City and County of San FranciscoSan Francisco Arts Commission

June 15, 2011

Visual Arts Committee - June 15, 2011
Wednesday June 15, 2011
3 p.m.
25 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 70


Commissioners Present:
JD Beltran, PJ Johnston, Dorka Keehn.

Commissioners Absent:
Lorraine Garcia-Nakata, Barbara Sklar.

Staff Present: Marcus Davies, Jill Manton, Jennifer Lovvorn, Judy Moran, Meg Shiffler, Zoë Taleporos.

Note: All votes are unanimous unless recorded otherwise.

The meeting commenced at 3:07 p.m.


1. Consent Calendar

1. Motion to approve the following former Visual Arts Commissioners to serve as panelists for the Artist Selection Panels during the months of June, July and August, 2011: Lawrence Rinder, Jeannene Przyblyski, and Leonard Hunter.


Project Manager Judy Moran informed the Commissioners that the Art On Market Street Kiosk Poster series by artist Ian Heubert is titled The Golden Spoke.

Motion to approve the final designs for The Golden Spoke poster series by artist Ian Heubert for the Art on Market Street Program 2010/2011, a total of 36 posters to be installed in 18 bus shelters on Market Street from August 8, 2011 to October 21, 2011.


Motion to accept into the Civic Art Collection the following artworks, commissioned for and located at Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center:

a. Reflection, 2010 by Diana Pumpelly Bates, a bi-fold stainless steel entrance gate.

b. Patterns of Time and Place, 2006 by Suzanne Biaggi, a fountain installation of basalt, water and black pebbles, located in the northeast courtyard (courtyard F) of the north residence building.

c. Bloom, 2010 by Jonathan Bonner, an installation of five lathe-turned granite stones in the northwest courtyard (courtyard B) of the north residence building.

d. Seasons of Memory, 2008 by Beliz Brother, a series of fourteen photographs on glass panels and glass and stainless steel light boxes located on the third floor of the north and south residence buildings.

e. Laguna Line (The Possibility of the Everyday), 2010 by Cliff K. Garten, a cast bronze handrail located on the east and west walls of the pavilion building’s first floor hallway.

f. Re-Connection/Re-Cognition, 2008 by Linnea Glatt, a series of ten molded fiberglass, button-shaped sculptures located in the north courtyard (courtyard E) of the north residence building.

g. Summer’s Goldfinch, Rollers and Cumulus, 2009 by Diane Andrews Hall, a series of three tapestries located on the first floor of the north residence building.

h. Untitled and Untitled, 2010 by Arlan Huang, four glass block windows with blown glass elements located in the northwest corner of the pavilion building’s first floor hallway and ten glass panels with blown glass rondels located on the fourth floor of the north and south residence buildings.

i. My Time, Spring, Summer, Winter and Untitled, 2005-2010 by Terry Hoff, a series of fifteen multimedia and chalkboard installations located on the second floor of the north and south residence buildings.

j. Landscape, Skydancing and Horizontal Feeling, 2008 by Takenobu Igarashi, two terracotta wall reliefs located in the mezzanine dining and living rooms, one suspended aluminum and steel sculpture located in the mezzanine atrium, and seven wood and terracotta reliefs located on the mezzanine floor or the north residence building.

k. somewhere, 2009 by Cheonae Kim, two glazed ceramic tile installations located on the north and south walls of the aquatherapy room.

l. NEVERODDOREVEN, 2004-2010 by Living Lenses (Louise Bertelsen and Po Shu Wang), a redwood sculpture located in the south courtyard (courtyard J) of the south residence building.

m. Water, Fire, Earth and Air, 2008 by Anne Chamberlain and Bernie Lubell, a series of six photographs on glass panels with stainless steel light boxes and four tapestries located on the sixth floor of the north and south residence buildings.

n. Building the Iron Horse and The Four Elements, 2008 by Owen Smith, three ceramic tile mosaics located in the entrance lobby and eight ceramic tile mosaics and six glass fiber reinforced concrete reliefs located on the fifth floor of the north and south residence buildings.

4. Motion for the Director of Cultural Affairs to increase the artist honoraria for Elizabeth Axtman and Travis Somerville in response to the SFAC Gallery award of $15,000 from the National Endowment for the Arts for the exhibition they will participate in. Elizabeth Axtman to receive an additional $1500 (making her total honoraria $3000 - see previous approval for $1500 Resolution # 0502-11-121) and Travis Somerville to receive an additional $1000 (making his total honoraria $3000 - see previous approval for $2000 Resolution #0307-11-057). With the increase in funding, each artist's project will be expanded accordingly.

