Types of Requests

The general scope of the merit system of the City and County of San Francisco includes, but is not limited to: examinations, appointments, layoffs or reduction in force, classification, status and status rights, definition, administration, and other merit system matters not in conflict with the Charter.
  • Examinations: examination administration; eligibility; duration of eligible lists; certification of eligibles
  • Appointments: promotions; transfers; resignations, reinstatements, reappointments, advancements
  • Layoffs or reductions in force: both permanent and temporary; due to lack of work or funds; retrenchment or completion of work
  • Classification, status and status rights: classification; posting; status grants;
  • Definition, administration, and other merit system matters not in conflict with the Charter: designation and filling of positions as exempt; temporary; provisional; part-time; seasonal or permanent, seniority, resignation, definition and administration of probationary periods, except duration.

Inspection service investigations may include:

  • reviewing or auditing departmental records;
  • determining departmental and merit system practices;
  • interviewing relevant parties;
  • reviewing related merit system publications; and,
  • applying relevant merit system rules, policies and procedures.

The investigation or audit may result in counseling on procedures for either the requestor or the department, incorporating information in training workshops on the merit system, publication of the Civil Service Adviser to clarify merit system policies and procedures, or a hearing of the matter before the Civil Service Commission with subsequent remedial action, as appropriate.