City and County of San Francisco

May 10, 2012

1. Call to Order and Roll Call
5:30 PM

Present Commissioners; Susanna Russo, Philip Gerrie, Geneva Page, Ryan Young, Sally Stephens, Jack Aldridge DVM

Absent Commissioners; Pam Hemphill, John Denny – SFPD, Lisa Wayne – Rec & Park, Vicki Guldbech – ACC

2. General Public Comment

Richard Fong – Rec & Park is going into a Memorandum of Understanding, MOU, with PUC about Lake Merced. The MOU does not have much say over wildlife. The MOU will turn over the Rod & Gun Club to the PUC. Also concern over what level the lake needs to drop before being mandated to be refilled. That is a concern of water quality. Also concern about the Police Shooting range and lead going into the lake from there. MOU is up for a vote but is not on the consent calendar. Comments needed by next Thursday at 10AM.

James Yorck – At the March 8 ACWC meeting, Dr. Scarlett, made public the result of a phone survey asking how and where San Franciscans acquire their dogs. 426 SF residents responded. In the April 18, edition of the Chronicle, a different number was cited. 300 SF residents and 418 Bay Area residents responded. The statistical results of the two surveys were identical. How many surveys were done? Why not just stick with one? What are they trying to gain or hide?

Public comment closed

3. Approval of Draft minutes for April 12, 2012

No Commission nor public comment on the Minutes

Minutes approved unanimously as written

4. Chairperson’s report and opening remarks

A) Update on Rules Committee hearing to fill expiring appointments to the Commission. Three Commission’s appointments expire this year; Commissioners Page, Aldridge, and Russo. Applications can be done on line through the ACWC website. Present Commissioners can reapply as well as anyone from the public. The Clerk of the Rules Committee said they are swamped with other issues. A date for the appointments has not been set. We have a low priority since we can serve until replaced. Charter Commissions have a priority since their term ends at a certain date and the seat is vacant if not filled. A June hearing is possible but also unlikely.

Comr. Aldridge – Visited ACWC website. Current Commissioner information was out of date.

Public Comment

Unidentified Person – What is the cutoff date?

Comr. Stephens – Two weeks before the hearing date. If interested, apply as soon as you can. When the agenda for the Rules Committee goes out the applicant’s information is included.

Public Comment closed

5. New Business

A) Discussion and possible action to send a Quarterly Report to the Board.

Comr. Stephens – Possible issue since the agenda said “second quarter of 2011” rather than 2012. Will check with City Attorney to see if that is a problem.

Comr. Gerrie – Speaking for Comr. Hemphill. In her report on dog bite prevention, she wanted URL addresses added for the CDC and AVMA.

Comr. Stephens – Had considered that but the intention is to only be a summary. The letter sent to the Board about that issue contains that information.

Comr. Gerrie – I have some confusion about the letter she sent since it did not include changes we had discussed and agreed to at the last meeting. She had also wanted more specifics about what was discussed at the Joint Zoo Meetings.

Comr. Russo – Feels this report should be a synopsis of what was discussed and be brief.

Comr. Young – As to the zoo, we could possibly just highlight such topics as the bison death in GG Park.

No Public Comment

Comr. Stephens – Should I bring this back next month with zoo items for approval? Or, can we approve it now assuming that the incorrect year listed in the agenda is not an issue?

Comr. Aldridge – Motion to approve report,contingent on contingencies.
Seconded by Comr. Gerrie
Approved unanimously. Motion carries.

Comr. Young – Would like a personal follow up with Supervisor’s aides to make sure they got it. Perhaps appointing a Commissioner to do that?

Comr. Gerrie – I’d be willing to do it.

6. General Public Comment

No Public Comment

7. & 8. Calendar items and task allotments

Comr. Stephens – Will look into issue of having the wrong year in the agenda for the quarterly report.

Adjournment 6:00PM

Respectfully submitted by Philip Gerrie
Commission Secretary
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