Motion: Motion to approve consent calendar items.
Moved: Beltran/Keehn

2. San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery
Meg Shiffler

Gallery Director Meg Shiffler presented San Francisco Arts Commission (“SFAC”) Gallery’s 2012 exhibition calendar. Ms. Shiffler began her presentation with plans for January and February of 2012. She noted that because the SFAC will be celebrating its 80th anniversary next year, she looked for ways in which the number 80 could be included in the Gallery’s program. Ms. Shiffler explained that 80 is the atomic number for mercury and the first exhibition of the 2012 year will focus on artists working with science. Ms. Shiffler described the practice of the three artists she is considering for the exhibition: Jonathan Keets who incorporates physics and scientific experiments into his work; Philip Ross whose work is related to biology and often decomposes or is consumed; and Heather Sparks who transforms biology into other mediums such as vellum. Ms. Shiffler reported that she is considering Tahiti Pehrson for a commission at the Grove Street space that would address the theme of 80 years of arts in San Francisco. And for the City Hall exhibition, Ms. Shiffler stated that she would like to display 80 images from DOUBLEtruck, a photojournalism magazine.

Ms. Shiffler reported that for May and June, she would like to work with Independent Curators International, a non-profit organization based in New York City, to bring the traveling exhibition FAX to the Gallery. Ms. Shiffler explained that the exhibition displays the work of artists exploring the medium of the fax machine. She noted that FAX started with 100 artists at the Drawing Center in New York City with 20 artists added each time the exhibition traveled. She stated that 20 San Francisco artists would be invited to participate, and their work would be shown along with a selection of artists from previous participating cities. Also during the May and June months, either Alison Pebworth or Andrew Schoultz will create work for the Grove Street space. City Hall will display an exhibition of Bert Bergen and other local silkscreen artists through August. Also in August, the annual exhibition Murphy and Cadogan will be hosted at the Gallery and the Grove Street space. Ms. Shiffler explained that Murphy and Cadogan is an exhibition displaying the work of Master of Fine Are candidates who have received the Jack and Gertrude Murphy Fellowships and the Edwin Anthony and Adelaine Bordeaux Cadogan Fellowships in the Fine Arts from the San Francisco Foundation. For September and October, Ms. Shiffler reminded the Commissioners of the previously approved exhibition Shared Histories, an 80 year history of Latino Arts in San Francisco curated by Anthony Torres. Ms. Shiffler reported that Mr. Torres is currently working to create an exhibition platform that would allow him to partner with various cultural and academic institutions in San Francisco to realize multiple exhibitions addressing one theme. She reported that Mr. Torres has submitted a proposal with a list of planned exhibition to herself and the Director of Cultural Affairs that will be presented to the Visual Arts Committee (“VAC”) in the near future. Ms. Shiffler described the SFAC Gallery’s participation in Shared Histories as an exhibition focused on local, emerging contemporary Latino artists in the Bay Area. Artists under consideration include Jaime Cortez. Ana Teresa Fernandez, and Pablo Guardiola. For City Hall, Ms. Shiffler would like to commission eight photographers to create a series of ten photographs that tell stories relating to the Mission District in San Francisco. Artist under consideration include Ray Potes, John Harding and Robyn Twomey.

3. General Hospital
Jennifer Lovvorn

Project Manager Jennifer Lovvorn presented the Construction Documents Phase deliverables by Cliff Garten for artwork for the General Hospital Acute Care Unit: Entry Drive Median. Ms. Lovvorn stated that the deliverables for this stage represent the final design of his proposed artwork, which consists of a grouping of eight stainless steel sculptures illuminated at night by programmable LED lighting which are to be installed on entry drive median. The artwork includes the landscape treatment of the median, which features a series of wave like berms planted with tufted grass. She noted that the artist’s original design had included nine sculptures, but the number of sculptures was reduced to eight in order to accommodate the cost of additional lights and increasing the density of the rods in the wider sculptures, which will improve the effects of the lighting. Ms. Lovvorn submitted Mr. Garten’s final budget to the Commissioners for review and stated that the artwork as designed at this phase is within budget.

Motion: Motion to approve the Construction Documents Phase deliverables (finalized lighting plan, site plan and refined sculpture designs for integration into architectural construction documents and final budget) by Cliff Garten for artwork for the General Hospital Acute Care Unit: Entry Drive Median.
Moved: Beltran/Keehn

Ms. Lovvorn presented the Construction Documents Phase deliverables by Anna Valentina Murch for General Hospital: Plaza, which represents the final design of the proposed artwork. Ms. Murch had proposed to create a unifying gesture for the plaza with planters, seating elements, sculpture, lighting and plantings. She noted that in this phase, Ms. Murch has refined her designs to detail the lighting that will illuminate the benches both internally and from their bases. Also added to the artwork are a series of three benches, which are designed to be accessible to wheelchair users and their companions. Ms. Lovvorn presented a mock-up of Ms. Murch’s circular basket seat benches that will be installed by the Emergency Room entry. She concluded by presenting the artist’s overall lighting plan and final budget.

Motion: Motion to approve the Construction Documents Phase deliverables (revised design of specific elements, modification of site plan, final budget and mock-up of stainless steel seating element) by Anna Valentina Murch for General Hospital: Plaza.
Moved: Beltran/Keehn

Ms. Lovvorn reported that she has begun investigating ways that two-dimensional artwork may be integrated into the hospital waiting rooms and corridors in durable, permanent materials. She presented three potential prototypes of two-dimensional artworks, which feature artists’ imagery translated onto porcelain enamel panels affixed within metal powder coated frames, which mimic the look of traditional framed artworks. Ms. Lovvorn stated that porcelain enamel works well for translating imagery that uses earth tones, while colors like bright green and red become a bit muted. She explained that she will continue to conduct further research into other fabrication techniques in order to develop a two dimensional artwork plan for the hospital. She will update Commissioners as the plan develops.

