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San Francisco Immigrant Rights Commission
Regular Meeting
February 19, 2009 Meeting Minutes

1. Roll Call

a. The following Commissioners were present: Chair Jamal Dajani,
vice-Chair Felix Fuentes, Commissioners Gilberto Alexander,
Gregory Chew, Elahe Enssani, Jay Gonzalez, Vera Haile,
Solomon Jones, Angus McCarthy, Alan Mok, Toye Moses, Sam
Ng, Chris Punongbayan, and Ana Pérez.
b. Commissioner Rael Silva was absent.

2. Approval of Minutes

a. [Approval of Minutes from January 12, 2009 meeting]
Commission Action: Approved
b. [Approval of Minutes from June 9, 2008 meeting]
Commission Action: Approved

3. Public Comment

There was no general public comment.

4. US Census 2010 Efforts

Bruce Marcus and Lia Bolden, from US Census Bureau, spoke about the
2010 Census efforts.
Public comment: Dr. Richard Kempis requested the US Census Bureau
conduct more extensive outreach to the Filipino community.

5. Resolution in Support of Immigrant Taxi Drivers in San Francisco
(Commissioner Punongbayan)

Commission action: Motion was approved

6. Motion to Convene Public Hearing On ICE Raid Impacts
A motion to convene a public hearing to inquire into the
Immigration Customs and Law Enforcement (ICE) raids in San
Francisco and to investigate the effects on its residents and their
families as well as impacts on the City’s economy, civic life,
workplace, and schools; and further, to solicit public testimony
from members of the public who may have been subjected to
potential human and civil rights violations.

Commission action: Motion was approved and public hearing is
tentatively scheduled for Monday April 13, 2009 from 6:00 – 8:00
PM at City Hall. Room location to be determined.

7. Resolution Urging Board of Supervisors to Oppose Cuts in Services
and Programs that Benefit San Francisco Immigrants (Commissioner

Commission action: Resolution was approved.

8. Resolution Supporting Proposed Amendments to the Equal Access
to Services Ordinance (Commissioner Alexander) Explanatory items,
discussion, action item for March 9, 2009 meeting

9. Executive Director’s Report Informational items, discussion, action item

10. Reports From Commission Committees Informational items,
discussion, action item

a. Executive Committee Report
i. The following Commissioners and staff were present: Jamal Dajani, Chair, Felix
Fuentes, Vice-Chair, Gilberto Alexander, Chair, Program and Access Committee,
Angus McCarthy, Chair, Immigration Reform Committee, Commissioner Vera
Haile, Tomás Lee, Director, Immigrant and Language Services
ii. Agenda was set for Full Commission Meeting on Feb 9:
1. Hearing on ICE Raids
2. Draft letter of intent to the Human Rights Commission to
enquire about joint-sponsorship of hearing.
3. Proposed Resolution to support budget for immigrants
4. Invite US Census Bureau representatives
iii. Staff will contact Department on Status of Women to clarify how
IRC can support upcoming hearing on human trafficking
iv. Transition Update: The transition plan was explained to all
Commissioners at the IRC retreat. Retreat notes were emailed to
all Commissioners. A final draft of transition plan and Office of
Civic Engagement and Immigrant Affairs (OCEIA) will
disseminated by February 9, 2009

b. Program & Access Committee Report

a. Present: Gilberto Alexander, Chair, Vera Haile, Felix
Fuentes, Tomás Lee (staff)
b. EAS Revision: Board of Supervisors President David
Chiu agreed to sponsor proposed amendments as
requested by community advocates and requested
proposed amendments to be fully vetted before the
Commission before it is introduced.
c. EAS Compliance Reports: As of Feb 9, 2009 all Tier
One departments have submitted compliance reports:
Adult Probation, District Attorney, Department of
Emergency Management and Homeland Security,
Elections Department, Human Services Agency, ,
Metropolitan Transportation Agency, Police
Department, Public Defender, Public Health, Rent
Stabilization and Arbitration Board and Sheriff, Fire
Department and Juvenile Probation
d. Other Issues that Program and Access Committee
Might Consider: (a) Bridging the digital divide and using
technology to promote immigrant rights and language
access (b) IRC should be included on server lists for
publications and email alerts of immigrant rights
advocacy organizations, i.e. California Immigrant, etc.

c. Outreach Committee Report

i. Outreach Committee proposes to convene the next off-site
community meeting in the Excelsior district on June 8, 2009.
The following locations have been proposed: (a) Banihayan,
Filipino Cultural Center (b) Balboa High School (c) Denman
Middle School (d) City College Board Room (e) Outer Mission
YMCA. Staff will research and follow up with location

d. Immigration Reform Committee Report: Committee did not meet.

11. Adjournment