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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

3:00 p.m.

25 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 70


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Commissioners Present

Stanlee Gatti, Barbara Stauffacher Solomon, Dugald Stermer, Dede Wilsey; Absent: Ralph Guggenheim.


Staff Present

Richard Newirth, Director of Cultural Affairs; Nina Dunbar, Rupert Jenkins, Debra Lehane, Jennifer Lovvorn, Tonia Macneil, Jill Manton, Judy Moran, Kristen Zaremba.

Note: All votes are unanimous unless recorded otherwise.

The meeting commenced at 3:20 p.m.

  1. Consent
    1. Motion to approve May I Take Your Order?, six poster designs by artist Nancy Mizuno Elliott for the Art on Market Street 2003 Kiosk Poster Series, to be installed in 24 kiosks on Market Street from August 15 to November 13, 2003.
    2. Motion to approve the following panel pool of individuals to serve on the Art on Market Street 2004 Kiosk Poster Series Artist Selection Panel: Seyed Alavi (artist), Kevin Chin (Curator, The Intersection), Margaret Crane (artist), Nancy Mizuno Elliott (artist), Robert Gutierrez (artist), Kara Maria (artist).
    3. Motion to authorize the Director of Cultural Affairs to amend Victor Mario Zaballa's contract by an additional $21,000 to design, fabricate and install additional custom fence work for the Visitacion Valley Club House pending the availability of funding from the Recreation and Park Department.
    4. Motion to approve modification to the 1979 mural History of the Sunset by Henry Sultan located on Ortega between 39th and 40th Ave. of a new panel of recent Sunset history by Jason Gilmore with permission of the original artist.
    5. Motion to approve the mural design by Minna Eloranta and Mona Caron at 941 Shotwell Street (at 23rd Street) funded by Neighborhood Beautification.
    6. Motion to accept into the Civic Art Collection an environmental artwork by Jud Fine and Barbara McCarren titled Split Mound dated 2002, consisting of bronze, concrete, glass, plant material, plastic, porcelain enamel on steel, stainless steel, and stone commissioned for San Francisco Zoo.
    7. Motion to accept into the Civic Art Collection a cast bronze sculpture by Deborah Butterfield entitled Pohina, dated 2001, purchased for San Francisco International Airport.
    8. Motion to accept into the Civic Art Collection a cast bronze sculpture by Robert Arneson entitled Yin and Yang, dated 1992, edition number 2/3, purchased for San Francisco International Airport.

      Motion: Motion to adopt the consent calendar items.
      Moved: Stermer/Wilsey

  2. Gallery
    Gallery Director Rupert Jenkins reported that two Bay Area artists, J. Michael Deane and Mads Lynnerup, are the winners of Construct 3: The Third Annual Installation Award Show at the SF Arts Commission Gallery. Mr. Jenkins presented slides and video of both artists' work. In the front of the gallery, J. Michael Deane proposes to create a multi-channel video installation featuring footage of two cross-country travelers singing along to The Magnetic Fields' country song "The Long Vermont Roads." In the back of the gallery, Mads Lynnerup proposes to create a “slipper floor” by lining the gallery floor with a cardboard template containing dozens of flip flops in different sizes. Mr. Jenkins added that the jurors, Vincent Fecteau, San Francisco based artist and Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson, Phyllis Wattis MATRIX Curator at the University of California, Berkeley Art Museum, chose the two projects from a pool of ninety-one proposals. Exhibition dates are September 10th through October 12th, with an opening reception on Friday, September 19th.

    Mr. Jenkins also announced the artists to be included in the 2003 Murphy Fellowships Award Exhibition. Those are: Scott Boswell, Gilles-Fleur Boutry, Keifer Calkins, Shannon Castleman, Alice Cattaneo, David Dennick, Mayumi Hamanaka, Chiei Ishida, Katherine Johnstone, Robert Lawless, Anna Maltz, Naomi Miller, Sung Hong Min, Jason Mortara, Shaun O'Dell, Julia Page, Michael Rich, Seokhan Ryu, Shirley Shor, Bo-Wook Son, Kirk Stoller, Tim Sullivan, and Jackie Sumell. Mr. Jenkins presented slides of these artists' work. Mr. Jenkins stated that the Murphy Fellowships are annual awards sponsored by the San Francisco Foundation to assist students in funding their final year of graduate studies.