Motion to approve the direction (as represented by initial fabrication samples) of the implementation of the two dimensional artwork program for corridors and waiting rooms of the General Hospital Acute Care Unit.
Moved: Beltran/Keehn

6. Art on Market Street Poster Series 2012

Judy Moran

Project Manager Judy Moran presented on behalf of Project Manager Mary Chou, the past work of six artist finalists and one alternate, recommended by the Art on Market Street Artist Selection Panel, for the development of a proposal for the Art on Market Street Poster Series for 2012. Ms. Moran stated that the panel consisted of the Director of Cultural Affairs Luis R. Cancel, Commissioner Johnston, Director of Kearney Street Workshop Ellen Oh, and Katherine Aoki, artist. Ms. Moran described the work of the six finalists: Julie Chang who is currently designing the terrazzo floor for the Transbay Terminal; Felipe Dulzaides who has completed a number of public billboard projects; Christina Empedocles who creates history based, wax pencil drawings of found and collected ephemera; Guillermo Gómez-Peña, a well-known artist whose work explores cross cultural identities, immigration and border politics; Paul Madonna whose illustrations of San Francisco scenes have regularly appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle; Deth P. Sun, whose imaginative, graphic illustrations were the favorite of the panel; and alternate Ala Ebtekar who often juxtaposes modern, ancient and mythological imagery. Commissioner Johnston added that there was little disparity among the choices of the selection panel.

Motion: Motion to approve the following six finalists and one alternate as recommended by the Art on Market Street Artist Selection Panel—Julie Chang, Felipe Dulzaides, Christina Empedocles, Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Paul Madonna, Deth P. Sun, and alternate Ala Ebtekar—for the development of a proposal for the Art on Market Street Poster Series 2012 and to authorize the payment of an honorarium not to exceed $250 for each finalist to develop preliminary artwork proposals.
Moved: Beltran/Keehn

7. SOMA West Skatepark
Staff Report
Judy Moran

Ms. Moran presented, on behalf of Ms. Chou, the revised artwork opportunities at SOMA West Skatepark. She explained that early in the project’s development, the stakeholders expressed an initial interest in seeing reflective sculptural elements attached to the columns at the project site. Ms. Moran reported that recently officials at the California Department of Transportation have eliminated that possibility since reflective materials may distract traffic in the area and attachments to the freeway columns may impede regular visual inspections of the columns. Ms. Moran noted that Ms. Chou met with the SOMA West Skatepark design team and decided to expand the artwork opportunities to include a fence treatment, a sculptural element at the park’s entryway, and a treatment of the sound wall. These new opportunities have been communicated to the project finalists who will consider them as they develop their conceptual proposals.

Motion: Motion to approve revised project outline for SOMA West Skatepark.
Moved: Beltran/Keehn

8. Central Subway
Judy Moran

Ms. Moran updated the Commissioners on the Central Subway Public Art Program, stating that the station artists are currently working on developing their artwork designs with the Central Subway project architects. She stated that the artists’ contracts are currently undergoing the city’s certification process which requires approval and signatures from the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency in addition to the Arts Commission’s standard contract approvals and signatures from various city departments. Ms. Moran added that following her retirement at the end of this month Ms. Lovvorn will become the Project Manager for the Central Subway Public Art Program.

9. Public Utilities Commission
Jill Manton

Director of Programs Jill Manton presented the revised Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with the Public Utilities Commission (“PUC”). Ms. Manton reported that the PUC was willing to agree to a fixed 20% fee for the SFAC in the MOU, but thought that 25% or 30% was a more accurate representation of staff administration time. Ms. Manton explained she is investigating formulas used by other agencies that calculate administration time factoring in sick and vacation hours that could be used instead of agreeing to a fixed fee. She noted that she and the Director of Cultural Affairs continue to refine specific language in the MOU, and final revisions were nearly complete. Commissioner Johnston stated he was reluctant to create a system tracking administrative costs, fearing it might become complicated and create extra work for staff. He stated that a 20% fee was defendable and represented a balance of fluctuating staff hours for various projects. Commissioner Johnston further advocated for a fixed 20% fee, noting that it allowed for budget planning. He stated that the Commission would conceptually approve the MOU with the details reviewed at a later time and asked that the VAC be informed of any responses or negotiations from the PUC regarding the MOU.

10. Collections
Jill Manton

Ms. Manton presented an update on the de-accessioning of Masquerade in Black by Jay De Feo. Ms. Manton informed the Commissioners that she was considering the sale of the work to a private collection, but would prefer to de-accession the work to a public institution. Ms. Manton explained that she had been in conversation with the artist’s estate and it is open to selling the work to a museum outside of the Bay Area. Ms. Manton noted that it was also the hope of the artist’s estate that the work remain accessible to the public and requested approval of the Commissioners to solicit interest from non-local museums.

11. New Business

12. Old Business

13. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 4:44 p.m.

ZT 6/15/11