LBE Tracking System (LBEUTS)

elation system

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The purpose of the Chapter 14B Ordinance is to assist small local businesses in competing effectively for City contracts, and to provide for an overall fair City-wide contracting process.  The City and County of San Francisco is using a new Financials & Procurement System and Supplier Portal (“PeopleSoft”), which houses the Contract Monitoring Division’s (“CMD’s”) new LBE utilization tracking system, the CMD Payment Affidavit eSettlements module (“CMD eSettlements”). The CMD eSettlements module enables the CMD to ensure that City departments and City contractors are in compliance with the provisions of the Local Business Enterprise (“LBE”) Ordinance. 

Pursuant to Administrative Code Section 14B, City departments, prime contractors/consultants, and all participating subcontractors and subconsultants are required to use PeopleSoft’s CMD eSettlements module and/or submit electronic CMD Forms 7 and 9 for submitting payment information. During this initial transition to the City’s PeopleSoft System, if CMD validates that a Prime Contractor is having technical difficulties with entering payment information into the CMD eSettlements module, the Prime Contractor will submit a completed electronic CMD Forms 7 and 9.


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