City and County of San Francisco

July 12, 2012

1. Call to Order and Roll Call
5:30 PM

Present Commissioners: Sally Stephens, Jack Aldridge DVM, Geneva Page, Philip Gerrie, Ryan Young,

Absent Commissioners: Lisa Wayne – Rec & Park, John Denny – SFPD, Vicki Guldbech – ACC, Pam Hemphill, Susanna Russo

2. General Public Comment

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3. Approval of Draft Minutes from the June 14th, 2012 Meeting

Public Comment

James Yorck – Commissioner Young is neither present nor absent on it. The Minutes for April are also not posted.

Public comment closed

Minutes approved unanimously with the correction noted from the public.

4. Chairperson’s Report and Opening Remarks

A) Update of Rules Committee hearing to fill expiring appointments to the Commission

Comr. Stephens – Spoke with the Clerk of Rules Committee. Told it would be in September, either the first or third Thursday of the month, September 6th or 20th.
Anyone interested in applying should do so soon. Cutoff date will probably be mid August. Even though the appointments wouldn’t be until October, the terms are from April to April

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5. General Public Comment

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6 & 7. Items to be put on the Calendar for Future Commission Meetings

Comr. Stephens – Have spoken with the zoo. Dr. Maple, the consultant who works on animal wellness, will likely come speak to us in September.

8. Adjournment 5:36 PM
Respectfully submitted by Philip Gerrie
Commission Secretary
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