San Francisco Redistricting Task Force 2012 Board of Supervisors District Descriptions

San Francisco Redistricting Task Force 2012 Board of Supervisors District Descriptions

Please note that these district descriptions do not show every small move the district lines make. These descriptions are summaries of the Board of Supervisors districts and are not the legal “metes and bounds.” For exact definitions of the district boundaries, please refer to the Metes & Bounds report.

District 1 – beginning north of 32nd Ave at the shoreline – south just west of 32nd Ave to include homes on both sides of 32nd Ave, east at California St, north at 26th Ave, east at Lake St, south along 6th Ave, east along California, south at Arguello Blvd, east at Geary Blvd to Masonic Ave, south on Masonic Ave, west along Fulton St, south at Cole St, west at Grove St, south along Shrader St, west on Hayes St, south along Stanyan St, west along John F Kennedy Dr, south along Middle Dr E, west along MLK Jr Dr, west along South Dr, west on MLK Jr Dr, south along Crossover Dr to Lincoln Way, west on Lincoln to shoreline.

District 2 – beginning at Leavenworth at the shoreline – south along Leavenworth St, southeast along Columbus Ave, south at Jones St, west along Lombard St, south at Leavenworth St, east on Greenwich St, south along Jones St, west at Union St, south at Van Ness Ave, west along Post St, south at Franklin St, west along Geary Blvd, north along Gough St, west along Pine St, north at Octavia St, west along California St, south at Buchanan, west at Pine St, south along Scott St, east on Bush St, south along Steiner St, west at Sutter St, south at Presidio Ave, east along Post St, south along Broderick St to Turk Blvd, west on Turk Blvd, north on Masonic Ave, west on Geary Blvd, north along Arguello Blvd, west at California St, north on 6th Ave, west on Lake St, south on 26th Ave, west on California to just west of 32nd Ave, north just west of 32nd Ave to include homes on both sides of 32nd Ave, moving north to there 32nd Ave would hit the shoreline.

District 3 – beginning at Mission St and the shoreline – southwest on Mission St, northwest along Steuart St, southwest along Market St, north along Cyril Magnin St, west on Eddy St, north on Mason St, east at Ellis St, north on Cyril Magnin St, west on O’Farrell St, north at Taylor St, west along Geary St, north on Leavenworth St, west along Post St, south on Polk St, west on Cedar St, north on Van Ness Ave, east on Union St, north along Jones St, west along Greenwich St, north on Leavenworth St, east on Lombard St, north on Jones St, northwest along Columbus Ave, north on Leavenworth to the shoreline

District 4 – beginning at Lincoln Way and the shoreline – east on Lincoln Way to 17th Ave, south on 17th Ave, west at Judah St, south along 19th Ave, west along Sloat to the shoreline.

District 5 – beginning at Crossover Drive and Lincoln Way – north along Crossover, east along MLK Jr Dr to South Dr, east along South Dr to MLK Jr Dr, east on MLK Jr Dr to Middle Dr E, east on Middle Dr E, east on John F Kennedy Dr, north on Stanyan St, east at Hayes St, north on Shrader St, east at Grove St, north along Cole St, east at Fulton St, north along Masonic Ave, east at Turk Blvd, north on Broderick St, west on Post St, north on Presidio Ave, east on Sutter St, north on Steiner St, west along Bush St, north at Scott St, east on Pine St, north on Buchanan St, east on California St, south at Octavia St, east on Pine St, south along Gough St, east at Geary Blvd, north on Franklin St, east along Post St, south on Van Ness Ave, southwest at Market St, north on Octavia St, west along Waller St, north on Laguna St, west at Haight St, south at Buchanan St, west on Hermann St, north on Steiner St, west on Waller St, northwest at Buena Vista Ave E, west at Haight St, south along Buena Vista Ave W, west along Frederick St, south on Ashbury St, Ashbury St becomes Clayton St, Clayton St becomes Twin Peaks Blvd, south along Twin Peaks Blvd, west at Clarendon Ave, north at Stanyan St, west at Belgrave Ave, west along Johnstone Dr, north along Medical Center Way, west on Parnassus Ave, south on 4th Ave, west on Kirkham St, north on 9th Ave, west at Judah St, north on 17th Ave, west on Lincoln Way to Crossover Dr.

District 6 – beginning at Terry Francois St east of 16th Street at the shoreline –southwest along Terry Francois St, west along Mariposa St, north on I- 280 to Hubbell St, west at Hubbell St to 7th St, northwest along 7th St, west at Townsend St, west along Division St, west along Central Fwy to 13th St, west following 13th St, 13th St becomes Duboce, west following Duboce Ave, following census block lines northwest of Duboce and Valencia to Market St, northeast along Market St, north at Van Ness Ave, east at Cedar St, north at Polk St, east at Post St to Leavenworth St, south on Leavenworth St, following Geary St east to Taylor St, south at Taylor St, east on O’Farrell St, south on Cyril Magnin St, west on Ellis St, south on Mason St, east at Eddy St, south on Cyril Magnin St, northeast along Market St, southeast at Steuart St, northeast along Mission St to shoreline.

