City and County of San FranciscoSan Francisco Arts Commission

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

3:00 p.m.

25 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 70


Explanatory documents are available for public inspection and copying at the Arts Commission office, 25 Van Ness Ave, Ste 240, San Francisco CA 94102 during regular business hours. Tel: 415-252-2594.


Commissioners Present
Barbara Stauffacher Solomon, Dugald Stermer, Dede Wilsey; Absent: Stanlee Gatti, Ralph Guggenheim.

Staff Present
Nina Dunbar, Anna Kvinsland, Debra Lehane, Tonia Macneil, Judy Moran, Kristen Zaremba.

Note: All votes are unanimous unless recorded otherwise.

The meeting commenced at 3:15 p.m.

  1. Consent
    Motion to approve sidewalk design and design of two sculptural bollards by Topher Delaney for Club Quarter San Francisco at 425 Battery Street.

    Motion: Motion to move the consent calendar item.
    Moved: Stauffacher Solomon/Wilsey

  2. Collections
    Civic Art Collection Program Director Debra Lehane announced that many activities are underway in the newly opened and renovated Union Square. She said that an organization, by the name of Red Umbrellas, has been granted approval by Rec & Park to display a temporary installation of two sculptures by artist Bruce Chaban in Union Square for the month of September. Ms. Lehane said that there is no curatorial recommendation for this project. She also added that she was not pleased with how Red Umbrellas had handled this particular situation with the Arts Commission. Ms. Lehane said that adequate time, better coordination with Rec/Park, and working through the proper channels could have resulted in a better project. Ms. Lehane plans to draft a set of guidelines for temporary sculpture installations in Union Square. Of utmost importance is the siting of the temporary sculpture so that it does not interfere with the Arts Commission's placement or maintenance of permanent artwork in the square. Commissioner Stermer approved of the installation by Mr. Chaban as long as it was only going to be displayed on a temporary basis.

    Next, Ms. Lehane reported that Jim Killeran of the Asian Art Museum contacted her regarding the transfer of the Dumond murals and Lentelli sculptures to the Arts Commission. Ms. Lehane said that even though the Arts Commission was never involved in the removal or handling of these pieces, the Asian Art Museum is assuming that we are willing to deal with the maintenance, storage, restoration and/or relocation of these works. Ms. Lehane said that the Dumond murals require high positioning on a wall. Measuring 12 feet high and 47 feet long they are too big for City Hall and Treasure Island Building One, a possible site, needs seismic upgrading which has not been scheduled as of yet. Ms. Lehane said that she feels torn over the decision to accept the artwork because on the one hand, she believes that the artwork is part of the City's history and should be preserved and displayed. But on the other hand, she has not received any information regarding the condition of the artwork or how storage and conservation of the artwork will be funded. Ms. Lehane spoke with Director Rich Newirth about the matter and felt that in the very least that the Asian should have offered to pay for storage.

    Commissioner Wilsey said that Ms. Lehane should not be concerned about the condition of the artwork. She is certain that because the work was owned by a museum, and most likely handled by professional conservators, that the artwork is still in good condition. Ms. Lehane stated that she was more concerned about the craftsmanship of the original artwork because that would determine how well the works had survived the removal. The condition of the Lentelli sculptures is known to be very weathered from constant exposure on the west face of the building. Commissioner Stermer offered that if the Arts Commission does not have the money to properly maintain, display, or store the artwork, then we should not accept the work. Commissioner Stermer asked Ms. Lehane that if the Arts Commission was legally required to accept the work. Ms. Lehane answered that we were not legally required to accept the work, but that morally, it may be in our best interest to accept the artwork. Commissioner Stermer asked that Ms. Lehane return to the Commission with a list of options and consequences for if we decide to accept or not accept the work.

    Motion: Motion to approve the temporary installation of two sculptures titled Link and Three Wishes by Bruce Chaban from Sept. 6 - Sept 30th in Union Square as part of the Red Umbrella series.
    Moved: Stauffacher Solomon/Wilsey

  3. Recreation and Park Department Bond Projects
    Project Manager Nina Dunbar reported that on August 20th, the Rec & Park Artist Selection panel selected 33 artists to be included in a pool to be eligible for a series of upcoming Rec & Park projects. Ms. Dunbar said it is expected that there will be approximately 200 new park projects over the next 10 years, ranging from minor renovations to entirely new parks. The selected artists will remain in the pool and on call for the next year. At the end of the year, another competition will be held to add new artists to the pool and update the current pool. Ms. Dunbar explained that the artist pool selection process saves postage and time, and gives the community more responsibility in selecting artists for projects in their neighborhoods.

    Next, Ms. Dunbar showed two slides from each artist candidate. She reminded the Commissioners that inclusion in the artist pool does not guarantee that an artist will be awarded a commission. She described the artists in the pool as falling into one of three categories: tried and true public artists with a history working for the Arts Commission; artists experimenting with new materials and primarily know for their gallery installation work; and artists whose work uses nature as a subject matter or sites for their work.

