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Chapter 12B At A Glance
This guide summarizes the Equal Benefits provisions of Chapter 12B and provides step-by-step instructions for registering your firm's compliance.

Chapter 12B Declaration - now Online! 
Must be submitted by all entities seeking to enter into contracts or property contracts with the City totaling more than $5,000 worth of business in a year.

Equal Benefits Documentation Guide (PDF, 1 pg)
This very helpful chart explains, benefit-by-benefit, how to demonstrate that benefits are offered equally to employees with domestic partners and employees with spouses and/or to the domestic partners and spouses of employees.

Example of 12B Compliant Memorandum to Employees
Must be submitted with the 12B Declaration to demonstrate that employees are aware of domestic partner benefit policies. The template contains all necessary information to comply with the Equal Benefits Ordinance.

CMD-12B-102 Reasonable Measures Application (PDF, 2 pgs)
May be submitted with the 12B Declaration by entities that, due to factors outside their control, are unable to find an insurance company willing to offer domestic partner coverage. Please note that there are insurance providers in all 50 states and the District of Columbia that provide coverage to Domestic Partners, so Reasonable Measures Applications are granted on an extremely limited basis.

CMD-12B-103 Substantial Compliance Authorization Request (PDF, 2 pgs)
May be submitted with the 12B Declaration by entities that have demonstrated: (a) significant progress toward compliance, and (b) a commitment to end discrimination in their remaining benefits but require additional time to do so. This request will be reviewed by a Contract Compliance Officer and, if granted, will allow your firm to contract with the City while your firm works to end discrimination in its benefits. Generally, three months of additional time may be granted for your firm to update its personnel policies, if justified by the administrative steps required. A delay will be granted if sufficient written evidence of intent to end discrimination is provided.

Equal Benefits Ordinance Resource Materials (PDF, 16 pgs)

The Equal Benefits Ordinance Resource Materials guide contains information, sample policies and information on issues surrounding the inclusion of domestic partners in insurance plans, retirement plans, leave benefits and other employee benefit policies.

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