    Motion: Motion to approve honoraria payments not to exceed $2,000 each to Construct 3 artists Mads Lynerrup and J. Michael Deane.
    Moved: Wilsey/Stermer

  3. Collections
    Civic Art Collection Program Director Debra Lehane announced that at today's meeting there would be a presentation regarding the changed design for the proposed monument to the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. She reminded the Commissioners that the preliminary design was reviewed at the June 2002 Visual Arts Committee meeting. The proposed monument was to be placed on a traffic island at the Embarcadero, but that site was declined. The new proposed location is just north of Justin Herman Plaza at Washington Street. Ms. Lehane added that this monument still needs approval from the Port Commission and the Department of Recreation and Parks.

    Ms. Lehane announced that public art consultant Regina Almaguer and artists Ann Chamberlain and Walter Hood were at the meeting today to present the revised design. Ms. Almaguer stated that the changed design is similar in concept to the previously proposed design, but it is smaller due to budget constraints. Ms. Almaguer stated that she would like feedback from Commissioners to incorporate into the proposal before presenting it again for Arts Commission approval. She introduced artist Walter Hood to present the design.

    Mr. Hood began by saying that the memorial is a tribute to the American men and women who volunteered to fight in the Spanish Civil War. He explained that the proposed site for the memorial is part of a large lawn area just north of Justin Herman Plaza. Mr. Hood said that the artists' goal for the memorial is to create a sacred space along the Embarcadero in honor of the fight against fascism in Spain. Mr. Hood further explained that the symbolic elements for the memorial are the red paving and an olive tree. Mr. Hood pointed out that the major revision to the design relates to the wall. At the review last year, Commissioners requested that the wall not obstruct views. The memorial now features an 8' high and 63' long boomerang shaped steel frame which holds panels of translucent white onyx such that the wall is not solid. These panels have historical photographic images etched on one side. Mr. Hood presented a sample of the etched stone and demonstrated how light passing through the stone reveals the image on the opposite side. Mr. Hood added that if the budget permits, he and Ms. Chamberlain would like to use MP3 technology to record the songs of the Brigade to be broadcast at the memorial. Mr. Hood then opened the presentation up for questions from the Commissioners.

    Commissioner Solomon stated that she would prefer that the steel wall structure be a horizontal framing device rather than a grid. She stated that not only is there another grid on a structure close to the proposed site, she also felt that the grid itself dominated the design of the monument. She would prefer that the translucent stone be the primary visual element of the wall. She also recommended that some of the images be made as a composite of multiple tiles so that the images could be bigger.

    Commissioner Stermer stated that the impact of some of the historical photos would be lost if the etched panels focus on individuals rather than the group. Mr. Hood responded that they are still resolving some of these details. Commissioner Stermer stated that he would prefer the boomerang shape of the wall to be a softer curve.

    Commissioner Gatti felt that without seeing the mock-up it was difficult to determine whether the wall's height at 6' is tall enough. Mr. Hood responded that the Port has encouraged the artists to make the wall higher. Mr. Hood added that these concerns will be resolved when they look at the mock up. Commissioner Gatti also expressed concern that the onyx tiles were too small.

    Commissioner Wilsey stated that she would also like to see the mock up to better understand how the piece will work. She added that she feels that the stone and the images work well. She added that if the wall were 9', it may draw too much attention.

    Ms. Lehane concluded the presentation by stating that once the mock up is complete, Commissioners and staff will be invited to view it. Based on feedback from that review, the artists will further revise their design and will return to the Visual Arts Committee to present a final proposed design.

  4. Minnie and Lovie Ward Recreation Center
    Project Manager Tonia Macneil began her report by reminding Commissioners that at the last meeting they had approved Jon Rubin and Jim Goldberg's artwork concept for the wall of trophies on the inside of the Minnie and Lovie Ward Recreation Center. Ms. Macneil stated that the trophies will be altered to replace the standard trophy figures with figures of ordinary people and the name plates will be changed to names of real people from the local neighborhood. Ms. Macneil added that she is asking for approval of the following motion so that the artists can complete design development.

    Motion: Motion to authorize the Director of Cultural Affairs to modify the Agreement with Jon Rubin and Jim Goldberg to expand the Artists' Scope of Work to include Design Development and Construction Documents for a Work of Art for the Minnie and Lovie Ward Recreation Center, and to increase the Artists' Compensation to an amount not to exceed $20,000.
    Moved: Stermer/Wilsey

  5. Helen Wills Playground
    Project Manager Tonia Macneil reported on the design development of the Helen Wills Playground artwork by Amy Blackstone. Ms. Macneil stated that the artist has altered her design based on Commissioners' feedback from the March 19 Visual Arts Committee meeting. The proposal now calls for three steel cylinder sculptures, rather than four. Ms. Macneil stated that she is arranging a studio visit with the artist and Commissioner Stermer to review the work in progress prior to asking for Commission approval to enter into a fabrication and installation contract with the artist.