    Ms. Dunbar asked for approval of the panel's recommendation of the Recreation and Park Department Bond Projects Pre-Qualified Artist Pool.

    Motion: Motion to approve the selection panel's recommendation of the following artists to serve for one year term on the Recreation and Park Department Bond Projects Pre-Qualified Artist Pool. Approved artists will be eligible for consideration by community panels for upcoming Art Enrichment commissions associated with new and renovated Recreation and Park Department facilities, including, but not limited to Helen Wills Playground, Rochambeau Playground, West Portal Recreation Center, Eureka Valley Recreation Center, Holly Park and Hoff Street Playground: Aileen Barr, Ray Beldner, Suzanne Biaggi, Amy Blackstone, Susan Cervantes, Colette Crutcher, Topher Delaney, Scott Donahue, Lauren Elder, Sheila Ghidini, Steve Gillman, Demetry Grudsky, Erika Olsen Hannes, Gonzalo Hidalgo, John King and Regina Case, Marissa Kunz, Paul Lanier, Yumi Lee, Jefferson Mack, Alexander MacLeitch team, Betsie Miller-Kusz, Geoffrey I. Nwogu, Johanna Poethig, Peter Richards, John Rubin, Vickie Jo Saulls, Bonnie Ora Sherk, Mel Smothers, Vickie Jo Sowell, Lee Walton, Horace Washington, Ann Weber & team, Yoram Wolberger.
    Moved: Stauffacher Solomon/Wilsey

  4. Airport
    Because Project Manager Susan Pontious was on vacation, there was no Project Update report.

    Motion: Motion to approve the following individuals to be added to the juror pool for the selection of sculpture for Boarding Area C: Madelaine Grynsztein (Curator for painting and sculpture, SFMOMA), Renny Pritikin (Chief Curator, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts), Hitoshi Sasaki (Artist and former Curator for Airport Museums Program at SFO, Kathy Holland (Independent Curator, Co-author of Airport Collection assessment), and Lydia Mathews (Art Historian, California College of Arts and Crafts).
    Moved: Stauffacher Solomon/Wilsey

  5. Laguna Honda Hospital
    Judy Moran reported for Ms. Pontious that a motion is needed to approve the juror pool for the Laguna Honda Hospital courtyard sculpture and pool tile design projects. Ms. Moran also asked if any of the Commissioners would be willing to serve on the panel. Commissioner Stermer thought that Commissioner Gatti would be the most appropriate Commission representative. He said that if Commissioner Gatti was not available to serve on the panel, that Ms. Pontious should call him as he might be able to do it.

    Motion: Motion to approve the following individuals to be added to the juror pool for Laguna Honda Hospital projects (courtyard sculpture and pool tile design): Michele Rowe-Shields (Visual Arts Director, Montalvo), Lewis deSoto (Artist), Rene Yung (Artist), Don Douglas (Regional Director of Art Program, General Services Administration), Jud Fine (Artist), Barbara McCarren (Artist), Carrie Lederer (Curator of Exhibitions and Program, Bedford Gallery, Dean Lesher Regional Center for the Arts, Walnut Creek), Rene de Guzman (Curator Yerba Beuna Center for the Arts), and Winifred Day (Independent Curator).
    Moved: Wilsey/Stauffacher Solomon

  6. Moscone Center Expansion Project
    Public Art Program Assistant Anna Kvinsland reported for Director of Public Art Jill Manton, that the long awaited bid from Hunt Construction came in at around $250,000 over budget. Ms. Kvinsland said that even with the overbid, Moscone told Ms. Manton to proceed ahead with the contract for Diller & Scofidio. Ms. Kvinsland reported that Rick Obie, a contractor recommended by Multimedia, flew out from Oregon on August 7th to visit the site. Mr. Obie can fabricate the tracks and armature, but he cannot install. Union workers must be used for assembling and installing the track and armature, and any other site work. Ms. Kvinsland said that because of the overbid, it is extremely unlikely that Moscone will agree to Diller & Scofidio's request for a better screen or any additional upgrades.

    Ms. Dunbar added that the carved tree sculpture by Shum, Shu, & Gordon will be installed on October 7, 2002.

  7. New Business
    Project Manager Kristen Zaremba reported that MUNI has tentatively asked the Arts Commission to manage the design team selection and design development phase of the new K-Line transit platforms at the Phelan Loop / City College, pending authorization to proceed from Muni Director Michael Burns. The Arts Commission would develop a pool of qualified applicants and work with the community to select an artist / architect team to develop designs for both the westbound and eastbound platforms.

  8. Old Business

  9. Adjournment

    As there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:10 p.m.

    Submitted by Anna Kvinsland, Public Art Program Assistant

    Approved by Jill Manton, Director of Public Art, 9/4/02



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