Request an Inspection Service

The Inspection Service serves as another mechanism for the Civil Service Commission to review the operation of the merit system and to respond to merit system issues presented by applicants, employees, employee organization representatives, advocates, and members of the public.

Under its Charter authority, the Civil Service Commission operates the inspection service for the purpose of investigating the conduct or an action of appointees in all positions and of securing records for promotion and other purposes, as well as, ensuring compliance with merit system principles and rules established by the Civil Service Commission.  All departments are required to cooperate with the Civil Service Commission and its staff in making its inquiries and investigations.

The Civil Service Commission is further authorized in carrying out its Charter mandate to inquire in to the conduct of any department or office of the City and County, and may hold hearings, subpoena witnesses, administer oaths, and compel the production of books, paper, testimony, and other evidence.

An inspection service request may be submitted by applicants, employees, departmental representatives, advocates, employee organization representatives, or a member of the public by letter, telephone, email, or in person.  Inspection service requests are also generated by Civil Service Commissioners in response to items heard at Civil Service Commission meetings or other venues.

Inspection Service investigations may include reviewing or auditing departmental records, determining departmental and merit system practices, interviewing relevant parties, reviewing related merit system publications, and applying relevant merit system Rules, policies and procedures.

The investigation may result in counseling on procedures for either the requestor or the department, incorporating information in training workshops on the merit system, publication of the Civil Service Adviser to clarify merit system policies and procedures, or a hearing of the matter at the Civil Service Commission with subsequent remedial action, as appropriate.