About Us

A division within the City Administrator’s Office, the Community Challenge Grant Program (CCG), formerly known as the Neighborhood Beautification and Graffiti Clean-Up Fund was founded in 1991 by voter initiative. The CCG provides resources to community groups, businesses, schools and nonprofit organizations to make physical improvements to their neighborhoods. The CCG focuses on projects that directly engage residents and businesses in creating green spaces, gathering places, gardens, mini-parks, public art, and other neighborhood amenities featuring and applying ecologically friendly amenities and practices. The program is an important tool for building strong San Francisco neighborhoods by facilitating community participation, stewardship, and responsibility by allowing groups to take the lead in conducting small-scale improvements in their own communities.

  • CCG goals are to:
  • Promote physical improvements and greening of public spaces
  • Engage residents and businesses in creating welcoming places for residents to play, gather and build community
  • Use greening projects to support and promote community participation, neighborhood stewardship, and address issues of importance to residents and others

Groups may apply for funding in one of three levels. Each level the group must provide a match of cash, volunteer labor (valued at $15/hr), donated materials and/or supplies, or services.

Funding Level Small Scale Mid - Scale Large Scale
Budget Size $15,000 or less $15,001 - $40,000 $40,001 - $100,000
Project Duration
(contract period)
9 months 12 months 12 – 18 months
Required Match 25% 35% 35%

The following entities are eligible to receive funding: 1) nonprofit organizations, 2)community or neighborhood groups, 3) San Francisco businesses or merchant associations, 4) San Francisco based Community Benefit Districts (CBDs), and 5) schools. CCG funds are issued to San Francisco vendor approved nonprofit organizations with a 501 (c) 3 status. Local community groups, businesses, or schools performing a community project in their neighborhood must have a nonprofit fiscal sponsor. If your group requires help locating a fiscal sponsor, contact Lanita Henriquez at (415) 554-4830 for assistance.

The CCG has partnered with the following city departments to expand resource availability:

SF Planning Department

1. Market Octavia and Eastern Neighborhood Area Plans Grant (MOEN)
MOEN Grants focus on projects within the boundaries of Market Octavia and Eastern Neighborhood Area Plans.

2. Living Alleys Grant
Living Alleys Grants focus on projects that create “living alleys” which are safe, active, and sustainable public places within the Market Octavia boundary area.

SF Public Utilities Commission

3. Urban Watershed Stewardship Grant
Urban Watershed Stewardship Grants (WSG) focus on projects implementing green infrastructure, also known as Low Impact Design (LID).