

25 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 70

Explanatory documents are available for public inspection and copying at the Arts Commission office, 25 Van Ness Ave, ste 240, during regular business hours.

Commissioners Present:
Denise Roth, Ralph Guggenheim, and Andrea Cochran

Staff Present:
Richard Newirth, Nancy Gonchar, Sarah Lenoue, and Jewelle Gomez


Commissioner Roth called the Meeting to order at 4:05 p.m.



  1. Discussion and possible motion to approve the following Public Art Fund allocations:

    Administrative costs (including rent, IT consultant, senior accountant) $37,000
    SFAC home page web design $5,000
    SFAC promotional brochure folder (design, editorial printing) $10,000
    TOTAL $52,000

    Commissioner Roth asked if it was just the home page design that was being approved and why this was separate from the rest of the web site design. Nancy Gonchar replied that this was the beginning of a larger web design project, and that the design of each program?s page was still under discussion. Commissioner Guggenheim asked why these allocations are coming from the Public Art Fund? Nancy Gonchar explained that the Public Art Fund is the revenue from the Summer in the City concerts. Those funds support a number of salaries and administrative costs.

    Motion to approve Public Art Fund allocations of $52,000.

    Moved: Commissioner Guggenheim
    Second: Commissioner Cochran
    Motion: Unanimous

  2. Discussion and updates on the Arts Commission budget.

    Nancy Gonchar presented the Committee with a spreadsheet summarizing the Hotel Tax History for the fiscal years 2000 to 2003. She explained that the hotel tax has not gone down in the last several years. In FY 2001-02 the Hotel Tax receipts were down by 29%. The Hotel Tax legislation caps any reduction or increase in the Hotel Tax at 10%. The worst case scenario shows a 10% reduction. In addition to our Hotel Tax allocations for CAE and CEG the Mayor?s Office has requested that all departments submit a 3% reduction ($37,774) plan in from our General Fund allocation in the current fiscal year. The Mayor?s Office has placed the following funds on reserve, CAE $80,798 and CEG $74,867.

  3. Motion to grant up to $105,000 to Intersection for the Arts for services rendered for feasibility studies for a new Arts Commission facility.

    These funds are provided by the Mayor?s Office to cover the expenses related to developing a new Arts Commission building at the site of the old Gallery on Grove Street.

    Moved: Commissioner Guggenheim
    Second: Commissioner Cochran
    Motion: Unanimous

  4. Motion to amend resolution no. 0205-01-063 to authorize the Director of Cultural Affairs to take action, without a resolution of the full Commission, to approve selection panelists nominated by Arts Commission staff.

    The new motion in its entirety shall be revised to read:

    1. Approve selection panelists nominated by Arts Commission staff and;
    2. Approval of short-listed candidates recommended by Selection Panelists and;
    3. Payments for services provided by artists, contractors, consultants, printers, graphic designers, photographers, signage fabricators and installers, photo labs and other miscellaneous project expenses that do not require design approval from the Commission and;
    4. Start-up of new art enrichment projects including the determination of overall project parameters and;
    5. Approval to enter into preliminary design contracts where the selection is not based upon submission of a specific design proposal with artists recommended by Selection Panels for new art enrichment projects.

    Richard Newirth explained that when this motion was originally presented to the Executive Committee, Commissioner Mirikitani expressed concern about diversity, in this instance in regard to the motion about panelists. In response, the Arts Commission developed a comprehensive statement about diversity but never went back to fix the resolution. What this motion amendment does, in effect is to bring the rest of the commission in line with Cultural Equity Grants procedure for panelist selection. Commissioner Roth asked if this was discussed with Commissioner Mirikitani. Richard Newirth elaborated that she had specifically asked for a statement in respect to public art. Commissioner Guggenheim restated his understanding that explicit in this statement of the Arts Commission?s on diversity was that any panel selected be consistent with the requirements of the Human Rights Commission. Richard Newirth confirmed that the Commissions statement went beyond that, and that it was an agency wide statement. Commissioner Roth asked that the Director of Cultural Affairs highlight this change for Commissioner Mirikitani.

    Motion to amend resolution no. 0205-01-063 to authorize the Director of Cultural Affairs to take action, without a resolution of the full Commission, to approve selection panelists nominated by Arts Commission staff.

    Moved: Commissioner Guggenheim
    Second: Commissioner Cochran
    Motion: Unanimous

  5. Motion to approve the addition of the following individuals to the Cultural Equity Grants Panel Pool:

    ?Vivien Dai, dancer, performance artist, non-profit events consultant
    ?Tiffany S. Broili, museum specialist, Development Assistant, SFMOMA ?Alina Hua, Developemnt Director NAATA ?Ruth Tobar, Executive Director, Children's Book Press
    ?Tamara Gould, Executive Director, Bay Area Video Coalition
    ?Loris A. Bradley, Performing Arts Curator, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
    ?Claudia L. Vierra Allen, Executive Director, Luna Sea Women's Performance Project
    ?Catherine Sumner, Assoc. Dir. of Development, SFMOMA 

    Commissioner Guggenheim asked why are we doing this for CEG at this time? It was explained that CEG has a pool of panelists who are selected independently for each panel for each category of support. The pool is constantly being updated, replacing those who do not wish to serve any longer and adding new members of the arts community. The director has established a particular focus on adding more people of color to the pool.

    Moved: Commissioner Guggenheim
    Second: Commissioner Cochran
    Motion: Unanimous

  6. Program Director's Report

    Jewelle Gomez explained that the Cultural Equity Grants Program is moving grant cycle dates up to be more in-line with the fiscal year?so that grant windows will be in the same year that they are granted. This year will be transitional, making some of the deadlines and panel meeting dates tightly grouped but things will even out in the second year of transition. She reported that CEG had just had it?s first meeting with Eaton & Associates to revamp its databases, explaining that doing so will make our operations much smoother.

    Commissioner Cochran commended Ms Gomez and reminded us that we were unable to generate the data they needed on grantees during a discussion of the 2002 OPG grant recommendations. Jewelle Gomez explained that presently we have to go to 5 databases to gather information for any one year. In addition, we don?t have an integrated Arts Commission mailing list and that this is another element we are discussing with them. All CEG systems will be developed with an ultimate Commission-wide system in mind.

    Commissioner Guggenheim added that we need e-mail addresses added to staff/commission address list that go out to commissioners. Jewelle Gomez ended by saying that CEG had just created a program brochure for general public relations/outreach, for new panelists for example. CEG staff will also take the brochure to a Grantmakers in the Arts conference at the end of this month. She explained that this is the beginning of agency wide image campaign. Commissioner Guggenheim expressed enthusiasm and support for what he saw as an overdue effort to develop a public image for the Commission as a whole.


The meeting adjourned at 4:53 p.m.

          Submitted by Sarah Lenoue, Cultural Equity Grants, Program Asstant

         Approved by Nancy Gonchar, Deputy Director of Cultural Affairs

November 25, 2002


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