Back Streets Business Advisory Board

Pursuant to Ordinance No. 279-04 (Admin. Code Sections 5.260 through 5.265), the Back Streets Business Advisory Board is charged with seeking ways to develop and implement focused policies and programs that encourage the Back Streets Business - Street with Storesretention and expansion of Back Streets businesses.

This ordinance calls for a fourteen-member board: eight members appointed by the Board of Supervisors; one member each representing the following agencies: Mayor's Office of Economic and Workforce Development; Mayor's Office of Community Development; Planning Department, Port of San Francisco; San Francisco Redevelopment Agency; and the Small Business Commission.

This effort is consistent with and furthers the Commerce and Industry Element of the General Plan, which calls for a balanced local economy where well-paying jobs are available to the widest breadth of the San Francisco labor force.


 Back Streets Business Advisory Board Report

Back Streets Businesses Advisory Board Report to the Board of Supervisors (PDF)