Alemany Farmers' Market

Many San Franciscans affectionately know the Alemany Certified Farmers’ Market as “the people’s market”. This down-home moniker speaks to Alemany’s affordable prices and bustling community atmosphere, but most of all to its long history in the City and the consistent public support that has enjoyed.

The Alemany Farmers’ Market was founded in San Francisco on August 12, 1943. It was the first farmers’ market in California. The Victory Garden Council and regional farmers initially established a farmers’ market at Duboce Avenue and Market Street as a wartime measure to provide an outlet for surplus and distressed crops from neighboring counties.

On August 4, 1947, the market moved to its present 100 Alemany Boulevard location where it still operates rain or shine, every Saturday of the year. We are fortunate to have this permanent home at the crux of many vibrant San Francisco neighborhoods, as well as permanent facilities for vendors and shoppers to enjoy. Our colorful stalls and free parking are only a few of many features that distinguish Alemany from other markets in the City. It is the only City-run farmers’ market in San Francisco. The Real Estate Division has the responsibility for market operations.

Today the Alemany Farmers’ Market is one of 520 certified farmers’ markets in the State according to the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), and the number is growing every year! As the “granddaddy” of California farmers’ markets, we can thank Alemany for the instrumental role it has played in spurring on a spirited farmers’ market movement in California and in connecting urban consumers with our rural neighbors for over 60 years.

Over the years, the Alemany Farmers’ Market has continuously supported the small, family farmers of California. When the market was founded in 1943, San Francisco was full of Victory Gardens and the ethic of “eating local” was commonplace out of necessity. Now the “buy fresh, buy local” ethic has a renewed importance for consumers facing climate change, rising food prices, and diet-related health problems. Farmers’ markets are thriving in this new “green” economy to the benefit of consumers who have an opportunity to enjoy fresh produce, meet farmers, and learn more about their food supply. At the Alemany Farmers’ Market, we are lucky to have farming families who have been selling here for two or even three generations. It is this type of dedication and mutual support from farmers and the community that makes Alemany “the people’s market.”

The Market is open every Saturday from 7:00am to 5:00pm.

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