City and County of San FranciscoSan Francisco Arts Commission

December 15, 2010

Visual Arts Committee - December 15, 2010
Wednesday December 15, 2010
3 p.m.
25 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 70



1. Consent Calendar

1. Motion to approve a (1600 square foot) mural by artist Cory Ferris on the U.S. 101 traffic island freeway pillar at San Bruno Avenue and Alemany Boulevard. The project is sponsored by the Portola Neighborhood Steering Committee.

2. Motion to approve 48 (48" x 66") panels by artists Katherine Connell and Oscar Melara, depicting what Portola means to local residents, to be installed along the east and west Caltrans fence on San Bruno Avenue. The project is sponsored by the Portola Neighborhood Steering Committee.

3. Motion to approve a mural, What's Going On? (8' x 55') by lead artist Christy Majano and Precita Eyes on the southern wall of Revere Avenue at Selby Street, under freeway 280, and two cylindrical freeway supports (8' x 18') on the northeast and northwest corners of Revere Avenue and Selby Street. The project is sponsored by the San Francisco Clean City Coalition.

2. Lotus in Motion, the Watercolor Project
Susan Pontious

Presentation of Lotus in Motion, the Watercolor Project; a temporary installation proposal by Gordon Halloran.

The Committee may approve one of two motions.

a. Motion: Motion to decline approval of Lotus in Motion, the Watercolor Project an installation proposed by Gordon Halloran for the pond in Walter S. Johnson Park (in front of the Palace of Fine Arts.)

b. Motion: Motion to approve Lotus in Motion, the Watercolor Project an installation proposed by Gordon Halloran for the pond in Walter S. Johnson Park (in front of the Palace of Fine Arts.)

3. Sunset Playground
Jennifer Lovvorn

Presentation of Construction Documents Phase deliverables by Bryan Tedrick for artwork for Sunset Playground.

Motion to approve Construction Documents Phase deliverables (final design of sculptural artwork elements, project budget, surface treatment samples, fabrication mock up, and structural engineering) by Bryan Tedrick for Sunset Playground.

4. Art on Market Street Program
Judy Moran

Presentation of kiosk poster proposal by Elisheva Biernoff.

Motion: Motion to approve the Art on Market Street kiosk poster proposal by artist Elisheva Biernoff and to authorize the Director of Cultural Affairs to enter into contract with Elisheva Biernoff to develop and complete six posters designs for an amount not to exceed $8,000.

5. Chinese Recreation Center

Mary Chou

Presentation of Final Design for Shan Shan Sheng's artwork at the Chinese Recreation Center.

Motion to approve Design Development deliverables for the artwork by Shan Shan Sheng for the interior of the Chinese Recreation Center and authorization to proceed with fabrication of the artwork.

6. Transbay Transit Center
Jill Manton

Update on project by Tim Hawkinson.

7. Coit Tower Fresco Murals

Allison Cummings

Report on the condition of the WPA era murals located within Coit Tower and their upkeep. Update on the Recreation & Parks Department selection process for Coit Tower elevator operator and concession vendor. Discussion of the role the murals play in making Coit Tower a significant cultural asset for the city and strategies for the ongoing care of the murals.

8. New Business

9. Old Business

10. Adjournment

ZT 12/15/10

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