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About the Board of Appeals

The Board of Appeals is a quasi-judicial body that provides the public with a final administrative review process for appeals relating to a wide range of City determinations. Originally created under the Charter of 1932, the Board strives to provide an efficient, fair and expeditious public hearing and decision-making process before an impartial panel as a last step in the City's permit issuance process.

The Board hears and decides appeals involving the granting, denial, suspension, or revocation of permits, licenses, and other use entitlements by various City commissions and departments. The granting or denial of variances and other determinations by the Zoning Administrator, and discretionary review decisions and downtown building authorizations of the Planning Commission are included.

Board Members

The Board of Appeals is comprised of five Board members appointed for staggered four-year members are appointed by the Mayor and two by the President of the Board of Supervisors.

List of the Members of the Board of Appeals


Appeal Process

Board of Appeals Process

The Board of Appeals provides the public with a final administrative review process for appeals relating to a wide range of City determinations.

BOA's Information Board:

Hearing Information





Please note that the City’s Permit Center at 49 South Van Ness will be re-opening to the public on June 15, 2021. Appeals, however, do not need to be filed in-person.  All appeals can be processed by email or by phoneemail: boardofappeals@sfgov.org or phone 1-628-652-1150.  Board staff will respond in a timely manner to all inquiries.

If you need to come into our physical office, however, you must make an appointment in advance of your visit. Please email us at Boardofappeals@sfgov.org or call at  1-628-652-1150.

Thank you,

Board Staff




Rescheduling Requests and Withdrawal Forms can now be filled out online (writable PDF format) and submitted via email. Please follow the instructions below. The best webserver to uses is Internet Explorer.

  1. Go to the “Resource Center” tab on our website.
  2. Click on “Forms”.
  3. Open the form of your choice (rescheduling request or withdrawal).
  4. Fill out the form and include digital signatures. For rescheduling requests, in lieu of a digital signature, you can attach an email from the other party which shows that they agree to reschedule the appeal to the proposed date. Send the form and emails (when applicable) to the Board Office via email boardofappeals@sfgov.org



The Board's public hearings are held most Wednesday evenings at 5:00 p.m.  Given the City's Health Orders related to COVID-19, hearings are being held remotely via the Zoom platform.  Access information will be posted on our website and meeting agendas by the Friday prior to the hearing.  If you have any questions, please email boardofappeals@sfgov.org or call 1-628-652-1150 Members of the public are encouraged to participate remotely.  There will not be a physical location for members of the public to attend.


Please click this link for the Board's meeting calendar, agendas, minutes and supporting documents.



Please click this link for videos of past Board meetings.





NEXT HEARING DATE: January 26, 2022, 5:00 PM


Zoom access information will be posted by the Friday before the hearing.  The public may participate via telephone or computer with a Zoom link.  


Watch the Board of Appeals Public Hearing:

  • Streaming online (30-second delay from the actual meeting)  www.sfgovtv.org/boaLIVE 

  • Watch on Local TV:  Local cable channels 26 or 78 (note there is a 10-second delay from the actual meeting).

Access the meeting by computer/smartphone/tablet or telephone

1. To access by computer/smartphone/tablet, please click on the following link (or paste it into your browser): https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84072370675

2. To access by telephone, call 1-669-900-6833 and enter the meeting ID: 840 7237 0675  (please read the notes, below, before calling in): 

  • If you want to block your phone number so it is not visible during the hearing, please press *67 prior to dialing into the hearing phone number below.
  • Participants who wish to speak on a particular item on the Board’s agenda can stay on the meeting phone line and listen for the item to be called.  Please wait for staff to announce the public comment portion.  If your agenda item is called and you would like to speak in public comment on your phone dial *9 and this will show a raised hand and staff will enter you into the Board meeting when it is your turn.
  • The Board’s staff will indicate how much time you will have to provide your comments, you will be alerted when you have 30 seconds remaining.
  • Once your public comment time has ended, you will be moved out of the live speaker line and can continue listening to the meeting (unless you disconnect).


Providing Public Comment Please follow these best practices to improve your call:


       1.  Call from a quiet location

       2.  Speak slowly and clearly

       3.  Turn down radios or televisions


Please feel free to email this office at boardofappeals@sfgov.org if you are having any problems with the meeting phone-line/login on to the zoom meeting link or if you have any other questions.  We will be monitoring this email address during the hearing.


If you need an accommodation for a disability, please try to email the Executive Director, Julie Rosenberg, at least 72-hours in advance of the meeting julie.rosenberg@sfgov.org 

or boardofappeals@sfgov.org.

-Thank you


Public Comment: All documents submitted to the Board of Appeals are public records and may be made available to the public for inspection and copying upon request and may appear on the Board’s website or in public documents. If you are a member of the public and are submitting public comment, but would like your name and/or personal contact information to be redacted by Board staff, you must prominently request redaction (preferably boldface type that is underlined) at the beginning of your submission (or if the submission is an attachment to an email, request redaction in the body of the email).

Notice regarding Campaign Contributions

Under Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code Section 1.127, no person or entity with a financial interest (as defined in Section 1.127(a)) in a land use matter pending before the Board of Appeals, Board of Supervisors, Building Inspection Commission, Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure, Historic Preservation Commission, Planning Commission, Port Commission, or the Treasure Island Development Authority Board of Directors, may make a campaign contribution to a member of the Board of Supervisors, the Mayor, the City Attorney, or a candidate for any of those offices, from the date the land use matter commenced until 12 months after the board or commission has made a final decision or any appeal to another City agency from that decision has been resolved.  For more information about this restriction, visit sfethics.org.



If you have any questions about this procedure or the Board’s meeting changes, please feel free to contact the Board’s office by email boardofappeals@sfgov.org 


Recource center

Board of Appeals decisions, forms, Rules, annual reports and other publications and information are available in the Board’s Resource Center.


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