The Year 2000 Edition of the Civil Service Commission Rules is organized and formatted to provide consistent administration, uniformity and easy readability of the Rules. The Rules are contained in four Volumes.


Volume Series Rules
Volume I 100 Series Rules Applicable to Miscellaneous Employees
Volume II 200 Series Rules Applicable to the Uniformed Ranks of the San Francisco Police Department
Volume III 300 Series Rules Applicable to the Uniformed Ranks of the San Francisco Fire Department
Volume IV 400 Series Rules Applicable to Service-Critical Classes of the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA)


Below is a comparison of the 1996 Edition Rule numbers and titles and their corresponding applicability in the Year 2000 Edition of the Rules.


Rules Number and Title Volume I Miscellaneous Classes Volume II Uniformed Ranks of the Police Department Volume III Uniformed Ranks of the Fire Department Volume IV Municipal Transportation Agency Service-Critical
  Rule Amendments Guide Amendment Control Sheet Amendment Control Sheet Amendment Control Sheet Amendment Control Sheet
Rule 1 Authority and Purpose

Rule 101

Rule 101(pdf)

Rule 201

Rule 201(pdf)

Rule 301

Rule 301(pdf)

Rule 401
Rule 2 Definitions

Rule 102

Rule 102(pdf)

Rule 202

Rule 202(pdf)

Rule 302

Rule 302(pdf)

Rule 402
Rule 3 Equal Employment Opportunity

Rule 103

Rule 103(pdf)

Rule 203

Rule 203(pdf)

Rule 303

Rule 303(pdf)

Rule 403
Rule 4 Administration

Rule 104

Rule 104(pdf)

Rule 204

Rule 204(pdf)

Rule 304

Rule 304(pdf)

Rule 404
Rule 5 Meeting and Hearings of the Commission

Rule 105

Rule 105(pdf)

Rule 205

Rule 205(pdf)

Rule 305

Rule 305(pdf)

Rule 405
Rule 6 TWU Trust Fund

Rule 106

Rule 106(pdf)

Blank Blank Rule 406
Rule 7 Rules Related to the Employee Relations Ordinance

Rule 107

Rule 107(pdf)

Rule 207

Rule 207(pdf)

Rule 307

Rule 307(pdf)

Rule 407
Rule 8 Blank Blank Blank Blank Blank
Rule 9 Position Classification

Rule 109

Rule 109(pdf)

Rule 209

Rule 209(pdf)

Rule 309

Rule 309(pdf)

Rule 409
Rule 10 Examination Announcements and Applicants

Rule 110

Rule 110(pdf)

Rule 210

Rule 210(pdf)

Rule 310

Rule 310(pdf)

Rule 410
Rule 11 Examinations

Rule 111

Rule 111(pdf)

Rule 211

Rule 211(pdf)

Rule 311

Rule 311(pdf)

Rule 411
Rule 111A Position-Based Testing

Rule 111A

Rule 111A(pdf)

    Rule 411A
Rule 12 Eligible Lists

Rule 112

Rule 112 (pdf)

Rule 212

Rule 212(pdf)

Rule 312

Rule 312(pdf)

Rule 412
Rule 13 Certification of Eligibles

Rule 113

Rule 113(pdf)

Rule 213

Rule 213(pdf)

Rule 313

Rule 313(pdf)

Rule 413
Rule 14 Appointments

Rule 114

Rule 114(pdf)

Rule 214

Rule 214(pdf)

Rule 314

Rule 314(pdf)

Rule 414
Rule 15 Rules Related to the Employment of Persons with Disabilities

Rule 115

Rule 115(pdf)

Rule 215

Rule 215(pdf)

Rule 315

Rule 315(pdf)

Rule 415
Rule 16 Medical Examinations

Rule 116

Rule 116(pdf)

Rule 216

Rule 216(pdf)

Rule 316

Rule 316(pdf)

Rule 416
Rule 17 Probationary Period

Rule 117

Rule 117(pdf)

Rule 217

Rule 217(pdf)

Rule 317

Rule 317(pdf)

Rule 417
Rule 18 Conflict of Interest

Rule 118

Rule 118(pdf)

Rule 218

Rule 218(pdf)

Rule 318

Rule 318(pdf)

Rule 418
Rule 19 Resignation

Rule 119

Rule 119([df)

Rule 219

Rule 219(pdf)

Rule 319

Rule 319(pdf)

Rule 419
Rule 20 Leaves of Absence

Rule 120

Rule 120(pdf)

Rule 220

Rule 220(pdf)

Rule 320

Rule 320(pdf)

Rule 420
Rule 21 Layoff

Rule 121

Rule 121(pdf)

Rule 221

Rule 221(pdf)

Rule 321

Rule 321(pdf)

Rule 421
Rule 22 Employee Separation Procedures

Rule 122

Rule 122(pdf)

Rule 222

Rule 222(pdf)

Rule 322

Rule 322(pdf)

Rule 422