Community Ambassadors Program

What is the Community Ambassadors Program?

The Community Ambassadors Program (CAP) is a community safety and neighborhood engagement job training program.

Developed and operated by the Office of Civic Engagement & Immigrant Affairs (OCEIA), CAP hires and trains neighborhood residents to provide a visible, street-smart safety presence in targeted neighborhoods. These ambassadors act as a helpful presence on the streets, provide information and referrals, offer general assistance, and report hazards and emergencies to city agencies.

The program was initiated in the southeast neighborhoods of Bayview and Visitacion Valley by community leaders and advocates concerned about safety. CAP has since expanded, with ambassador teams currently operating in five neighborhoods of San Francisco: Bayview, Chinatown, Mid-Market/Tenderloin, Mission, Visitacion Valley/Portola.


Download our CAP informational brochure:



Community Ambassadors Bayview Team

CAP Bayview Brochures:



Community Ambassadors Chinatown Team

CAP Chinatown Brochures:


Mid Market/Tenderloin

Community Ambassadors Mid-Market/Tenderloin Team

CAP Mid Market/ Tenderloin Brochure:



Community Ambassadors Mission Team

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Visitacion Valley/Portola

Community Ambassadors Visitacion Valley/Portola Team

Visitacion Valley/Portola Brochures: