Considered/Addressed Issues

The Commission has jurisdiction to address issues of animal abuse, cruelty, nuisance or any conditions that may directly or indirectly affect animals. The Commission's work focuses on all animals, including companion animals, wildlife, and farmed animals.

A few of the issues that have been addressed by the Commission include:

  • Feral cat management
  • Animal protection in domestic violence situations
  • Cat dumping
  • African Clawed Frogs in Golden Gate Park ponds
  • Incentive opportunities for pet-friendly landlords
  • Rabbit coursing
  • Spay/Neuter legislation possibilities
  • Prospects for expanding Fish & Game's representation in San Francisco
  • Removal of elephants from the San Francisco Zoo
  • Banning the sale of foie gras
  • Owner/guardian language
  • Pets riding on MUNI
  • Banning the sale of fur
  • Recreation and Parks Department's Dog Policy
  • Humane treatment for UCSF laboratory animals
  • Live animal markets
  • Cat declawing
  • Bite-and-run legislation
  • Responsible and humane care for outdoor dogs