Employee Relations Ordinance

Sec. 16.200.  Title of Ordinance.
Sec. 16.201.  Statement of Purpose.
Sec. 16.202.  Definitions.
Sec. 16.203.  Employee Relations Division.
Sec. 16.204.  Powers and Duties of the Civil Service Commission.
Sec. 16.205.  Utilization of Administrative Law Judges.
Sec. 16.206.  Management Rights.
Sec. 16.207.  Employee Rights.
Sec. 16.208.  Designation of Management, Supervisory and Confidential Employees.
Sec. 16.209.  Procedure for Registration of Employee Organizations.
Sec. 16.210.  Establishment of Representation Units.
Sec. 16.211.  Procedure for Recognition of Employee Organization.
Sec. 16.212.  Decertification.
Sec. 16.213.  Unfair Labor Practices.
Sec. 16.214  .Sanctions for Unfair Labor Practices.
Sec. 16.215.  Meeting and Conferring in Good Faith.
Sec. 16.216.  Impasse Procedures.
Sec. 16.217.  Disputes Concerning Memorandums of Understanding.
Sec. 16.218.  Grievances.
Sec. 16.219.  Employees Meeting on City and County Time.
Sec. 16.220.  Dues Deduction.
Sec. 16.222.  Separability.