District 7 – beginning at Sloat Blvd and the shoreline – east following Sloat to 19th Ave, north at 19th Ave, east along Judah St, south at 9th Ave, east along Kirkham St, north on 4th Ave, east on Parnassus Ave, south on Medical Center Way, east at Johnstone Dr, east on Belgrave Ave, south on Stanyan St to Clarendon Ave, east at Clarendon Ave, south following Twin Peaks Blvd, Twin Peaks Blvd becomes O’Shaughnessy Blvd, south following O’Shaughnessy Blvd, east at Bosworth St, following south on Congo St, east at Joost Ave, southwest then east on Monterey, south along San Jose Ave, southwest along I- 280 to Geneva Ave, west at Geneva Ave, west along Ocean Ave, south at Harold Ave, west at Holloway Ave to Junipero Serra Blvd, south on Junipero Serra Blvd, east at Brotherhood Way, south along Orizaba Ave, south along Palmetto Ave, following I- 280 to SF/Daly City border, following SF/Daly City west to the shoreline.

District 8 – beginning at Twin Peaks Blvd and Clayton St – north following Clayton St, Clayton becomes Ashbury St, north following Ashbury, east at Frederick St, north along Buena Vista Ave W, east at Haight St, southeast following Buena Vista Ave E, east on Waller St, south along Steiner St, east on Hermann St, north on Buchanan St, east on Haight St, south on Laguna St, east on Waller St, south on Octavia St to Market St, northeast on Market St, following census block lines southeast to Valencia St, south on Valencia St, west on Cesar Chavez, south following Guerrero St, east along 27th St, south following San Jose Ave, east on Duncan St, southwest on Tiffany Ave, west on 29th St, south following San Jose Ave, east on Randall St, south following Mission St, southwest on Alemany Blvd, northwest on Tingley St, east along I-280, north on San Jose, west the northeast following Monterey Blvd, west along Joost Ave, north following Congo St to Bosworth St, west on Bosworth, Bosworth becomes O’Shaughnessy Blvd, following O’Shaughnessy Blvd north, O’Shaughnessy becomes Twin Peaks Blvd, north on Twin Peaks to Clayton.

District 9 – beginning at Mission St and I-280 – north following Mission St, west on Randall St, north following San Jose Ave, east at 29th St, north on Tiffany Ave, west at Duncan St, north following San Jose Ave, west on 27th St, north following Guerrero St, east on Cesar Chavez, north on Valencia St, following census block lines northeast to 13th St, east following 13th St, 13th Street becomes Central Fwy, south along Bryant St, east on 20th St, south on Potrero Ave, east on Cesar Chavez St, south following Bay Shore Blvd, west on I- 280, south following James Lick Fwy to Paul Ave, east along Paul Ave, south on Bay Shore Blvd, south on Wheat St, west on Salinas Ave, west on Mansell St, west following Brazil Ave, John McLaren Park to Burrows St, east at Burrows St, north on Peru Ave, north on Valmar Terrace, north along Madison St, east on Silver Ave, following census lines north Gladstone Dr, west along Gladstone Dr, north on Stoneyford Ave, west on Cambridge St to Stoneybrook Ave, north on following I- 280 west to Mission St.

District 10 – beginning at the SF/Daly City border and census block line east of Red Leaf Ct and west of Robinson Drive – following census block line north to Walbridge St,
east on Walbridge St, west along Geneva Ave, north between John McLaren Park and Luther Burbank High School to la Grande Ave, north along la Grande Ave, east on Persia Ave, east following Mansell, east on Salinas Ave, north at Wheat St, north along Bay Shore Blvd, west at Paul Ave, north following James Lick Fwy, east at I- 280 to Bay Shore Blvd, north following Bay Shore Blvd, we son Cesar Chavez, north at Potrero Ave, west on 20th St, north on Bryant St, east following Central Fwy, east at Division St, northeast on Townsend St, southeast on 7th St to Hubbell St, east along Hubbell St, south following I- 280 to Mariposa St, east on Mariposa St, north along Terry Francois St, east to shoreline at 16th Street.

District 11 – beginning at Junipero Serra Blvd and Holloway – following Holloway east, north at Harold Ave, east on Ocean Ave, east along Geneva Ave, north following I- 280, southeast following Tingley St, northeast on Alemany Blvd, north on Mission to I- 280, east following I-280, south on Stoneybrook Ave, east on Cambridge St, south on Stoneyford Ave, east at Gladstone Dr, following census lines south to Silver Ave, west along Silver Ave, south along Madison St, south along Valmar Terrace, south on Peru Ave, west at Burrows St, south along John McLaren Park boundary, east at Brazil Ave, west at Persia Ave, south on la Grande Ave, south between Luther Burbank High School and John McLaren Park to Geneva Ave, east following Geneva Ave, west at Walbridge St, south following census block lines to SF/Daly City border between Robinson and Red Leaf Ct, west following SF/Daly City border, west at Saint Charles Ave, following I-280 north and east to Orizaba, north on Orizaba Ave, west along Brotherhood Way to Junipero Serra Blvd, north on Junipero Serra Blvd to Holloway.