    Motion: Motion to approve design development of the artwork proposal by Amy Blackstone for the Helen Wills Playground, and authorization to the Director of Cultural Affairs to modify the Artist's Agreement to increase the Artist's scope of work to include construction documents, and to increase the Artist's compensation to an amount not to exceed $8,000 pending studio visit by Commissioner Stermer and staff.
    Moved: Stermer/Wilsey

  6. Fillmore Street Bridge
    Public Art Program Director Jill Manton reported on the completion of the Artwork, Three Shades of Blue, by Mildred Howard as installed on the Fillmore Street bridge. Ms. Manton presented digital slides showing various aspects of the project: 1. the panels of glass at the fabricator; 2. the etched poem by Quincy Troupe; 3. the artwork mock up at the installation site; and 4. the artwork as installed. Ms. Manton stated that the artwork is now completely installed. She noted that there was a minor problem with the graffiti coating. Because this coating was applied on site, there are some small air bubbles under the coating. Ms. Manton stated that the piece has been up for over a week and it has not been marked with graffiti.

    Motion: Motion to approve the Artwork, Three Shades of Blue, by Mildred Howard as installed on the Fillmore Street bridge.
    Moved: Stermer/Wilsey

  7. Los Niños Unidos Park
    Project Manager Judy Moran reported on the completion of the artwork by Isis Rodriguez titled Los Niños del Sol. The artwork is installed at six locations on the retaining walls at Los Niños Unidos Park, located at 23rd Street and Treat Avenue. Ms. Moran stated that this small park in the Mission is designed specifically for children. Ms. Moran presented slides of the installed artwork. She explained that Isis Rodriguez worked with public artist Ruth O'Day who gave the technical assistance necessary to translate the designs into permanent tiles. Ms. Moran stated that the artwork with its cartoon-like imagery was designed with children in mind.

    Motion: Motion to accept into the Civic Art Collection a work by Isis Rodriguez titled Los Niños del Sol, 2003, a series of ceramic tile mosaics of images of flowers, caterpillars and children ranging in size from 10 inches square to approximately 21 inches high by 10 feet wide installed at six locations on the retaining walls at Los Niños Unidos Park, located at 23rd Street and Treat Avenue.
    Moved: Stermer/Solomon

    Motion: Motion to approve the Final Interim Payment in the amount of $2,000 to artist Isis Rodriguez for the completion of Los Niños del Sol, a series of ceramic tile mosaic artworks, installed at Los Niños Unidos Park at 23rd Street and Treat Avenue.
    Moved: Stermer/Solomon

  8. Moscone Center Expansion Project
    Public Art Program Director Jill Manton reported on the progress of the installation of the Diller + Scofidio artwork. She was pleased to announce that the screen was successfully hoisted onto the armature and almost all of the mountings were perfectly aligned. Ms. Manton explained that due to the fillet welds on the footings, the screen would not lay flush against the armature. The project engineer is currently working to resolve this issue. Ms. Manton stated that although the installation work is still in progress, Apple is renting the Center for an upcoming convention and Apple will not permit construction work to occur during the convention's operating hours. Ms. Manton stated that she is working to resolve this issue. She also explained that the Moscone electrician Amelco is not up to schedule on the project. She added that although the specifications clearly state that holes should not be drilled into the armature, Amelco attached Nemo boxes to the armature with bolts rather than by welding. She explained that the project engineer has determined that this will not cause structural problems if the holes are re-drilled to be perfectly clean. She noted that additional work is being done on the wheels to allow them to move easily. Finally, Ms. Manton reported that Diller + Scofidio still need to record a tracking shot of the facade of the Moscone Center to use in the production of the final video. Ms. Manton stated that the project should be fully operational by mid-August.

    Commissioner Gatti inquired whether a clear agreement has been made with the Convention Center regarding what can and cannot be displayed on the video screen. Ms. Manton stated that because the screen is part of the artwork, it cannot be used for any commercial purpose. It is to be used solely for the display of the Diller + Scofidio project related videos. Ms. Manton added that Diller + Scofidio may need to refresh the imagery in the future. Ms. Manton stated she is sending a letter to the Director of the Convention Center stating the terms and policies related to artwork screen.

  9. New Business

    The following item was continued.
    Information from Public Art Network Conference
    Jill Manton

  10. Old Business

  11. Adjournment

    As there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:50 p.m.

    Submitted by Jennifer Lovvorn, Public Art Program Assistant

    Approved by Jill Manton, Public Art Program Director, 7/02/03



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