The San Francisco Bicycle Plan

IntroductionThe San Francisco Bicycle Plan ("Bicycle Plan") presents a guideline for the City to provide the safe and attractive environment needed to promote bicycling as a transportation mode.

Bicycling is a pollution-free, economical and healthy alternative transportation mode for many work, shopping and recreational trips in San Francisco and between San Francisco and other Bay Area locations. Bicycles have been used for transportation in San Francisco since the turn of the century. The City has an almost ideal climate for bicycling: temperate, without ice or snow and with a long dry season. It is home to a large and active bicycle population with a Bicycle Advisory Committee (SFBAC) appointed by the Board of Supervisors and a Bicycle Coalition (SFBC), an advocacy group. The limited supply and high cost of parking as well as traffic congestion and the City's compactness make bicycling an attractive option for many.

The City's topography, level of development, and high traffic volumes provide the greatest challenge to providing a safe environment for bicyclists. There are a limited number of flat or even relatively flat through routes in the City and bicycles must compete for space on these streets with automobiles and the City's extensive transit system.

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