Civil Service Commission - August 31, 2020 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
August 31, 2020 - 2:00pm


Minutes of Special Meeting


  Monday, August 31, 2020


     2:00 p.m.



The Special Meeting was called to order at 2:05 p.m.





President Elizabeth Salveson



Vice President Jacqueline Minor



Commissioner Douglas S. Chan



Commissioner F. X. Crowley



Commissioner Kate Favetti





President Elizabeth Salveson presided.




Public Comment on all matters appearing on the Special Meeting Agenda Session.




Public comment 1, from Bernal Heights. Indian descent Southeast Asian, support resolution to prevent Law Enforcement agencies in SFO to hire with sustain misconduct findings; family victim to racial profiling; California law makes it difficult to access prior misconduct; important policy change.




Malcolm from San Mateo in support of the resolution to prevent the hiring of law enforcement.




Kaitlyn in support of the resolution; San Francisco should be role model and set bar high and be example for rest of the country; don’t want to raise children who are scared for their life; opportunity for police officers to reform




Brian, lives in the Mission; supports resolution to stop hiring police officers with past misconduct; should have the same requirement for accountability as for others, like nurses and doctors.




Deborah Preste, from California, supports resolution to prevent law enforcement agencies to hire officers with past misconduct; in corona, parents of disabled man Kenneth French shot by an off duty police officer Salvador Sanchez; videos have been tampered with; san Bernardino county




Sam Holtzman, calling from Berkeley, supports resolution, prevents hiring officers with sustained misconduct; black lives matter




Cassandra Blank, Richmond District, supports resolution from hiring officers with sustained conduct; need more accountability; expect city leaders to lead change black lives matter




Megan Reynolds, Outer Sunset, supports resolution; not a person a color but has loved ones who are; interactions with police or obvious and disturbing the disparities in treatment that she has experienced.









Review of Law Enforcement Hiring, Promoting, and Training.  (File No. 0177-20-1) – DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE ACTION






Micki Callahan, Department of Human Resources



Anna Biasbas, Department of Human Resources



Dave Johnson, Department of Human Resources



Chief William Scott, SF Police Department



Steve Ford, SF Police Department



Sheriff Paul Miyamoto, Sheriff Department






Adopt the report; Department of Human Resources to report back with a proposal identifying classes that require background investigation.  (Vote of 5 to 0)





Board of Supervisors Resolution No. 291-20 [Urging the Civil Service Commission to Establish Disqualifying Standards for Applicants for Position of Police Officer and Sheriff Deputy Applicants Based on Misconduct] was enacted on July 3, 2020.





District Attorney Chesa Boudin



Supervisor Shaman Walton



Cheryl Davis, Human Rights Commission



Shakirah Simley, Officde of Racial Equity





Public Comment:

Annemarie Donjacour, District 7 in support of resolution



Regina Islas, longtime and proud SEIU member, in support of resolution






Adopted the minutes with the condition for Agenda Item # IV, the Action also includes, “Those recommendations include: (1) proposed language defining serious misconduct should not include vague terms such as, “including, but not limited to.”  (2) proposed rules policies effectuating Part I of the Board of Supervisors Resolution should require sustained complaints.”  (Vote of 5 to 0)




Public Comment:

Katherine Eavy, from District 4








5:22 p.m.