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May 13, 2003
4:30 p.m.
25 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 70

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Public comment in regard to specific items will be taken before or during consideration of the item.

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  1. WritersCorps Update
    Janet Heller
    Staff report.
    Action item.

    Motion to enter into contract with New Ways Workers for payment of 2003 youth internships from 6/01/03 to 6/30/03, not to exceed $3,500 from Haas and private foundations.

    Motion to extend contracts with WritersCorps Teachers Danielle Montgomery and Kimberely Nelson from 06/30/03 to 08/30/03, not to exceed their original contract amounts of $26,000.00 and $35,000.00 from DCYF and Juvenile Probation Funds, respectively.

  2. Chinatown Community Arts Program (CCAP) Update
    Janice Hom
    Staff report.
    Action item.

    Motion to pay  San Francisco Wu Shu Team $2,700 for the Night of the Rising Stars 2002 from Grants for the Arts.

    Motion to pay Chinese Folk Dance Association $1,200 for the CFDA ?Shangri-La? from Grants for the Arts.

    Motion to pay San Francisco Gu Zheng Music Society $250 for their performance at the Chinatown Library from Grants for the Arts.

    Motion to pay San Francisco Poets and Artists Association $1,000 for calligraphy and painting exhibition from Grants for the Arts.

    Motion to pay Valerie Samson $250 for the Gold Mountain Music Ensemble from Grants for the Arts.

    Motion to pay Kearny Street Workshop $1,000 for quarterly poetry readings from Grants for the Arts.

  3. Arts Education Update
    Rachelle Axel
    Staff report.
    Discusison item.

  4. Program Director's Report
    Judy Nemzoff
    Staff report.
    Action item.

    Motion to grant SomArts $25,454 for fire panel replacement project from Hotel Tax Fund. Funds originally held by DPW for soundproofing project.

    Motion to approve Neighborhood Festival grants of $24,000 from 2003-04 Grants for the Arts funds to the following organizations:
    Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center, Fiesta on the Hill $3,000
    New Direction, Bayview/Hunters Point 4th of July Picnic $3,000
    Potrero Hill Neighborhood House, Inc., Festival 2003 $3,000
    Precita Eyes Muralists Assoc., Inc., Urban Youth Arts Festival $3,000
    San Francisco SAFE, Annual Holiday Unity Parade & Rally $3,000
    Treasure Island Homeless Development Initiative, Treasure Island Community Day $3,000
    Excelsior Action Group, Excelsior Festival $3,000
    Community Development Institute, SomaFest '03 $3,000
    TOTAL $24,000

    AAACC Report: London Breed

    Facilities Report: Carol Marie Daniels

  5. New Business
  6. Adjournment

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