California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) Long Range Development Plan


California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) Long Range Development Plan


California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) is made up of four of the oldest medical centers in San Francisco, consisting of the California Campus (previously known as the Children's Hospital of San Francisco), Pacific Campus (previously known as the Pacific Presbyterian Medical Center), Davies Campus (previously Ralph K. Davies Hospital), and St. Luke's Campus. The project includes construction & reconstruction of Medical Facilities as identified in CPMC’s Final Development Agreement with the City and County of San Francisco (FSHA) & Sutter West Bay Hospitals. Three of CPMC's four acute-care hospitals must be rebuilt or de-licensed in order to comply with state law, including the hospitals at California, Pacific, and St. Luke's Campus'. The Davies Campus was retrofitted in 2008, enabling this campus to accommodate acute-care hospital services until 2030.


Cathedral Hill Campus

California & Pacific Campuses

St. Luke’s Campus

Davies Campus


LBE Goal



    Name  Date  Length  Notes 
     CPMC Annual Report Submission  5/27/2014    
     Planning & DPH Publish Report & Receive Public Comments  05/28/2014 - 6/27/2014  30 days  
     City Annual Report Published  9/9/2014  45 days after comment period ends  Fix Deficiencies
     Planning & Health Commission Public Hearings on Reports  11/11/2014  60 days required notice  


    Miquel Penn
    Workforce/LBE Liaison - HerreroBOLDT

    Romulus Asenloo
    Contract Compliance Officer (CCO) - City Administrator: Contract Monitoring Division

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