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Regular Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

City Hall
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place (Polk Street)

The meeting was called to order at 6:22 PM

1.     Roll Call/Attendance:

       Present – Andrew Thornley(District 1), Lionel Shaw(District 2), Bridget  May(District 5), Dale Butler(District 6), Will Henning(District 7), Jerry Ervin(District 8), Rufus Davis, Jr.(District 10),  Casey Allen/arrived 6:35(District 11) 

       Excused - Dianna Waggoner(District 3), Janice Buike Voorsluys(District 4)

  • Approval of minutes of June 16, 2004(6:31) 

3.    Public Comment: (6:32)


4.    Chairman’s Report: (6:33)

  • MTA has a Citizens Advisory Committee meeting once per month.  Chairman Thornley went to receive comment about the Bike Plan included in public document passed out.  As a cost / efficiency option the Taxi Commission might be included in MTA
  • Proposition K half-cent tax goes for transportation projects.  Applicants were there to present their cases for funds before the San Francisco County Transportation Authority Citizens Advisor Committee.

5.    Member Reports: (6:40)

  • Bridget May(District 5) reported that on Labor Day the 20th Giro de San Francisco will take place centering at Levi Plaza.  Ms. May also reported that on Wednesday July 28th there will be a meeting to discuss the Doyle Drive intersection.
  • Lionel Shaw(District 2) reported he rode in his first Critical Mass on June 25th.
  • Rufus Davis, Jr (District 10) reported in was in St. Louis and rode their lite rail system which now allows bikes on the trains leaving San Francisco as the only major City that does not allow bikes on the LRV even when conditions would allow.  In a further report on Caltrain’s Bullet Trains Mr. Davis said management is not inclined to reconfigure cars but will install more bike lockers.  Mr. Davis suggests we write to Board of Supervisors to sponsor a resolution to request reconfiguration to carry more bikes.  Finally Mr. Davis reports that residents along Guerrero and Cesar Chavez had a march demanding a calming of traffic and bike lanes on San Jose Avenue.
  • Jerry Ervin(District 8) thanked DPT for sending out their report before the meeting

6.   Department of Parking and Traffic Report (6:50) / Oliver Gajda

  • Mr. Gajda presented additional copies of the DPT report he distributed earlier.  He went on to explain that the SFCTA is the Board of Supervisors and that DPT secured their full 1/30th of the Proposition K funding. 
  • As to the issue of Waller Street (B5) the resolution has to go to an interdepartmental meeting so there could be some time before the final plan is adopted but that the closure is already in effect. 
  • As to substandard road service on Scott Street (B8) Mr. Gajda reported that the Bike Program staff sent a memo asking for an upgrading of the substandard pavement.  The pavement was raised to standard and now new trenching has begun.  Mr. Gajda suggest we review DPT’s web page because there is access to information to how to get potholes repaired.  Standards are also on the web.  It was suggested that we might want to link the BAC web site to the DPT website.
  • As to the SHARROW Study (E1) Mr. Gajda reminded the BAC that colors have to be approved along with everything else and without CTCDC approval the City would be legally exposed.  The BAC has the opportunity to advise the Board of Supervisors of our preferences and the Board can then inform the DPT.  After being asked of how SHARROW placement decisions are made Mr. Gajda responded that the first work is done on bike routes that do not have a bike lane.  Class three roadways.  Volumes, speeds, width, collisions, especially dooring.  Mr. Gajda warned that the date is based on citations in collision data base which leaves out all unreported accidents.  After being asked about what items in the report DPT recommends action by the BAC Mr. Gajda responded that BAC take action on Policy, Grants, and Funding Legislation.  Jerry Ervin(District 8) requested a specific list of where the BAC could expect requests for action from DPT.  Mr. Gajda responded:  SHARROW, Howard Street, Folsom Street, Octavia, Street Surface Conditions, Bicycle Parking, Baby Bullets, BART Bike Station, Funding.
  • Mr. Gajda informed the BAC that the Golden Gate Bridge redesign is up to the bridge and not in DPT jurisdiction


7.   San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Report (7:45) / Josh Hart

  • The Howard Street bike lane project is to appear at the Land Use Committee of the Board of Supervisors
  • The Octavia onramp will appear on August 9th before the same Committee
  • The Music Concourse Authority is to decide which circulation model would be used.  As part of the bond issue the Concourse is to be a pedestrian oasis.  Will there be full unfettered auto access to the museums and neighborhood or, as recommended by WalkSF, SFBC and other environmentalists autos would be limited.  Will BAC take a position.
  • Traffic calming ideas on JFK include painting lanes and adding bulbouts.  Park and Rec will discuss this issue at an upcoming meeting.
  • Baby Bullets hold 16 bikes while the old bike cars held 32.  Lots of complaints
  • SFBC met with DPT about the issue of pavement quality attempting to improve the standard for excavation amelioration.
  • The modifications to Jefferson Street is currently on hold although the merchants are now supporting.  The merchants have decided to expand the area of traffic improvement and are dealing with Port planners who are not slowing the improvement.

8.      New Business (7:15)

  1. Central Freeway, Market/Octavia on-ramp – Mr. Hart passed out a document explaining the Market/Octavia on-ramp.  He explained that with the current plan it is possible for cars to back up into the bike lane and that this access is not necessary as there is at least one other nearby on-ramp.  The SFBC asks for a six month trail eliminating the right turn access.  Mr. Gajda reported that the official stance of DPT is that there will be a six month trial of the right turn lane and then if problems occur a six month trial without the right turn lane.  Comments included that Supervisor Duffy supports allowing the right turn for six months and opposes Supervisor Gonzales legislation banning the turn lane.  It is important that either way this be a true trial toward the safest and soundest access.  A motion to support the Gonzales legislation died for lack of a second.
  2. Bike Plan 2004 - Chair Thornley presented six pages of comments collected by the BAC as well as over 2,800 collected by the SFBC commenting that the information needs to be distilled and presented in some workable format.  Oliver Gajda said the Draft has at least two more meetings beginning on September 21st at MTA but over the next couple of weeks the DPT wants to work on the presentation toward a final plan.  Mr. Gajda explained that the reason there is no section on funding in the Draft while there was last time is that last time it was necessary to develop a funding source.  Now we’ve got funding. 

     “The BAC endorses the Bike Plan Draft Policy Framework while we reserve the right, as individuals or as the BAC, to make further comment or offer input.  In addition we will submit our collected comments to DPT.”  moved (Butler) second (Ervin) adopted unanimously 

9.   The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM

Materials distributed at this meeting:

  • Minutes of June 16, 2004
  • Bike Plan 2004 Draft Policy Framework – six pages of comments collected by the BAC
  • Bike Plan 2004 Comments by Bridget May(District 5)
  • DPT Bicycle Program Report to the BAC 7/7/04
  • Central Freeway Replacement Project – 8 pages detailing alternatives to the Market Street Central Freeway onramp