Real Estate Division

The Real Estate Division is responsible for the acquisition of all real property required for City purposes, the sale of surplus real property owned by the City, and the leasing of property required by various City departments.  Operations at the Alemany Farmers' and Flea Markets (100 Alemany), and UN Gift Gallery (UN Plaza) are managed by the Division.

The Real Estate Division also provides custodial and engineering services for various City departments as well as full service property management services to the following City owned buildings: City Hall, 1 South Van Ness Avenue, 25 Van Ness Avenue, 30 Van Ness Avenue, 1640 - 1680 Mission Street, the Hall of Justice (850 Bryant Street) and 555 7th Street.

Additionally, the Division completes market value appraisals or analysis of real property considered for City sale, development or acquisition, and acts as a real estate consultant to Departments, the Mayor, and the Board of Supervisors.

Real Estate is proud to be a leader in advancing the City's Climate Action Plan through a variety of Division initiatives.

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