The Civil Service Commission

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The Civil Service Commission

The Civil Service Commission provides Rules and policies interpretation, reviews and audits merit system operation, approves contracting out based on the scope of services, and conducts training and outreach on the merit system.

Civil Service Commission Statement of Incompatible Activities (pdf)

Work of Commission

To carry out the merit system provisions of the Charter, the Civil Service Commission:

  • Establishes and revises Rules, policy and procedures on the merit system applicable to City & County of San Francisco departments, the Municipal Transportation Agency and classified employees of the San Francisco Unified School District and the San Francisco Community College District;
  • Conducts hearings on appeals on examinations, eligible lists, minimum qualifications, discrimination complaints, future employment with the City, and other merit system matters under its jurisdiction;
  • Reviews, monitors and audits the operation of the merit system - receives reports, conducts hearings and takes remedial action as required and where appropriate;
  • Provides an Inspection Service to applicants, employees, departmental representatives, union representatives, and members of the public;
  • Conducts training and outreach on the merit system;
  • Approves contracting out based on the scope of services;
  • Publishes the Civil Service Adviser and other merit system informational materials;
  • Sets salaries of elected officials; and,
  • Performs functions authorized in Employee Relations Ordinance administration